download for free Instant Q&A

Download for free Instant Q&A

If you are searching Instant Q&A for free download, nulled and updated on 17 June 16 you can download from our website for free. Instant Q&A is one of most popular wordpress templates from Miscellaneous category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Instant Q&A for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Instant Q&A wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Instant Q&A WordPress template.

Instant Q&A Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $22 to esterndesign and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Instant Q&A working latest version.

Instant Q&A nulled

About Instant Q&A

Works In WordPress 5.3.x!

Looking for a questions and answers theme? This is the template you have been searching for. Instant Q&A is a custom WordPress template that can turn any WordPress blog into a robust question and answer site.

NEW Features:

  • Works GREAT with WordPress 5.3.x
  • Tags for Questions – Now you can add tags to you questions. Clicking these tags will bring you to tag archive pages where you can see like tag questions.
  • Updated

User comments


This theme does not work login or sign up now page?

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sign up page does not work ?


l need help for sign up page and for login page can you help me?

esterndesign Author

Did you follow the instructions that came with the theme for install? You might need to create the pages for this to work. Double check that you have followed the install directions.


Can I add the buddypress plug-in so, members do not have the log-in again and again? Thanks!

esterndesign Author

I have not tested this but my guess since there is some custom login functions that hook into the core user creation that it probably won’t out of the box.


hello ,

thank you for this amazing theme, i installed it and every thing work fine , except emails send from website to user regarding new registration email or forget password email , the emails didn’t send from website to users , how i can fix this issue please ?

esterndesign Author


Thank you for letting me know about this. I have had another person report this same thing and I have been able to narrow it down to the wp_mail() function that i use for the emailing has some how stopped. Not sure why since this is a core function that WP CORE uses to communicate out. But basically there is a fix for this and i am in the process of updating the theme and getting it back up here to TF.

If you want to adjust the theme to work before this happens all you need to do is in the functions.php page you will find a few instances where i use the wp_mail() function, you just need to change those out to use the php native mail() function. This will allow these to start coming in again.

Let me know if you have any questions at this time.

Regards esterndesign

esterndesign Author


I have posted updates to Themeforest with the fix. You should be able to download the updates.



Hello, I am interested in buying this theme. But I would like to know if it would receive any updates in future? Or would any security flaws relating to it be fixed if one arises in future? Thanks

esterndesign Author

If there are updates that need to be done they will be made as soon as i can. As for future feature expansion, there might be some if they are deemed worthy of doing for a mass audience.

As for security WP comes with its own challenges regardless of the theme that is used. I guess the short answer would be if there is a security issue that is known it will be fixed.

Hope this helps!


Have you planned a responsive version in the future? Thxs

esterndesign Author


The responsive version is the Robust Q&A, plus other options. At this time i dont see this moving to a responsive layout.

Regards -esterndesign


Hi, is a changelog available for the latest version that was released on 6/17? Thank you

esterndesign Author


Any plan to update the theme and make it mobile friendly – responsive ! These days all the question answer theme are all responsive ! Please kindly make it responsive ! Thanks !

esterndesign Author

I had created Robust QA for this need. I dont think at this time that i will be working on an update to this theme to make it responsive.

I did make Robust QA with a similar function base so it could be easy to upgrade from Instant QA.

Regards, -esternddesign


1 to 1 communication is possible? I mean the secret mode. Can a doctor and a patient read their communication only, keeping others away from their posts? If a hospital runs your template, each patient wants only a secret conversation with a doctor? Is that possible?

esterndesign Author

Hi, out of the box, this is not part of the theme. You would need to add a plugin probably. But if there is anything from doctor patient communications, i would not rely on a WP theme to protect this. I would lean towards the standard practices that doctors use now. Just my opinion.


Is there any way to import questions and answers that you have in another database? I will pay…:)

esterndesign Author

If you have a WP theme already you should be able to use the import function to do so. Questions are posts and answers are comments


hi,,,i love the pump up question feature…is there a similar plugins/extensions for me to install in my purchased theme to perform the same functions but also detailed..??

esterndesign Author

not sure what you mean by pump up question feature. If you mean voting on a question and having that bubble to the top, this is custom code written for this theme. If you know php and wp functions you can get it done. I dont plan on doing a plugin for this at this time. Thanks


Hi esterndesign,

i’m web developer (Both Wordpress and Frontend) having experience of 7+ years – I have done lots of projects for themeforest – if you need an developer please mail me at [email protected]

” I’m sorry if this comment distrubs you “


Why we can’t register for testing purposes?

esterndesign Author

to keep the volume down accounts and maintenance.


Please how can I make this theme responsible for mobile devices and would want it to have ability for users to upload images to Post’s. Thanks waiting for your honest reply, so I can place order.

esterndesign Author

Hi, right now the other theme Robust QA is mobile ready. I would recommend that over the Instant if you want the mobile support. There will not be any other extensions to this theme, this includes making it mobile friendly and adding support for users to upload images.


Thank you for your continued support of Instant Q&A – a truly unique theme and script.

esterndesign Author

:thumbs up:


Hi, this theme is a very useful Question and Answer. but don’t have reset member password (forget password )

sing-up is Disable how to enable

esterndesign Author

Hi, If you created the pages required by the instructions that came with the theme you should have both sign up and forgot password pages where a user can perform these functions. If the sign up is disabled you might need to check the instructions that talk about settings and these are found in the wp-admin section of the site. You might just need to check the box that allows users to register for the site.


Thank U. worked!

please how to change Somali Language, list of languages not contains Somali language ?

Best Regard.


I have done every other easy thank u. but Forgot your password? does not send reset password to any email how to solve thank u #esterndesign


Does it come with their own databases?

esterndesign Author

No it uses Wordpress’ core db.


Try and an update of this themes, any update it too old. am interested in buying but it too old. pls an advice for more sales

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