download for free Ivy - Creative Photography - Portfolio - Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce

Download for free Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce

If you are searching Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce for free download, nulled and updated on 10 August 18 you can download from our website for free. Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce WordPress template.

Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $42 to UnionAgency and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce working latest version.

About Ivy – Creative Photography – Portfolio – Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce

Updates – 30.11 – We fixed the following issues: – Problems with theme instalation – Updated the plugins – Problems with gogle map on the sites with https – 09.08 – We fixed the following issues: – Problems with theme instalation – Problems with plugin instalations Added new features: – More social icons in footer – Video background for banners – Two types of detail image popup – 22.06 – Fixed conflict between importing of demo content and plugins…. Read More

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Hi, I bought the theme from Elements. I just want to ask, why I cannot click any buttn on product page?

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UnionAgency Author

Hello. Sorry, but we did not receive your message


Sent again. I have problems with non working buttons on product pages. Hope to hear you soon

UnionAgency Author

Thanks. We will check.


Hello UnionAgency! Ive installed your Theme, and installed Woocommerce, but the product page doesnt looks like your demo page, its a mix of blog and product page, also the buttons doesnt works sometimes, like “Additional Informations”


Also the logo is still the ivy logo but only on the product page

UnionAgency Author

Hello. Sorry but without link on you site we cant help you.


Hi, I’m running into an issue with the map not showing up on the contact page. I’ve acquired the API key, and manually input the long. & lat. coordinates, but it’s still not showing up.

Let me know how we can fix this. Thanks!

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UnionAgency Author

Your site is working through “https” but link on google map “http”. Try change this in “theme-essentials.php”: wp_register_script( 'goog_maps', ''.$google_api_key.'', '', null, true );


It worked! Thanks so much!

UnionAgency Author



Hi, when I installed the theme, the theme options won’t show up on my dashboard, so I cannot access the demo content or customize. Is it because I got the theme through envato?

UnionAgency Author

Hello. This options disable in your admin panel?


Hey, got this theme over Elements. Unfortunately demo is not importing even after changing PHP settings. Can you provide a zip/link to it?


Never-mind i managed to deal with it.

UnionAgency Author

Hello. If have any other questions please write


Hi There. I have the same problem as grazianopl. Demo content will not download/ import. It just sits there with “please wait”.

UnionAgency Author

Hello. Please send you email and we will send files.


Hello, I am working with this theme and am having an issue with the shop and individual product pages. You can see an example at It does not appear as your demo. It displays the blog heading, subtitle, and the Ivy logo.

The main shop page still displays the Ivy Logo.

Lastly the Checkout page crunches up the form.

I’ve emailed support and provided login credentials. I look forward to a solution soon.

Thanks for your time and attention.

UnionAgency Author

Hello. We are preparing an update for the theme that resolver yours and other same issues.


Thank you for your reply. Any idea when the update will be ready?

UnionAgency Author

We plan to make an update early next week


Hi, I got the theme via elements. The demo doesn’t seems to work, I have sent you an email, wondering if I could get a copy of the demo file so I could manually upload it,

( I got it through my work account, more than happy to provide with screen shots of my subscription)


UnionAgency Author

Hello. We send answer on your email. Thanks


Hi, I downloaded the theme via elements & I’m having issues with the demo importer too. The “please wait” spinner has been going all night with no change.

Please help! Thanks


Hi, I’m trying to launch my store, but am running into a few issues. The shop page displays my personalized navbar, but when going into individual products, it’s showing the default demo navbar that has the IVY logo.

Also, on a desktop, when browsing an individual product, I can’t change the variant (I have different sizes for prints). I can’t add anything into the cart and everything is greyed out. However, I can pick different sizes and add items to my cart on my phone.

Please help!


Thanks for not following up, or even acknowledging my concerns. The least you can do is communicate that you’re looking into it, or acknowledge that there isn’t a fix for these things, right now.

The theme is beautiful, but it’s very slow to load, filled with bugs, and the support you offer is less than stellar.

I’m currently looking at other themes to put this nightmare behind me.


Hi we bought the theme and it dont work with Wordpress 5.0.3 and WP Bakery… It dont load the Composer and it dont save Content. What to do?


home page 2?


Our backend editing changed. I bought the theme through Envato Elements. Instead of WP Bakery being the editor its changed to a code backend. Thanks

UnionAgency Author

Hello. Sorry but we not cleare understand you problem. Please explaine more detail


After all the updates you provided I am still having trouble importing the demo data. I have a fresh install of WordPress, ran the demo for a few hours because it kept going. the pages and images appear but I can not edit any pages, i get a blank page when trying to edit. Great theme not enough backend stability. please advise.

UnionAgency Author


Please try to upload demo content manually

Demo content you can find here

You can do import by this pass:

1. Tools -> 2. Import -> 3. Plagin “WordPress” – “install now” -> 5. Than after instalattion – “run importer” -> 6. Fint file on your computer and button “Upload file and import”


Hello, I just purchased this theme but on the homepage i see that you are using some kind of slider, could you tell me where I could find it and maybe create my own? Thanks


[ivy_slider1_content_shortcode - this are the ones that i am unable to find.


managed to understand it so i don’t need help with this anymore


I ecountered another problem. I cannot use the visual editor on any of my pages or posts even though I selected them from the role manager. I can only use it on my portfolio. Anything I could do about this?


Also if I am creating a new page I can only use the Classic Edit, the visual editor doesn’t even pop out


Hello to the team of Union agency,

I have a major issue with your template Creative Photography / Portfolio / Agency WP Theme with WooCommerce.

All the portfolio templates from you is not working when I want to edit with WP bakery page the page is just blocking. Same for all the page with the social media barre I can’t put any link on it. It cracking also.

Can you please advise me of the procedure to do for make everything working ?


Good morning,

Thanks for uploading. I’ve just used the theme, and as soon as I save an update the editor disappears. It only displays the composer code. Is there a solution?

thank you

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