Download ConferPress - Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme for wordpress

Download ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme for wordpress

If you are searching ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 13 January 20 you can download from our website for free. ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Entertainment category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme WordPress template.

ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to leafcolor and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme working latest version.

About ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme

ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme ConferPress WordPress theme is great for Events, Ticket, Course, Conference, Speaker, Education, Business and Shopping. This WordPress Multipurpose theme is feature-rich but very easy to use.

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User comments



We are looking to buy this theme but we have following queries after looking at the demo.

Design is awesome and looks perfect but main thing which is woocommerce based ticket selling is not good like every event has booking or add to cart at the end and when you click add to cart page load and you have not idea that ticket is added and now you need to check out. Instead you need to go to the bottom again and there is a patch informing product added to cart.

Can we improve this like PopUp of that Added to Cart Strip at the top of the page or as AJAX PopUp?

Secondly there few events which are passed but used can still book it. Can we have a function where events will not be bookable once the date is passed?

Third Can we Rename Add to Cart to Book tickets?

Fourth – Can we Rename ORGANIZER to something else and can we also add more blocks to this like sponsors and brands?

Fifth – Some of the events shows join free but when you open and try to book it shows and amount top pay. We will have few free events as well, Kindly guide us on this.

Kindly share link to check EventOn plugin compatibility.


leafcolor Author

Hi, thanks for your interest. 1, You can choose to redirect to the cart right after click “add to cart” button. 2, You can unset the product ticket or set the product’s stock to disable it from purchasing. 3, yes you can change any static text. 4, you can change oganizer label text, you might need to edit theme’s code to add your meta to the event meta position. 5, that’s some mistake we entered when building the demo, you won’t have that. 6, We do not have EventOn demo at the moment, but you can understand that all eventOn looks & feature will remains the same their demo, our theme make their pages display correctly, plus all shortcodes from our theme can work with eventOn post type. Best regards


Just letting you know there is a bug. When you increment 1 of the tickets from quantity 0 to 1. If you change your mind you can’t go back to 0.

This would be a common thing.. EG: I change my mind from VIP Tickets to Regular.

leafcolor Author

Hi, we’ve fixed it in the latest update but not updated those code to the demo yet. Thanks


Hi, Is it possible that the list of attendees could be shown to the visitors of even’s page? could the theme be integrated with buddypress, so that the icons of attendees lead to their profiles (like meetup, for instance), thank you!

3 other replies

leafcolor Author

Thanks for using our theme and your suggestion. Best regards


Just to be sure about something: Event Ticket Plus is not included in the theme right? I have to buy it extra. And without it I can’t sell tickets, or? I am not working on this website right now, but sure that in 6 months you will make your theme perfect for this function with or without Ticket Plus :))) all the best

leafcolor Author

Yes, Event ticket plus is not included, its author doesn’t allow any themes to include their plugin in theme. Best regards


Hi, presales question: Does your plugin supports online events, like livestream on the site and user access to this page where live event is embedded?

leafcolor Author

Hi, you should use a membership or paid content plugin to achieve it. Best regards


Hello, I am using the theme ‘ConferPress’ for a while. It is great, But I don’t have all the sample data option available to import on my website. For example recently I discover one of you sample page ‘home famous speaker 2’ on your website. But this theme and many other are not available to import in sample data, after installating ‘conferpress-welcome’ plugin. I REALLY WANT TO USE THIS THEME. PLEASE HELP AND LET ME KNOW WHAT I AM MISSING. I have also go through theme documentation but it didn’t help much. Please respond and let me know what I am missing. Waiting for your reply. Thank you,

leafcolor Author

“AQ12 has not yet purchased this item” Please use your account that has purchased our theme to send support message. Best regards


Hello, i want to ask you before buy theme. I notice that the home comference demo not appearing well on my mobile.( . And second i want to know if it is possible to use early booking tickets. Also tell me if it is possible to view a backend admin . Thanks

leafcolor Author

Hi, we remember that we have answered this question via email. Have you checked? Btw, we can improve the responsive with the help of our support team. You can sell sale-price tickets with the Sale feature of Woocommerce, all ticket functions are base on Woocommerce. Best regards


sorry i found your email. Thank you


I have purchased it, but I don’t want to rely on wordpress. Is there a simple interface version?

leafcolor Author

We’ve replied your support email. Please check your mail box. Thanks



I need to show event calender on homepage. How can we do that?


leafcolor Author

Hi, please send your support message via Support tab. Our supporters will try to check if it’s possible. Best regards


Hey how do I change the heading font size?

leafcolor Author

Hi, please send your support message via Support tab, our tech supporters will try to check it. Btw, your SUPPORT EXPIRED. Please renew it to get support. Best regards


Can I have multiple vendors, who can submit, manage events, process payments? contact people who have signed up for the events. Can the vendor page be seo compatible (short urls) and give option to blog and have followers and subscribers?

leafcolor Author

Hi, you can check these addons to check if they meet your need:

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