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If you are searching Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 10 January 20 you can download from our website for free. Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Entertainment category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to ait and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme working latest version.

About Event Guide – Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Event Guide is the only theme you’ll need to create event directory portal. It’s unique features cannot be found in any other theme on the market. Theme is compatible with Events Pro plugin (plugin is not included in the theme package) that allows you and your customers to administer events in your portal. This allows you to build a highly rated city or country website. It can be used for concerts, social events, bar camps, museums or galleries.


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I am interested in the theme, but am I a bit unsure, here are my questions?

1. when I buy the theme are all plugins included or do I have to buy extra plugins to make it look like in the Live Preview? 2. What does the Lifetime Membership Package have in contrast to Full Membership? Third Can I also use the Event Guide Theme for a radio station?

My website:

ait Author

Hello there,

thanks for interesting in Event Guide theme and plugins.

1) Event Guide is sold as a single product via themeforest market place, there are no extension plugins included: - -

2) Once you decide for Full Membership package through it includes all of our themes, plugins and assets and you can have them for special price ,- excl. VAT if applicable. All of our products available on comes with access to support forum and access to updates valid for a 1 year (except Lifetime membership that comes with unlimited access to updates). After this period you are allowed to continue using our products for unlimited time. You are free to decide to renew your membership at any time for the same price. Any of our products purchased via club comes with unlimited license usage – you can re-use the theme, the plugin and/or the icon in order to create unlimited web projects, use them for as many domains as you like etc. No problem.

3) It mostly depends on requirements you have regarding functionality etc. As we have noticed you have used to use chat with visitors – well our theme doesn’t support BuddyPress or similar 3rd party developers plugin. Anyhow: Full demo admin is not available, but you can have any of our products (from www.ait-themes.CLUB) at no risk as we offer 10 days of money back guarantee. You can play around with the themes, plugins etc, and once you are interesting to upgrade your subscription into Full Membership – no problem, you can do it within 30 days by paying the difference between the prices. In addition – each of our products is updated on regular basis – themes, plugins are kept always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, PHP, and with some of 3rd party developers plugins like Revolution Slider, WooCommerce plugins, Wordfence, Yoast SEO, Sucuri, Schematic, etc.

Hope it will help you.

Kindest regards! AIT team



I have looked at your theme and I found it good. I have a pre-sale question.

Does the PayPal plugin asks customers to create a PayPal account or can the customer checkout and pay with a credit card as a guest? Which PayPal API is used in the plugin?

Please, answer ASAP! I am very much interested in buying this theme.


ait Author

Hello there,

thanks for your compliments and for asking.

Both PayPal Payments and PayPal Subscription plugins offer the payment method by using PayPal account only. Once user doesn’t have created yet, the plugin offers this option.

In order to have payment option with a credit card, please consider using Stripe Payments plugin.

Regarding PayPal API you’ll find detailed info in the documentation page:

Please kindly also note that plugins are not included in a single theme product:



Should you be interesting to get unlimited access to all plugins, please consider the one of the following options:

Thanks for understanding.

Should you have further questions, please contact us back.

Have a good day! AIT team



Anyway I can not using the drop-down menu for the events tab of the categorized events in mobile version? Thanks!

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I just updated the theme as the latest version. How do i disable the drop-down menu of the category by using mobile ?


I just found it. Thanks so muchXD

ait Author


thanks for your reply. Should you have further questions, please contact us back.

Best regards! AIT


Presale Questions:

- Are there any plugins I HAVE TO Buy to have the website look and function like the demo you have shown?

- The price: Is that a one-time price or are there yearly fee needed?

- Can I change the language in the theme to danish? (On buttons etc.)

- Can I change the Search options?

- Is it possible to make some content visible for ’Basic Members’ and more/other content visible for ’Premium Members’ after login?

- Does the theme handle memberships and subscription for these memberships or do I need a plugin for that?

Thanks in advance for letting me know, so I can choose the right theme, Best Majken

ait Author

Hello Majken,

thank you for asking:

1) yeah, there is a statement in the themeforest’s page presentation, please have a look at:

- -

2) there are two options that offers different benefits you should decide before purchase:

- Full Membership and Lifetime Membership:

Full -> 1 year access to product updates and 1 year access to support forum

Lifetime -> Unlimited access to product updates and 1 year access to support forum

the more info can be found at:

3) Danish language is translated partly, about 99% regarding web page presentation, skeleton translations covers about 19%

In addition we’d like to ask you: Do you plan to create the more projects or re-use our products for the more products? Would you be interesting to get free lifetime access to all of our products on www.ait-themes.CLUB?

We have an offer for you. Please contact us back for additional info ..

4) The search option can be changed, the detailed info you can find at:

Should you be interesting to use Events PRO plugin it offers you to have search form for not only items (businesses) but also for Events thanks to mentioned plugin:

5) regarding the content visibility: we are very sorry, this option is not available for the moment,

6) yes, theme comes with built in membership package features, moreover by using Permission manager you have get even the more options… in order to see how does it work and what are the steps you should perform while setting your event portal website, please have a look at the following instructions and articles:

After creating registration form: or you should set the user’s packages:

Once users are registered you give them an access to create and manage Items custom post type: or even in Events Pro posts (if they you are using Events Pro plugin):

You have an option to help all of your users by introducing a nicer design of the WP administration by using Easy Admin plugin: you can create an user friendly admin’s feel of look and comfortable navigation, which helps especially to all non-wordpress users in order simplify their work in WordPress administration. Please have a look at documentation files also at:

Should you be interesting to give your users the more ability in order to manage even the more custom post types, elements etc, please consider Permission Manager plugin:

Last but not least, we’d like to inform you that:

currently we are working on creating multipurpose and universal Citadela theme based on our Framework III, WPML ready and RTL design included – all available Gutenberg blocks will be designed, all WordPress functionality, Gutenberg and Customizer will be available by using the theme. Detailed info about new available at:

The template will be compatible with all WordPress plugins written according to the WordPress Codex and Standards. Full compatibility with common a 3rd party developers plugins like WPML, Revolutions Slider, etc. Further features are going to be developed and added continuously an yet directory functionality will be available by using Citadela Directory plugin…

And yeat, migration option form current directory theme to Citadela directory theme will be available too. We are hardly werking on it.

In addition, regarding newly prepared project and its extension features we’d like ask you to give us a minute of your time to answer 4 simple questions: that can help our team make better products faster.

Hope you’ll find those info useful, should you have further questions, please contact us back.

Have a good day! AIT team


Hey Guys,

This is an excellent theme no doubt about this. I spent few hours to analyze the rich functionality of your theme. But i noticed a basic function missing in your theme which is very key to any event portal. There is no way customer can subscribe for events so owner of event would know how to plan this event. Subscription is the heart of event program so how can we achieve this ? is there any plugin ext for this ? or any features that i might have missed it.

Thanks KC

ait Author

Hello there,

thanks a lot for interesting in Event Guide theme. The product comes as a single product that can be extendable with Events Pro plugin:

The plugin offers two options to subscribe to event depending on the owner of the event custom post type: - link to 3rd party event manager like ticket portal (it can be managed by admin or users registered in directory portal – by choosing some user’s package) - link to WooCommerce product (theme is fully compatible with WC plugin) and this option have only the admin/owner of the directory event portal

Further info can be found in the documentation page:

Hope you’ll find those informations interesting and useful for your business idea.

Kind regards! AIT team


Revolution Slider needs to be updated. It crashes the admin of my site. Can you make sure Revslider will be updates please?

ait Author

Hey there,

thanks a lot for contacting us back.

Please, check out your theme/plugin versions with the latest ones if you can: You should be able to get an access to the latest supported theme/plugin version by using AIT Updater plugin for free -> , the documentation you can find at

Hope it will help you. Should your issue still persists, please contact us back.

Kindest regards! AIT team


Hi Authors,

This is really make me upset and disappointing, just now i am checking my downloads inventory and found that all the 2 templates i’m purchased from you has been deleted. I even feel that i have been cheating.

I’ve spent so much money on these two items and now I wanted a refund :

1. Freestyle Yoga Wordpress Theme | Creative
2. Impression Corporate Presentation WP Theme | Marketing

Please :’( i appreciate your candor and honesty

ait Author


thanks a lot for contacting us back.

We understand that you have paid for the product/item license via Themeforest marketplace and you might think that “it is unfair” to pay again. Did you know that when you purchase an item from one of Envato’s marketplaces, you’re actually purchasing a license to use that item?

We are so sorry about your misunderstanding: Please, have a look at the point 18.3 that was stated on when you have purchased the license to the product (not the theme itself):

18. Terms of buying: When you buy an Envato Market item you’re doing so on the following terms:

1)you promise to us and the author that you have carefully considered the suitability of your chosen license, and that you have chosen appropriately;

2)you cannot cancel a completed purchase of an item;

3)we and the authors do not promise that any particular item will continue to be available on Envato Market so you should download and save the item as soon as you buy it;

4)once you purchase an item and you pay the item price, you acquire a non- exclusive license to use the item under the terms set out in the license (non-exclusive means others might also license the same item);

5)the author retains ownership of the item;

6)your relevant details may be provided to the author of the item in order to facilitate the transaction, for example for invoicing and item support services;

7)we have the right to enforce against you the terms of the license that you have acquired from an author. It is important that you understand the terms on which you are making a purchase. Please take the time to review this section carefully.

I hope we have put your mind somewhat at ease. If you have any more questions feel free to contact our Ait-Themes Team.

Thanks for your understanding.

Have a good day! AIT team

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