Download for free Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder

Download for free Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder

Download for free Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder from our website. Lastest version is updated on 10 December 19 and available. Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $22 to wprj on Envato, you get it for free.

Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder [Latest Version]

To download nulled Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder ziped files to WordPress website.

Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder nulled

About Advanced Charts Add-on for WPBakery Page Builder

Advanced Charts for WPBakery Page Builder is an add-on for WPBakery Page Builder.

Features list:

  • Enable all the 6 chart types from ChartJS.
  • Customizable using WPBackery dashboard controls.
  • Total control on chart options if needed (using JavaScript). Accept any valid ChartJs option.
  • Remote data fetching using WordPress functions like “wp_remote_get”.
  • Import data sets from CSV files.


User comments


How i build a fixed Multiple datasets not stack with your plugin ?

wprj Author

Please send a support request here with more details (in french is fine if it makes it easier).


Does this plugin support decimal values and adding letters like km, million, $ etc? I cant make it work on chart element in visual composer. Cheers


I meant the y axis, x seems to take them

wprj Author

Yes, it works with decimals. And you can add a suffix or a prefix string in the Y axis.


Hi, how can I make the label to be fixed over the chart, instead of only showing up on hover? Just like in this picture:

wprj Author

With normal Chart.Js it’s impossible (It’s impossible with this add-on). You must modify it by adding a Chart.Js plugin.


I have wp-bakery page builder plugin and purchased the chart add-on. The advanced chart add-on is getting installed but not getting activated. How can I fix it?

wprj Author

For support please use this form (Use the Envato account with which you have purchased the add-on).


Is there any way to get more than 37 data-items besides eachother? I need 38 but it seems there is no way to tighten the chart? Even if i stretch the content area of the site to 100% width, the chart breaks at #37. Its an urgent task for me, please help….


Its done, got it allready!


Hi, awesome plugin!

Is it possible to start the y-axis on a line chart with a custom value (e.g. 60 instead of 0)?

Thank you in advance!

wprj Author


For a custom axis minimum, you will need a manual JS option. Something like this:

{ scales: { yAxes: [ { ticks: { min: 60, }, } ] } }


Hi. I have this long-form where people/member doesn’t have to finish to fill in this form at once. The result of the form will be displayed in a-text-mode. So when they save their job, a chart will show how many percentage their data is completed. Can the plugin deliver this task? I hope you understand what I need. Thank you.

wprj Author

Yes. But it might be extremely complicated depending on the configuration of your form tool. You need to be good at PHP, JS and WordPress but you also need to know very well the form’s code/logic and how it works.

If all the data you need for a given chart is printed on the same page as this chart (in text, XML, JSON or in whatever format) then using only JavaScript is enough.

If you need to read the WordPress options or get some post or user meta data, you need to send some data from the chart in the browser (JS) to the server (PHP) which will send the result back to the browser where you can build your chart with your processed data.

You don’t have to edit any plugin/theme file for this. There are alredy some code editor fields for that. But you must know where is stored the data you need and how they are structured.


Hi. Just purchased the plugin. It seems Wordpress does not allow to upload CSV files. I’m trying all sorts of plugins to try and upload a CSV file, but nothing works. Do you have some advice how to do this?

wprj Author

For support request please send it here


Hi. I still haven’t heard back from you. If you would have just posted the solution here, it would have been resolved, and would have been happy. Can please respond to my email for support.

wprj Author

I already replied to your message two days ago. Check your junk mail/spam folder.


is it possible to scrap data from other site?

wprj Author

You can make server to server call. But you must know how the response from the remote server will looks like and adapt it to what you need.


Is there a default way to specify the high and low values on an axis? I see the start at zero checkbox, but are there other options?

wprj Author

To set a fixed minimum and maximum value for the Y axis, you can use the following JavaScript code (to be pasted in the “Custom JS option” tab of the concerned chart) :

{ scales: { yAxes: [{ ticks: { min: 10, max: 100, } }], } }

With this code, the maximum range of the Y axis will be 100 and 10 the minimum. Just edit “100” and “10” to match your needs.

This first example is for Cartesian axes (most of cases). But if you are using a radial axis (Polar area or radar chart) the principle is the same but the code is a bit different. Use the following:

{ scale: { ticks: { min: 10, max: 100, } } }


Is there a way to do this for different graphs? I have 3 sets of line graphs and each set needs different min/max values for each.

wprj Author

If you mean 3 line charts then each chart has its own JS option (you can set different min/max values for each of them individually). But if you mean different min/max values for each data set within the same chart then this is not possible.


Hi, is this plug-in have stacked bar chart option?

wprj Author



Does this addon support decimals in the values of the charts?

wprj Author

Yes. Use a period (.) as decimal separator ( the US/English style ).


presale question: can you share example of csv file to import? Is it possible to create line chart with csv import?


wprj Author

Sorry but there is no CSV file that I can share right now. You can create a line chart from a CSV file.

CSV can have headers or not. If there is a header line or column, it will be used as labels for the X axis.

And data sets can be arranged vertically like so:

2009,32,64,02,64 2010,23,58,41,-02 2011,65,21,32,12 2012,52,24,26,47 2013,52,-06,5,2 2014,32,24,11,30

( where the first column is the header column ), or horizontally like bellow:

Feb,Mar,Apr,Jun 32,64,02,64 23,58,41,-02 65,21,32,12 52,24,26,47 52,-06,5,2

( where the first line is an header line ).

Just ensure that you adjust the import settings to the structure of your CSV file.

Also make sure that you export your data into CSV files using comma. values separated with something else ( like semi-colons ) won’t work.


Hi. When I import CSV file for stacked bar chart I encounter couple problems:

1-) The first column always appears empty

2-) When I select horizontal display, the components get replaced with titles.

wprj Author

Hi. Please read the documentation included in the archive you downloaded from CodeCanyon about how to import CSV files depending on the structure of your CSV file.

If you still can’t get it working, go to the support form and send a request, so you can send your CSV file via email at a later step.


Thanks I’ll check into it. I’m also having responsiveness issue with stacked bar chart. On mobile it gets smushed.


can you use the plugin with elementor and add the charts on frontend with shortcodes?

wprj Author

Probably not. You can always type shortcode manually but the plugin also rely on some WPBakery’s code. So you still need to have WPBakery installed and active, and if you want a chart to be on a non-WPBakery page you will probably have to use some tricks to print all the needed code on the page.


is there any way to set the width & height of a pie/doughnut chart rather than have it size automatically.

wprj Author

All charts have fixed aspect ratio ( width / height ratio ) and will always fill all available width in their container ( the row or column you put them in ). To get fixed width and height then, you need to set a fixed width to that container and give the chart an aspect ratio that correspond to your desired height.

I advise you against using such setting though, as you will lose all the responsiveness of the page builder.


Hi there, please advise how I add Titles on the X & Y Axes.


This is specifically in reference to the scatter chart.

wprj Author

You can’t do that with ChartJs. Secondary titles or legends can’t be added to the canvas, If you absolutely need that, you have to add them to the HTML document around the chart ( add other page builder elements ).

An easier solution is to add a prefix/suffix to X or/and Y axis. The are fields for that in the chart options tab of bubble charts ( I assume that you are using this chart type for your scatter chart )

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