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Download for free Post Voting WordPress Plugin from our website. Lastest version is updated on 23 December 19 and available. Post Voting WordPress Plugin WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $14 to PressApps on Envato, you get it for free.

Post Voting WordPress Plugin [Latest Version]

To download nulled Post Voting WordPress Plugin, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Post Voting WordPress Plugin ziped files to WordPress website.

About Post Voting WordPress Plugin

  • Public or Member Only Voting Easily set who can post a vote on your site from the plugin´s settings page (Public/Logged in users only.)
  • Button Colors Set colors for like and dislike buttons using color pickers on plugin´s settings page.
  • Button Text and Icons Set the text and icons for your buttons on setting page, available icons:thumb, caret, angle, none.
  • Alignment Align the voting buttons left, center or right to best suit your… Read More

User comments


Hi, PRE-SALE Question Is it possible to list a user(post author) who got most voted from viewer? Maybe rank by week, month, year Thanks

PressApps Author

Hi, no this is not an option, thanks.


Hi, PRE-SALE Question Is it possible to list a user(post author) who got most voted from viewer? Maybe rank by week, month, year Thanks

PressApps Author

Hi, no this is not an option, thanks.


If someone want enable to “custom post type”, just edit file “function.php” on line 73

edit function pavo_add_to_content($content)

if ( is_singular(‘post’) )

Replace “post” for you custom post type..


Pre sale question.. Can you change the text once you click on either one of the buttons to something else?


Oops didn’t even read the post above lol


Hello PressApps – Does the plugin include analytics capabilities? Exportable data to show posts along with vote counts?

PressApps Author

Hi, post count can be viewed under Posts > All Posts in dashboard but there are no further analytics or export features.


Hi, pre sales question:

Can I have only the amount of likes? I don’t want to leave the red dislike button.

Is it possible to custom that?

Also: the plugin has a widget to display the top voted posts?



PressApps Author

Hi, you could hide the dislike button completely with one line of CSS, no there is no widget. Regards, Ivan


I have three questions: 1) Is it possible to do so, to vote could only be “for” (and could not “against”) 2) Is it possible to make the vote could only registered users (respectively, look who voted) 3) whether it is possible to watch the voting statistics in a particular category?

PressApps Author


1. It si not a setting but you could hide the dislike button with a line of CSS 2. you can chose to allow only registered users to vote 3. the vote counts are displayed in a column under All Posts, you could filter a category


is can we align the votes box above post ?

PressApps Author

Hello, no currently not.


Pre purchase question – does the posts with the highest votes move to the top of the list?

PressApps Author

Hello, no the articles currently can’t be ordered by votes.


Does it work with own theme? so I can create a full page template and use it?


Is it possible to hook into the plugin so that if a certain user presses the vote button I can run other functions?

Secondly, does it save how many likes/dislikes per post as post meta or other easy-to-access- way?



Pre-sale question: Is it possible to have more than two voting options? Thx


Presale Questions:

Hi, is it possible to:
See in the Backend which post has the most votings?
Just an ”+” and ”-” voting
Not showing in the Frontend how often the Post has a “plus 1”
An Author can´t vote his own Post
Limit user to vote maximum 3 Posts

The results should be hidden for the users, so the surprise will be at the end of the voting time. The User should have the possibility to un-vote a post, so he can vote for another if he had already voted 3 Posts.

Thanks for your answer! Mikkel



Can i add the vote section through a shortcode?

And is it possible to add multiple on one page and make sure only one vote per user can be fullfilled?

Gr Erik


Hey! Is it possible to show a list of the most liked posts? Thanks!


Does this plugin only works in posts or also in pages or other content types?

PressApps Author

Hello, it works only for posts.

PressApps Author


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