Download for free 360 Panorama Video - Visual Composer Addon

Download for free 360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon

Download for free 360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon from our website. Lastest version is updated on 13 December 17 and available. 360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $17 to UsefulPixels on Envato, you get it for free.

360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon [Latest Version]

To download nulled 360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload 360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon ziped files to WordPress website.

About 360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon

360 Panorama Video is a plugin that allows you to display 360 video on wordpress pages, posts, etc. Website visitors will be able to navigate through your panoramas. Smartphone users can use Google cardboard to look through in Virtual reality way.

Thanks to: Wensheng Yan

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very nice work i wish you big sales

UsefulPixels Author



Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale

UsefulPixels Author



Excellent Work!

UsefulPixels Author

Thanks a lot


nice! have any way to put a icons and hotspots in video?

UsefulPixels Author

I’m working on it


WOW this is Next Level! Will look into how I make my own 360 vids then will get your awesome plugin!$


Could your plugin be used in WordPress directly without installing Visual Composer? Or does it work with other Theme Frameworks? Thanks.


I have installed both Virtual composer and 360 Panorama Video, but cannot find out documentation to learn how to pull up a 360 video. Please help.


I’ve installed and added the links/preview image and I get a black screen on a mp4 video. Also, AWS video links seem to not be supported.


Could this play VR virtual reality movies that use VR headsets?

UsefulPixels Author



Can not see the video, appears black screen, any solution please?

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Please, if there is no support and nobody answers, eliminate the possibility of purchase! ...looks like a scam



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UsefulPixels Author


Sorry for the inconvenience. The plugin works just fine. Please follow the instructions below:

Please send email to [email protected]



Dude have messaged you for over a week now, still no response. Could you check your email please?

UsefulPixels Author



It’s not work with Avada theme , what should I do?

UsefulPixels Author

Grab a cold beer! Name of the plugin is 360 Panorama Video – Visual Composer Addon You need to use Visual Composer or WPBakery Page Builder Avada uses Fusion Builder



Oh , I can’t use wp bakery. Can I request a refund?


does the plugin support self hosted files?

UsefulPixels Author

It only works with self hosted files


what about with hybrid add-on solutions like “out-of-the-box”?

UsefulPixels Author

video file MP4 must be on you server where main site is

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