Download for Free Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme [LATEST VERSION]

Download for Free Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme [LATEST VERSION]

Download for free Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme from our website. Lastest version is updated on 19 September 17 and available. Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $25 to aonetheme on Envato, you get it for free.

Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme [Latest Version]

To download nulled Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme ziped files to WordPress website.

Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme nulled

About Private Messaging add-on for service finder theme

This add-on allows customers and service providers to initiate messages and interact with each other.Private messaging addon includes features like emoticons, new message ajax notifications, easy converations and quick reply. It is fully responsive and looks great across all devices and screen sizes.

  • Allow Users to Send and Receive Private Messages.
  • Sends notifications to users when they receive a message.
  • Users can block/unblock other users from… Read More

User comments



I need a chat for visitors allowing to chat with persons with a profile on my website.

What I want; visitors comes to check the profiles, they see a chat-window and ask their personal-private-questions. The profile user gets a notification by mail and can reply on the same chat-window. The visitor gets also a notification with the message and can reply in the chat-window. The important thing: I want privacy of the profile users and visitors reply’s, that means that the email (notification) is not visible on both sides, also the questions and reply are private and stays with them and if possible the administrator?

Note, the profile user has a personal profile/page, but has no login. I make and edit by myself.



First of all, nice theme!

I want the following features: 1. Package subscriptions. Free and Basic. Everything else is free on website. 2. Promotion job/company. 3. Remove sections in Dashboards. 4. PLace reviews company. 5. Ask quotation 6. Send message to company, shown in dashboard? 7. Does this theme work with elementor?

Many thanks!


Pre-sale question.

Can we somehow limit message option to just provider and customer who bought that providers services?


hello, does the slider revolution activation included with theme?


How do we add notifications when users receive a new message?


Hello Aonetheme,

We purchased your Service Finder program on 3/22/2019 Purchase code: ddbe9c50-ce0a-47bf-b33c-02bab30948fb When we create a Customer account then try to post a job we get an error message “link has expired”. Please assist.


Do you plan to update this plugin? It’s been a long time without updating


Hello, is this still compatible with your theme? Can a customer/provider get an email when they receive a message?



Hello, some strings in the messaging plugin are not translateable. For example the Chat-date is always in english aswell the time since the last message (e.g. 6 hours ago). Is there a fix for this?


Hi, How can I change the styling of plugin. Such as fonts style, color, size etc.?


Presales question ? I am interested in buying this plugin. However I wanted to understand if this plugin is compatible with latest wordpress release as I see that this plugin is not updated for more than a year. How frequently you release updates ?


Hi I brought the service finder theme recently and saw this add on. Thought that it might be userful to have one. But I have some doubts. Do you have basic documentation ( at least in points ) about how it works eg. Add contact, add providers, connect with other users …. ?


Wanted to buy this plugin but your demo some how not working i wanted to check User flow please help wait for your reply


Are you still supporting the private messaging addon ? No response so far. Demo is not working.


Is there an ability to charge in the service messaging app? Like if someone is chatting for more than 10 minutes a paypal prompt comes up?


My services messenger has disappeared and not showing in my website anymore after purchasing. Can you check the theme as it’s not working


The messaging plug-in is not working and not showing up when people are logged into my site


I would have definitely purchase service finder theme/plugin if this sevice wasn’t addon of the theme. Because if messaging service was not included with the theme itself we can’t built service finder website.


​I have this question. I have several custom post types on my site. Registered users can create posts. I want to create a button for each post so that any user can write to the author of the post. Is this possible with your plugin? So that when you click on the button, a person immediately gets into a chat with the author of the post without entering a username, and the message subject was immediately indicated as the title of the post, so that the person needed to write only the text of the message and press the send button.​

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