Alvar - Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers Cracked

Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers Cracked

If you are searching Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers for free download, nulled and updated on 7 January 19 you can download from our website for free. Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers WordPress template.

Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers Nulled [Latest Version]

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Alvar - Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers nulled

About Alvar – Minimal and Modern Portfolio Theme for Photographers

Alvar is the perfect combination of minimalism and modernism. It is a one-of-a-kind portfolio theme you can use to showcase your beautiful works and your identity.

Feature List

  • 100% responsive design
  • Minimal, modern, professional and content-focused design
  • Lightweight, fast and very easy to use
  • Three options for the logo and tagline location
    • Both logo and tagline in the left bar
    • Only logo above the menu (tagline remains in the left… Read More

User comments


Question before purchase, can the gallery be changed to scroller?



Thank you for your interest, but I am afraid there is no option for that, unfortunately.


Does your theme support subcategories for portfolio? They have seo friendly url?


Hi there!

Thanks for your interest, but, unfortunately, the theme will only display the first-level portfolio categories on the front-end.


What about pages for regular content? For example Projects/Project1 Projects/Project2


Yes, you can create pages and sub-pages and put them into the site menu (not portfolio category menu) as usual.


guys, questions up front – I like your template alot, however, one questions: Would it be possible to have the logo always on the top right or middle? if the window size gets smaller resolutoin, it is in the middle, otherwise on the left and a normal logo can’t be placed there (but that font logo).... is that possible at all?! other than that, I really like your template!!

Thanks! Michael


Hello Michael!

I am so sorry for the slow reply. The theme does not have the option to change the location of the logo to top, right or middle, unfortunately. But you can move it to be above the menu using the customizer (screenshot: ).

Once done, you will be able to use a normal logo image there (screenshot: ).


Hello, I have 2 questions.

1.The items in portfolio, can they be the same size, I mean pics squares the same size, regular. If so, Can I set the number of rows and columns, for example 4 columns and 11 rows of pictures?

2. Is this theme supports Yoast SEO premium plugin?




Thanks for your interest.

1. The featured image of portfolio items can be the same size, but the number of columns and rows will be automatically calculated by the theme. There are no options for specifiying that I am afraid.

2. Yes, the theme can work with the plugin.


Love the theme so much! My only frustration is I don’t see a function to change the padding between between project imagery?



Did you mean the gap between images in the portfolio’s flexible grid layout? If so, then you can try this custom CSS to reduce the space:

.flexible-grid .portfolio-item { margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px; }


Hi, is it possible to have all content scroll horizontal like on the frontpage?


Hi there!

Unfortunately the horizontal scrolling is only available for the portfolio list. Other content (pages and posts) have only normal vertical scrolling.


Hi team,

I would like to make a few adjustments of the portfolio page and nned your support.

1. How can I change the caption format of the photo? The defult setting is italic.

2. Can I adjust the width of the whole page? I feel the photos are all too big now and would like to smaller all of them.

Many thanks for your help.


Hi there!

1. You can use custom CSS to change that. Please try:

.image-caption, .fancybox-title { font-style: normal; }

2. Did you mean only the photos on the portfolio single pages? If so, you can try this:

.inner-image-wrapper { max-width: 63.8%; }

I hope it helps!


Is it possible to change scale down dimension on images on portfolio single page for portrait orientation to 900px?

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Thanks for the details. I was able to see the issue now. The reason is because when you upload an image that is larger than the theme defined size (600px height in this case), WordPress will compress and scale down the image so it can look a bit more blurry.

But if you upload an image with the exact 600px height, there will be no compression applied to the image.

That’s why I suggested you in my reply earlier to customize the code via a child theme by increasing the height of the “alvar-port-list-large” image size to “1200” (or more) instead of “600”.

After that, run this plugin: to regenerate all the uploaded featured images to use the new defined height.

Then clear all the cache and check it again. This should help.


Now is perfect. Thanks!


You’re welcome!


I am considering purchasing your theme but I have one question with regards to single portfolio pages first:

I see there is option to add header and text in a white box at the top of every page, and an option to create comments under each image.

1) Is there a text limit to these comments?

2) Is there an option to add additional text under the main image (perhaps as a comment) also in the white box format.

Many thanks.



Thank you for your interest!

For your questions:

1. The text under each image is actually a caption of the media (screenshot: ). It can handle quite a long text (I am not sure about the max length WP allows though, sorry about that). But it only supports plain text, any new lines and formatting will be removed.

2. Unfortunately, there is no styling applied to the caption by default. I am afraid you would need to manually customize the CSS of the area and make it look like the content’s white box.


Hello there!

I will buy the site Alvar. But i have a question. I looked the reviews but no one wrote about that. There is a problem with slider which in main page. When the arrow on the slider, it grows and shrinks. Did you notice it?




Thanks for the feedback, but I could not seem to find the problem here and never got a comment about that as well. :-/

Could you please send me more details about the issue you found, perhaps with a screenshot?


Hello again! I think i cant explain it with pics but i can send a small video. Where can i send it? Thanks for your response


You can send it to ‘support’. Thanks!


hi there,

I’m thinking about purchace your theme. My main interest are videos. and i have some questions..

The horizontal slideshow in the front page is showing the template images from the portafolio page right?. I wonder if i have vimeo videos embed in my portafolio, Can i choose this image from my video? or in that case what image the theme is going to show in the front page horizontal slideshow? Can i just upload indep. pictures for this slideshow? thanks a lot



Thank you for your interest in the Alvar theme!

The images you see on the front-page slider are actually the Featured Image of the portfolio items. If you click on an image, you will see its single page with more text content and more images (or videos) of that item.

So, yes, you can upload and use any images for the Featured Image of an item. But the theme will not automatically capture an image from an embed video I am afraid.



First of all, it’s been a nice theme, congratulations. The portfolio images are 900 pixels. Can I make it 1200 pixels? ( Homepage Slayt)


Hi !

I would like to purchase this theme, and I have some pre-sale questions.

- Can we have directly the sliders without clicking a first time on the category and then a second time, on the image to get the slider? - Is it possible to add client proofing? - And is it possible to have square thumbnails below the slides or somewhere in the page?

Thank you so much for your help and time and great design!!



Thanks for your interest, but, unfortunately, the theme does not have such features I am afraid.

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