Apetita - WordPress Restaurant Theme latest version nulled

Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme latest version nulled

If you are searching Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 20 December 18 you can download from our website for free. Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Entertainment category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme WordPress template.

Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to puruno and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme working latest version.

About Apetita – WordPress Restaurant Theme

Apetita is a modern, unique & highly functional WordPress theme suitable for any restaurants, cafes, wineries, sushi bars, bistros, bars, pubs and-and any other food-related businesses.

Apetita is proud of its beautiful design. Our theme is fully customizable and highly optimized for mobile. It is ready to use out of the box, no coding or design skills needed. The theme offers all essential restaurant features such as menu management, gallery, blogging, contact… Read More

User comments


Pre-sales question: I love your work! What’s the best way to to connect about future customizations and support?

puruno Author

Hi, glad you like our work, for all your support needs you would visit puruno.fresdehdesk.com Thanks for you interest!


Dear Helper,

Before buying the wonderful APETITA, hopefully tomorrow, I have one rather urgent question:

When I see it on PC, I see the 8 square lay-out, which I adore. When I see it on the IPad & IPhone, I see a onepage menu lay-out, which is quite different from the 8 square lay-out.

I really adore the 8 square page. Is it possible to see this on a Ipad (or tablet) too? Is it a setting I can change?

Kind regards, Hilde from Belgium.

puruno Author

Hi Hilda, on iPhone / iPad mobile version kicks in and the layout renders differently. You can adjust its look, there is tons of possibilities but it will not look the exact same on you mobile device. Please check different demos on mobile device as they offer different layouts. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Thanks for you interest.


Thank you for the quick answer. I will buy today after check.

Regards, Hilde


Hello, super template, congratulations! I have a small question, I added the module google maps with several markers, I added 78, everything works and when I add a new (the 79), it appears in the list but does not not show on the map. Can you help me please? Beautiful day! Kevin

puruno Author

Hi, could you please open a support ticket at puruno.freshdesk.com, make sure you provide URL and if possible temp pass and login, it will speed up the process. Thanks!


It’s done, thank you for your reply! Have a nice day!


Hi, Author This is True Tendy But We Need Menu With At Image (ROUND)

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puruno Author

I am sorry but we have no plans to add pictures like in your examples. Have a great day!


Hi, Please Consider Image For Menu At Least like this Its a request !! https://snag.gy/Pv8byg.jpg

Not talking about wide layout (you can make it current layout left food image)

puruno Author

Hi, please open a support ticket at puruno.freshdesk.com and let our team know about it, your request will be considered and, if successful, it will be implemented. Thanks!


Hey, I would love to know whether there is any coding required for setup and customization. If you could please also let me know whether I can upload and use my own fonts and/or if the theme comes with a selection of fonts. Thank you in advance. Cheers!

puruno Author

Hi, our theme is based on drag & drop visual composer so there is no coding required. There is huge selection of fonts, all are listed here fonts.google.com you can all use your own font but this requires some tech knowledge. Thanks for you interest.


I cannot find the demo content to upload. Can you help me?

puruno Author

Hi, demo can be found under Theme Settings -> Demo Import, if you need further help pleas open a support ticket at puruno.freshdesk.com if you already did, there is no need to take any further actions. It will be addresses by our team soon. Thank you.


Hi Apetita, I am very very interested in your theme, but first i’ve got a few questions.

- Is it possible to use the sqaure framework for tablet (by changing the breakpoints)?. I totally understand that it’s not handy to use it for the mobile devices, so that’s no problem.

- Is it possible to get the most recent version of WPBakery plugin? (version: 5.4.7), because the version you’re using is from 08.06.2016. I think that’s dated?

- And i see the theme is 50% off. When will this discount be deducted?

Kind Regards,


puruno Author

Hi, 1. yes it is possible but you need to adjust the breakpoints 2. It is running the latest compatible version, the latest does not bring anything to the table for the theme, it will be updated in the near future 3. The theme is not 50% off. Sorry. It was an old graphics, we forgot to remove. It is all fixed now. Thanks for you interest.


Hello, I’ve a pre-sale sale question: I love this homepage http://apetita.puruno.com/3/ is possible to set different main background (static-bg-img) that changes with mouse hover on the box? thanks

puruno Author

Hi, thanks for reaching out. No this is not possible out of the box. It could be achieved with some custom work tho. Thanks for you interest!


And you can make this costum work for me? (we pay it) thanks!

puruno Author

Hi, sure we can do it, we charge $35 per hour, I would assume this jobs would take 2-3hours. If you decide to purchase, please open a ticket at puruno.freshdesk.com and I will take care of it for you. Thanks!


Presale Question: If we use your HOUSTON style theme ( http://apetita.puruno.com/5/) but I need to find other images for my client (no cow or pig). DO you have a suggest of where we can purchase additional images that would fit the great feel you have built?

puruno Author

Hi, yes there are quite a lot of these kind of pictures both free and paid. You can tey istockphotos, freepic or shutterstoc to name just a few. I will gladly assist if you decide to purchase. Thanks for your interest.


Will you be updating this theme to provide the latest WPBakery Page Builder and or GDRP?

puruno Author

Hi, sure an update is in the works and it will include WPBakery but GDPR, what do you mean, is there something specific you have in mind? If not I would suggest using 3rd party GDPR plugins. Thanks!


Hello there! A pre-sale question. Does your theme support WPML? Or any other multilang tool? Thank you!

puruno Author

Hi, yes WPML is supported. Thanks for your intrest!


Hello, your template is great! I just have a question, for several days, I can not add addresses on maps builder, I asked a question on the forum wordpress but I had no answer. Can you help me please? It’s very important … Thank you! Beautiful day! Kevin


puruno Author

Hi, please open a support question and our team will try to help you. Thanks!


It’s really a lack of function that you don’t offer a solution to book. Not everyone wants open table and good themes offer an another way to book with a native form. So for this we can’t use your theme, although the design is good.

puruno Author

Hi, thank for your feedback. You do not need to use OpenTable you can use any 3rd party reservation solution. Most of such solution offer a WordPress support are there are plugins created with WordPress in mind to start with. Thanks for you interest!


Pre-sale question : Can I turn off RESPONSIVE on mobile ?. I want it look like on PC.

puruno Author

Hi, no you cannot turn off. Sorry.



on mobile view – is it possible to have a sticky header after scrolling down?

puruno Author

Hi, yes, it can be done with some custom CSS, please rise a ticket at puruno.freshdesk.com, our team will sort it out. Cheers!



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