Download for free Sports Bench WordPress Plugin

Download for free Sports Bench WordPress Plugin

Download for free Sports Bench WordPress Plugin from our website. Lastest version is updated on 6 January 20 and available. Sports Bench WordPress Plugin WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $26 to jacobmartella on Envato, you get it for free.

Sports Bench WordPress Plugin [Latest Version]

To download nulled Sports Bench WordPress Plugin, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Sports Bench WordPress Plugin ziped files to WordPress website.

Sports Bench WordPress Plugin nulled

About Sports Bench WordPress Plugin

Creating and keeping up with sports league stats on the internet can be a hassle. Fortunately, the plugin takes all of the hard work away from you. After a simple five-minute (or less) setup, you’re ready to start entering teams, players, games and even division and then watch the plugin do all of the other stuff for you. Sports Bench takes care of accumulating the stats you enter as well as the standings and schedules.

The plugin has the ability to display the standings, a… Read More

User comments


Excellent Work!


Nice work, congrations and GLWS – DCSF


nice works, what wordpress theme are you use it ? i wanna buy this plugin and the themes too

jacobmartella Author

The theme I’m using in the demos is the Sports Bench theme, which is available at It comes with support for the plugin built in, although I market the plugin more because people can use with themes they already use.


Very nice. FYI though – Your link to “” (demo) from is dead.

jacobmartella Author

Thanks for the heads up on that. Not sure how that one made it through.


Hello, any plans for tennis ? Thanks !

jacobmartella Author

Yes eventually. The plugin primarily works with teams, so I would have to work around that, but I hope to add a couple of new sports before the year is done.


is this capable of hosting details for rugby union?

jacobmartella Author

Not yet, although that will be one of the sports added in the next update.


Great work .Please can you include a version for motorsports – like MotoGP, WSBK etc That would be brilliant.

jacobmartella Author

Thanks for the compliment. The addition of motorsports will honestly take quite a while. There are a couple of other team sports that currently have priority plus a few features that I want/need to add as well. I will certainly write it down as an idea for the future, but I want to be honest with you and it’s honestly going to take a while for me to get around to it. Sorry.


Hi, do sport scores have to be manually updated?

jacobmartella Author

Unfortunately, at the moment they do. Maybe in an update in the future this will change, but not at the moment. Sorry.


are u have video tutorial for used this plugin ?

jacobmartella Author

Here’s a play list of some basic tutorials for the plugin. I’m hoping to do a few more video tutorials in the future. It just depends on the time I have.


anyone using this on a live site. Would like to check it out? ALso, are monthly subscirptions available? (Payments)

jacobmartella Author

I know this website is using the plugin, although the scoreboard bar at the top is from somewhere else.

Also, if you’re talking about paying for the plugin, it’s a one-time payment for the plugin technically, but I don’t know the full details of how CodeCanyon works. If you’re talking about monthly subscriptions on your site, this plugin does not do that.


THanks for the response. So can the plugin be used for multiple sports on one site? is using for their scoreboard.

jacobmartella Author

Technically, only one sport can be used per site. But if you use the WordPress multisite feature, you can run a different sport on each subsite.


Does this allow game by game stats on the player page? (looking for basketball specifically)

jacobmartella Author

Yes it does. Initially on the player page, you’ll see the season stats, but clicking on the season will reveal the game-by-game stats for the player. You can see that in action here:


is there a way to make that automatically display instead of clicking on it?

jacobmartella Author

There’s currently not a way to do that easily. You could write code to do that, but that depends on your comfortability with doing something like that. I’ll look into what I can do about that for a future version.


hello is this plugin takes NBA infos, scoreboard automatically? is there some integrations? or should we enter values manuelly?

jacobmartella Author

Sorry for the long wait for a reply. It’s been a busy time. There’s no integration with any NBA info. All games and stats would have to be entered by hand or uploaded through a CSV file.


Hi there, very nice work! I need to setup Away and Home options: For Soccer games, it’s possible to Home option appear at first place and Away option appear at second place? This is the normal way to use it for Soccer games in Europe, Asia and Latin American countries. Thanks in advance

jacobmartella Author

Not at the moment. Although I can look into making that an option.


Have you ever considered adding a Track and Field version?

jacobmartella Author

Not really. I might look into that, but for now I’m focused on traditional team sports. Sorry.


is this script only for tracking professional teams/leagues. I am looking for something that can be used to set-up/track schedules, rankings etc. for a single local league

jacobmartella Author

Hello, Apologies for the wait in the reply. I got myself locked out of my account. Anyway, it’s actually set up for local leagues. There’s no script to pull in professional league data, although hypothetically you could build one.


Olá, tenho algumas duvidas

este script já vem completo com teamplate? é possível utilizado também para noticias de futebol alem das estatísticas? os dados sobre equipes e jogadores são atualizados automaticamente? poderia colocar botoes para compartilhamento no facebook, twitter e whatsapp?


Presales question: Hello, I am noticing you have not updated your plugin for some time now. Are you still supporting it? Are you planning to enrich it with new functionality (any roadmap)? Thank you.

jacobmartella Author

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I’m still supporting the plugin.


Hi, like above, are you still supporting your plugin? Is the plugin translation ready?

jacobmartella Author

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I’m still supporting the plugin. There are translations for Spanish, German, French, Polish and Russian.


Hi. Does this support json or xml import? I’m planning to use this plugin to integrate our league stats from the Genius Sports Basketball API.

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