download for free Megareal - Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme

Download for free Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme

If you are searching Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 24 April 17 you can download from our website for free. Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Real category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to aviators and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme working latest version.

About Megareal – Real Estate Portal WordPress Theme

With Megareal users are able to manage their own listings without accessing admin dashboard. They can manage their profile, password and payment backlog too. By using Megareal you can start charging your users and earn money. We prepared for you theme with strong monetization focus. Pay per post and packages are… Read More

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Hello. 1) How to include “property-map” on the main page instead of “property-slider”, so it was like this: Enabled in the settings – a white screen. Please check: 2) Where do I enable the “Add to favorites” function?

aviators Author

Hi. It can be done using Google Map widget in the WP admin > Appearance > Widgets screen. “Add to favorites” is not yet supported in Megareal theme.


Hello. How is it not supported in the Megareal theme? On a live preview, this is. Is there any discrepancy?

aviators Author

Where do you see “Add to favorites” functions in our live preview, please?



I Need to edit or customize core file of the Properties and Property Carousel Widget (Featured project and recent project front end Title) section in my website homepage. Instead of Bath, Bed and Garages info, I need to add description of respected project.

Just wanted to know, from where (File name and path) I can add this?

Also want to do some customization in footer second and footer third section (having properties widget). pricing (e.g. $ 180,000) need to replace by Read more link having respected project link.

My execution url is given below,


aviators Author


If you have any difficulties with the theme configuration or its functionality, feel free to ask for help in our support forum:

We’ll be glad to help you.


Hello. How is it not supported in the Megareal theme? On a live preview, this is. Is there any discrepancy?

aviators Author

Hi. I don’t understand. What are you referring to exactly, please?


Hi! The theme looks interesting. Is there a way to add search criteria to facilitate the search for properties for the visitors? i.e property types, price range, location etc… Thx in advance!

aviators Author

Hi. There already are filter fields available to search for the listings. Check it out in our demo:


Greetings. I’ve got some prior to buy questions. In the search form, is it possible to have only these forms? :


-1 Kind of listing (agency,particular, bank)

-2 List of locations (Province, city, area) With 3 dropdown boxes

- 3 Type of property

- 4 Beds

-5 Bath

-6 Price


- All above + shor/long term dropdown option

- Different types of property than in sale widget.

!Possible to order them?

!Facilities as an advanced search

I was reading development docs section-search, will that help me with some after-buying support from you? Or I can manage all that from the back-end of the site?


aviators Author


1. Theme has predefined fields for real estate agencies. If you are going to build directory portal for completely different kind of business, I strongly recommend you to purchase our Superlist theme instead. It contains custom listing type manager which allows you to build practically any type of the directory solution.

2. yes, it is possible

3. it is possible to enter information like beds, baths, and price

4. it is possible to search by amenities

If you have any more questions, let us know.


Hello please could you let me know why the theme is not showing as expected.

here is the site =

it has not been updated since purchased and was working fine when it was set up..

Now we see that the last section – bottom featured property carousel has all the same property for each slot.. even though all the properties have been selected as featured.

We also see that on this page = For Sale =

only one property is showing even though all of the properties are for sale..

and we are having problems getting properties for rent to appear

and on each status page, the bottom featured section has all the same property in the carousel, 8 times

Please could you throw light on this subject..

we are using version Version: 1.1.0..

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Hi I tried to get support, it says that my item purchase code is not valid,,

Ok so then i have re purchased the support, but am unable to get the ticket to work?

where do i go from here,?


Hello Just wondering when my messages and my support ticket with get a reply? Its been 16 days since i wrote the message?

can you please get back to me?


Hi Is this product still available for support? is anyone there? or got your money and run?


Paypal button is not display in Payment page


We have recently taken Megareal which has Realia plugin. Our queries are 1. How to load images directly from? PC. It is presently thru wordpress media like 2. In packages there are 1W, 1M n 1 Y duration. How to get 2M, 3M n 6 M? 3. How differently can Package and table pricing can be use? Why are these two things? Is there some documentation or help on these? 4. The pricing display thru quick links is not working but the pricing table can be displayed thru widget. What could have gone wrong?


add1.1. When Relia submission in customization is set to Pay per post, can an user buy a package? If yes then how would it work? add1.2 What is the duration for Pay per post add1.3 There is a message that Realia is not tested with the latest version of word-press and when will it be tested.


In search only one property is showing for Rent or Sell even though many of the properties are there in each?

What could be reason?


I have the same question as karanbsingh

just one or no properties are showing for rent,,

Why is it taking 2 weeks to get an answer here?


The support response and the lack of proper documentation seems serious issues.


What has gone wrong as users are hanging in the middle with no support. What should be done?


Please suggest??


How long is it going to take to get something fixed with this Author?

The featured section on the BOTTOM SECTION of the pages pages are showing all the same properties Property for rent status stopped showing properties 1 month ago= Properties for sale show only one property.



Best to get in touch with Themeforest support, they are offering support, but have advised to ask for a refund on this product.

Author is not connecting with clients.


hi, how can we connect new sign up user to agent?


Hi I have been trying to install theme and its not able to install

I am getting following error:

The link you followed has expired.



How many users or agents this theme supports?

Thanks. André

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