download for free Creative Zodiac - Portfolio & Blog Wordpress Theme

Download for free Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

If you are searching Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 10 July 12 you can download from our website for free. Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $1000 to FRESHFACE and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme working latest version.

Creative Zodiac - Portfolio & Blog Wordpress Theme nulled

About Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog WordPress Theme

Creative Zodiac is a WordPress theme preloaded with JQuery. This is the only one fully JQuery powered WordPress theme on Theme Forest and probably on the whole internet too. It’s not just a simple minisite, it’s a fullblown WordPress experience with all the bells and whistles. Please take your time and explore every corner of this theme because it’s really filled up with unexpected features. I would even call it as my master-piece because I really tried to do my… Read More

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Currently my content is only showing when I’m logged in. Meaning the home page will display to ALL users, but when I click on the “about”, “gallery”, or “contact”...I just get the loading image. It happens in ALL browsers. As soon as I login it loads immediately. All the pages are public and published. Any help is appreciated, I bought this to set-up a quick plug and play site, but this is starting to become the headache I was attempting to avoid. Please assist.

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Any update?!


Just to add….at this point if it’s not fixed in 24 hours I will be disputing the charges for a refund. I needed this site up a week ago, bc right now not having this up is costing me money. I don’t understand why you guys aren’t getting this fixed??!!!! Your template is flawed and you are still selling it??!!! I could understand if I made alteration or changed things, but I didn’t. It should be plug and play ready…but it is not. Really starting to get agitated with the lack of urgency when people are selling a product that is NOT 100% working. I’ve already wasted hours setting up, debugging what isn’t working, updating content, designing graphics to the layout provided….and now I get to do this all over again??? because you are not communicating anything or updating that it is fixed. Please get a sense of urgency and stop selling a product that isn’t 100% working. Please let me know immediately. I don’t have patience for incompetence. I’m tired, overworked, and have paid for something that was suppose to ease the burden of this….instead it has cost me time, which can’t be replaced (which was the point of buying a godd* template!!!). Even if you tell me to go efff off, I’d respect that more than waiting for a response….For others, sorry for the rant, but I am over people who suck at customer service and people who don’t respect or appreciate others’ times. While the site looks great and this is my only purchase from this dev, I highly do NOT recommend buying it.


Well thanks for NO further response and NO help to fix this. I will be submitting a dispute of charges, unless you would like to take the step of refunding directly? For others…Don’t waste your time or money buying this template, it doesn’t work.


How do I get my blog roll to appear on the home page?

Currently I’m using the Teaser (Posts) Grid element in the visual composer to get this effect, but I know that’s not what it’s for.


Hi there!

Visual Composer will probably not work with this theme. Anyway for showing blog roll please follow our tutorials.

Thanks and cheers!


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Will this theme be updated for WP 3.7?


Hello freshface,

Sucuri is sending me security notifications because I can’t update WP to its latest version without breaking the site which is using “Creative Zodiac” theme. Is there an update which fixes this issue?

Best regards,


I’ve added my WP / FTP credentials in private – number 1843.


I posted this ticket 3 months ago and I never got any reply from you in the meantime. Does it mean you’re not supporting this theme anymore?

May I remind you that on the theme’s support tab it’s written that you’re engaged to provide support in case of WP update: ?


Hi freshface I bought this theme long ago and recently I have move the files on the server, I installed all over again, but this time, can’t make it work

Thanks in advanced for your help


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Hi Fresh face,

Did you had a chance to look at my post?



hi there, I’m still having issues displaying sections

Please advice



my mistake…. it was all because of the “getpost” page




Very nice theme. I would like to purchase this before that can you give some clarifications.

1. Is it possible to add two more introboxes. 2. Is it possible to give external link for each and every introbox.

Thanks & Regards


Demo link doesn’t work


Demo link doesn’t work


Price is a bit too high, anyway tomorrow I will buy this theme


Hi ThePixor!

Thanks bro, better order my new private jet right now

Thanks and cheers!

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hi, i think the live preview link is broken because it redirects me to another theme !


Your price is against Envato rules, please read the Misleading Price section:

“You may not price an item too high or too low with no intention of making a sale at that price.”


WHY DOES THIS COST 1,000€???! Thousand euros for this? WTF?


because we can


1000€? ähhhh


Why 1000USD?


price violates the rules doesnt it, if you have no intention of making a sale at the price?


Why Just 1000 USD? Please make it 10,000 USD… 1000 will be just cheap…


Hi darshak_11!

Thank you for your suggestion

For more info about upcoming updates and insider info, follow our Ark Theme Facebook page (updated daily) or visit our Ark Theme Blog

Thanks and cheers!

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Open Ticket


Dear FreshFace,

I have a website only and want to buy a best theme for it. My parner said, i can chose a theme with price 50 to 100 USD. But I choose your theme (1000 USD) with the hope: your theme is very good for my website.

I’ve bought your theme this morning. But your theme is NOT working because it must working with wordpress version 3.3 (Now, newest wordpress version is 4.9) Video of my install process:

I’m very disappoint, may be I’ll lose 1000 USD for my stupid? :cry: :cry:

If you have “Creative Zodiac – Portfolio & Blog Wordpress Theme” working with wordpress version 4.9 (I need this theme for my website only), please send to my email or my account of envato!

Please reply!
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Thank you, Now, I want to grab a refund. I’ll NOT use your theme.

This theme is working with version wordpress 3.3 only. (Now, newest wordpress version is 4.9 which this theme can not working


Hi vanmai!

No worrie, we have just approved your refund request.

Thanks and cheers!


Thạnk you very much. Nice Week!


So, you’re telling me this theme is worth $1000 but you’re selling it for $19?


1000$? you think we are crazy or you are?!


Hello! Do you think to up to date this theme?

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