Anew - Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme latest version nulled

Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme latest version nulled

If you are searching Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 30 July 19 you can download from our website for free. Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from News, Magazine and Blog category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme WordPress template.

Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $44 to AlxMedia and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme working latest version.

Anew - Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme nulled

About Anew – Responsive WordPress Tumblog Theme

Tumblog theme: A theme in classic personal tumblog style. Fully featured, responsive and high resolution. Anew gives much content variety with all 10 post formats shown in a unique way. Features

  • Toggle fixed-width sidebar
    – The sidebar is always kept at a neat 280px. Rendered after in the code of course, so that it appears below on low-res mobile.
  • Boxed layout
    – Want a boxed layout style instead of full-width? It’s one click away in the styling options.

User comments


how do I disable comment whole site? thanx for help…

AlxMedia Author

Hi, have you tried a plugin like this: ? Give it a shot and see if it works as you want it to.


Hi! Is it possible to make the featured image clickable, so it opens it fullsize in lightbox?

AlxMedia Author

Hi! Currently there is no such feature built into the theme. I can’t help with such customizations, but If you want to try to add it yourself, you would edit /inc/post-formats.php and scroll down to around line 131: <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) { .... You would wrap that in an a href that would direct link to the image, and then you could use a plugin like: – hope that helps a bit at least.


Thank you very much! That helps a lot! I couldn’t find the place where I had to put the href wrap!

AlxMedia Author

Glad I could help

AlxMedia Author

New year update is out! All theme options are now moved to the WordPress live customizer. Edit all of your theme live!


Can this pass the PageSpeed Insights test?_

AlxMedia Author

You can run the tests you wish with this url:


Is the “regenerate thumbnails” plugin so important? If I do not use it, what happens?

AlxMedia Author

If you have another theme and switch to Anew, you just need to run it once to re-generate the images to the correct sizes. After that you can remove it.


Hi Alx. I’m upgrading from an old free version of Anew. I installed WPML and it seems it is working properly except from the sidebar menu. Is it any way to make it work for foreign languages as well? Many thanks.


It is ok. I managed to make it work out. Thanks anyway.

AlxMedia Author

Glad to hear – sorry for the late reply.


Hello, I just bought a wrong theme, I wanted to buy another theme yours, this: and I ended up buying this by mistake. How can we do it???

AlxMedia Author

Hi! You will need to contact Envato about that. Try the contact form here:


OK. I requested the refund to buy the correct item.

AlxMedia Author

Refund accepted.


Hi! yesterday. Would like to change two things, and hope you know some quick lines of code that will do the trick:

- Would like photos in photo posts to always be centered by default (instead of left-justified)

- Would like to do away with the “More” link at the bottom of each post.

Any options? Thanks!

AlxMedia Author


To fix #2, add this custom css:

.more-link-custom { display: none; }

As for the first one, can you explain a bit more where it is left-justified?


Is there a way to put HTML (a link) in the footer using the options panel?

Besides: if you remove the theme credit text line from the footer, the vertical alignment of the remaining (1-line) footer text and the social media buttons on the right hand side will be incorrect.

AlxMedia Author

Hi! You would need to edit footer.php with a child theme to put in HTML I think.

As for the alignment, try this custom css: #footer-bottom #copyright { margin-top: 10px; }


Hi there, while configuring your theme on my site I stumbled upon some other more or less obvious things which should make it to your development pipeline (or I missed something in the options).

1) The “more” button below each and every post: not matter what you set in the theme customization (show more button or show content), each post will have the “more” button below it in overview, which does not make sense especially if you have many posts with only an image and one or two lines of text.

2) The design of the “more” zig-zag line is….special. If you ask me it does not entirely fit the clean and sleek design philosophy of the theme Is there a way to change it?

3) There should be an option for “Standard” posts to display a post image as well. Currently the only option for “standard” posts is to have content, but no image in the overview. Which is totally fine if you do NOT set an image, but if you do, it should show up if you ask me.

Otherwise I am happy with the theme, I especially like the clean style and the mobile view.

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AlxMedia Author

Hi there!

1) As you said, that custom css should work.

2) Removing the custom more link will remove the lines as well, so you get rid of them if you think they are ugly

3) Hm, well the thought behind that is that not all people want the featured image to appear up top, and for the people who want to show the image, they can just select the image format instead.

4) Add this as custom css to unhide the standard more link, and it should work I think: .more-link { display: block; }

Glad you are happy with the theme!


OK, let’s forget about 2+3. But the persistent “more” button is a straight bug if you ask me, and I am not the only one who addressed this issue here.

If there is no more content, then there should be no “more” button. If there is, OR I set a “more” tag manually, there should be one.

None of your code snippets works in this way: the first one removes the “more” button independently from what the HTML says. The second one just doesn’t work at all.

It would be a nice thing to update the theme accordingly. Thanks.

AlxMedia Author

The reason the more link exists everywhere is because the Status, Link, Chat, Aside and Quote format posts have no way to reach the single page from the main page, if it wasn’t for the more button.

I will look into why the .more-link CSS didn’t work out for you.


Hey, FYI I couldn’t seem to be able to use a self hosted video, it was not showing the video on top of the content but instead the[video src=”“] shortcode. I made some quick shitty fix: <?php if ( isset($meta‘_video_url’) && !empty($meta‘_video_url’) ) { //check if youtube or vimeo if (strpos($a, ‘youtube’) !== false || strpos($a, ‘vimeo’) !== false) { global $wp_embed; $video = $wp_embed->run_shortcode(‘[embed]’.esc_attr($meta‘_video_url’).’[/embed]’); }else{ global $wp_embed; $video=do_shortcode(‘[video src=”’.esc_attr($meta‘_video_url’).’”/]’); } echo $video; } ?> Chris


Hi there,

We’re running 2.1.9 of Anew and went to upgrade to your latest ThemeForest version.

However a lot of changes took place.

Featured image was added to the top of every page, the area below the menu bar and main content looked different and some other changes.

Do you have a document covering changes between 2.1.9 and your latest version so we can ensure our site looks correct after the upgrade?

Thanks, Paul Irvine. (Technical consultant on behalf of Koulla Chrysostomou)

AlxMedia Author


A lot of code changes has been made as the theme was moved from OptionTree to Kirki (the live customizer). You can see all changes made in readme.txt inside of the theme’s root folder (since the theme became a premium one).

You mention featured image on top of every post – isn’t that only for the Image Format posts? And with the difference between the menu bar is something I’m unsure of as well. It shouldn’t be changed. You can see the different post formats and the overall look here: – it is made with the latest version available. Have you tried setting up the theme in a dev environment and try it first? That may be best if you want to be sure that it works as you want it to.


I updated theme to the latest today. The footer widget disappeared after the update. Does the newer version removed footer widget?

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Thank you. Selecting multiple categories is great, but that is still different from “current category”. Showing posts from current category in sidebar is useful when you have categories with very different contents. In this case, posts from the same category have more relations. Users reading a post will likely to read another post in the same category rather than post in a different category. Is this possible to implement?

AlxMedia Author

Ah, sorry I misread regarding current category. Hm, I’m not sure if that is possible. I see what you mean though, and that it could be useful.


That’s fine. Yeah it’s useful and worths trying. It’s in a plugin now so it can be reused in your other themes too. I’ll keep my finger crossed and wait for the update.


Hi, I like the theme and thinking of buying. Is it possible to have the top menu bar BELOW the header image?

Also, can i add the following widgets on the right side bar? Profile, Facebook, popular posts, recent posts, email subscribe?

Let me know which widgets I mentioned cannot be added.




Nice theme. I have a few questions

1. What code do I put in css so that with standard posts it shows the featured image? I know you can choose image post format but i want all my blog posts with the pencil symbol to show it’s featured image.

2. How to adjust colour of date/category below the post headings and right hand side area

3. How to move menu bar below header pic and make it sticky once you scroll down

4. How to reduce vertical distance between the widgets on right hand side

5. How to change the “MORE” below the post to “READ MORE” and colour of the font.

6. How to make the post featured images clickable to show the full post

AlxMedia Author

Hi, thanks.

1) This can’t be done with CSS, you need to edit line 80 in content.php with a child theme and modify this line to show featured images: <?php get_template_part('inc/post-formats'); ?> 2) Add this: .post-meta, .post-meta a { color: red; }

3) This is customization beyond what I can help with.

4) This css: .sidebar .widget { padding-bottom: 0; } 5) Edit content.php with a child theme and modify line 37 where it says: <?php esc_html_e('More','anew'); ?>

Change “More” to “Read More”

6) Edit /inc/post-formats.php with a child theme and wrap an a href link around the image format posts, line 70-74.


Hi, thanks for the above tips.

1) Where do i go to change the font and colour of the heading in the cover photo?

2) Same for the titles of posts – where do I go?

3) I tried using the “Default Typography” and only Heading 3 work where I can change the font, but still can’t change the size of the font. How to change the size of the fonts in right hand side column

4) How to put a box background colour on the right hand side – sort of like the left hand side post wrapped in boxes of white



Hi, is it possible to just get a refund for this item? I was under the impression that more support would be provided, but I have to now code for the features discussed. I just bought this last few days. Thanks for your understanding.

AlxMedia Author

Hi, sorry for the support taking so long. I’ve been ill.

Try making a refund here: – alternatively I can send you any other of my premium themes (more than one if you want) for free, as a sorry for the delay.



I’ve got an issue with Anew with the new Google Search Console. When I try to index my website, Google tells me : - Unreadable text because too small - Clickable elements too close together - Content wider than the screen

I don’t know how to fix these issues could you please help me ?

Thank you,


AlxMedia Author

This theme has now been updated from Font Awesome 4.7.0 to 5.9.0 (latest), and includes several other improvements/fixes.

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