Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme Cracked

Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme Cracked

If you are searching Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 5 November 19 you can download from our website for free. Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from BuddyPress category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme WordPress template.

Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $199 to GhostPool and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme working latest version.

Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme nulled

About Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme


This theme is priced much higher than the average theme to reduce the number of new customers and cover the costs of continuing development for existing customers. Unfortunately Envato does not offer the ability to charge for updates or for a subscription to the theme, which would be better ways of charging customers for continued development. If you feel this price is too high for you I suggest looking for another theme such as my best seller… Read More

User comments


It looks like a great theme. If there any way I can adapt this to create a multiuser gallery, so every user can upload them photos to a shared album? Also, as I user, did I receive notifications? Thanks for your answer.

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

1) The theme does not have this functionality, you’ll need to find a plugin that does that e.g. https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/ Check out this plugin, which is free, with any theme to see if it has the features you need.

2) Notifications of what?


This is a very good theme, simple and beautiful. My question is that, i do not have the buddypress or bbpress activated, how do i show the users online on the sidebar and the members count?

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

These are part of the BuddyPress, you will need to use this plugin if you want these features. This is why this is a BuddyPress theme.

If you have any further questions, please sign up to our support site at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com or browse our articles at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com/articles which contain many detailed answers to frequently asked questions. Once logged in, you can create a new support ticket at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com/submit



Oh no worries, still the best theme out there :))


1.Any supported recommended plugin for paid membership signups? (tested to play nice with Buddy)

2. How do I go about testing the theme? There is very little information regarding supported plugin, option screens, level of control , and on the other end, the refund policy is vague.

Where can I find more resources, or demo site I can test couple things? ( i had problem with other theme and typing in RTL languages [no UI] but posts and messages)

Thank you

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

1) I have not tested any Paid Membership plugin with the theme unfortunately. You may be interested in my Aardvark theme which has Paid Membership Pro plugin support.

2) You cannot test the theme before purchase as is the case with nearly all themes here. You can find my refund policy here: https://ghostpool.com/documentation/aardvark/support/refunds/ Generally themes don’t include a list of support plugins unless they’re shown in the demo. Buddy should be compatible with most major plugins.

3) This theme does not come with RTL support. If you’re wanting to test the theme before purchase again this is not possible.


i have a community leadership project to develop where Leaders (example political) will connect and engage with their followers or electorates.. These followers will pass comments, survey,review, do polls and interact with their leaders so that an insight reports and intelligence will be generated for the Leader to know whether his followers appreciate his performance or not.

So lets say in a country we have electoral demarcations or constituencies where a number of political parties have representatives to campaign and showcase their leadership ideas, projects, principles, qualities etc to the electorates as potential member of parliament to be voted for.

My pre-purchase enquiries is how to align or configure my project in the Buddy theme . Assuming am going to configure or represent the Groups as constituencies (adding new groups as constituencies), what features am i going to use to represent the competing political parties and their representative aspiring MPs in the various constituencies?

Can you explain whether Member is a user type or not and how to add new members.Please explain the entire user types and creation etc.

I also want to know whether there is a feature to create or generate community insights.

Hope to receive your feedback as soon as possible to enable me take decision.

Regards. John.

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

1) I’m not sure how to answer that. The theme uses the BuddyPress plugin to generate groups, members, activity etc. I would suggest using BuddyPress on your current theme (it’s free) and testing out all the features to see if you can use it in the way you want.

2) Members are just WordPress users which can register form the BuddyPress registration page. Again you can test this yourself using BuddyPress on your own installation.

3) What do you mean by community insights? It doesn’t sound like a feature the theme or BuddyPress has.


Pre-Purchase Question. Any info on compatibility with Total Theme? TY

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

I’m not familiar with Total Theme – is this another WordPress theme as opposed to a plugin? If it’s a theme then you can’t use it with Buddy which is also a theme. You can’t use two themes at the same time,


omg are you jocking? 199 dolar? please discount from 20 dolar ı want to take this theme


ı already took aardvark but aardvark too slow this theme better

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

If you’re finding Aardvark too slow I can help look into the reasons for this if you open a support ticket at https://ghostpool.ticksy.com

The reasons Buddy is priced at £199 are explained on the item page.


1. Does the theme come with all the graphics and icons/avatars shown in the demo at: https://buddy.ghostpool.com/ ? 2. Can the icons and avatars be easily changed to custom set of avatars and icons? 3. Is the blog page a single blog page for the wordpress theme, or can all members post to the blog?


I also have a couple of other questions: 4. Can the bbpress theme or layout be replaced by another bbpress theme within the buddy theme? 5. What type of modifications can be done to the bbpress forum interface? Is it only css styling? Thank you.

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

1) These are just demo images. You can import the demo but the images are replaced with blank grey images.

2) What icons are you referring to? The avatars are set by each user from their BuddyPress profile page.

3) This displays any posts created on your site. By default users do not have the ability to create posts, so it will only show admin/editor posts.

4) To do this you would need to run two themes at the same time. So it’s possible, but I’ve never tested this.

5) This will depend on your coding knowledge. You can completely change the interface with a combination PHP and CSS, but you’re better off asking bbPress support as this is a third party plugin and not part of the theme.


Hello, I have been following this theme for a few months, I love Buddy, apply a small discount for the theme, I know that many people will buy it, including me. Ask for a 50% discount is too much, but at least they could make a 30% or 20% discount ?, only for the theme, not for plugins, greetings from Perú.

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

This theme is priced much higher than the average theme to reduce the number of new customers and cover the costs of continuing development for existing customers. As a result I am not offering discounts for this very reason.



I had two pre-sale questions.

1. Does the theme have a robust forum options, such as register>ask questions>questions>or>answer>like a ques/answer?

2. Does the theme have anything like a point system or followers, like if someone comments/answers a ques. and his/her followers show up?

Regards Sahil

GhostPool Author

Hi there,

1) I’m not sure what you mean. The theme uses the bbPress forum plugin in the demo, this is a free plugin and not part of the theme. I suggest checking out this plugin on your current site to see if it has the features you need.

2) No it does not, you’ll need to use a plugin for this.


Thanks for replying.

Do you guys have a page-builder and if I can get the list of plugins come along with the theme.


GhostPool Author

This theme does not come with a page builder, it uses shortcodes which can be inserted via the TinyMCE builder.

The theme only comes with the Buddy Plugin which contains core theme features.

This is a very simple theme for users not wanting to install a ton of plugins and use page builders. If you want a more advanced theme I recommend my Aardvark theme here: https://themeforest.net/item/aardvark-buddypress-membership-community-theme/21281062

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