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If you are searching Photopia – Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 7 November 13 you can download from our website for free. Photopia – Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Photopia – Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Photopia – Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Photopia – Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Photopia – Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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Photopia - Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme nulled

About Photopia – Minimalist Photography WordPress Theme

‘Photopia’ is a photographers dream! Finally a WordPress Theme that allows users to really experience the content at a truly stunning size. For the adventurous, Photopia could even be used for inspiration galleries, personal blogs, or even review portals with big beautiful imagery!

When we mean large, we’re not kidding. We’ve gone all out and catered for 5 responsive versions, from beautifully massive 1440px featured images on your big desktops to the lovely small screens

User comments


beautiful and well done. cheers

ThemeCobra Author

Thank you Adrien!


Simple and easy to develop any photography website. Good work.

ThemeCobra Author

Cheers Webinane team, the theme aims to do justice to a users photography while providing a slick but unobtrusive platform to showcase!


Looks nice!

ThemeCobra Author

Cheers Lion Theme dudes!


Welcome to the Forest!

ThemeCobra Author

Thank you Bedros, we’re grateful to be a part of the community!


Very cool! Good Luck with Sale!

ThemeCobra Author

Thank you for the kind words!


Wow!good luck….

ThemeCobra Author

Cheers ThemeRox, glad you like!


how does this work with portrait images?

ThemeCobra Author

Hi 575dpi – the theme promotes big beautiful imagery at 1440px wide for the featured images. We definitely recommend horizontal images for the featured images as the portrait ones will be very big+long. You can simply insert your portrait images in the post body where the column is much narrower and accommodating: Hope that helps:)


I love this theme, I was curious how well you think it would work with videos instead of images. Just wondering. I want to develop a website for my wedding video business and I think this theme nails my vision for it.



ThemeCobra Author

Hi Rory – Thanks for the kind words on Photopia, response has been great:)

The theme uses ‘featured images’ for the archive images and for the top of the article pages. You could only embed your videos in the actual content below the title:. Here is a reference of an article layout:

An alternative is to ‘hack’ the theme template and use a custom field for the video code in the articles, then replace the custom field code in articles (above title) with the new video custom field, so a video will play right at the top of posts – that is if you are after that:)


hello, great theme! Just have a question about uploading images: Do we use the default wordpress post and media attachment format or does your admin panel have something different to offer? Secondly, are the thumbs (if any) created automatically?

ThemeCobra Author

Hey Eskimo888, thanks for the kind words:)

We use the normal post format for the theme content.

The theme uses the “Featured Images” for the thumbnails. Whenever you create a post and set a featured image, the theme would automatically save 3 different sizes – this is for optimization on different devices.

There are free plug-ins out there that can regenerate your existing featured images if needed.


Hi, I have some presale questions please reply ASAP.

My idea is to make a website similar to, please confirme if this requirements are available in your solution:

- Registration of clients

- Be able to choose pictures by category, title, keyword

- Be able to choose 2 or 3 types of resolution of the same image

- Buy with PayPal or 2Checkout or other portal

- Option to buy credits packages that will be used to purchase images

- Download the photo after the payment is confirmed

- Auto-placing a watermark on the preview photos

- Add, Edit, Delete images categories

- Create Packages credit to purchase images

- Posibility to create several users so that they can add their photos, each user should have the posibility to make the following of what they sell.

- Manage (approve or reject) photos placed by a User


ThemeCobra Author

Hi Allspy – apologies for the late reply.

I would normally reply inline to each item but Photopia is definitely not the theme for your needs. You need to search for a “stock photography” theme I’d imagine, also integrated with something like WooCommerce – I can’t recall the name but I’ve seen a good one.

I’ll comment again if it comes to mind to search along those lines, good luck!


Hi, Just purchased this theme, Is sample data available? I would like to import it so I can get a better feel of the theme. Please let me know!

ThemeCobra Author

Hey! Here is an XML export of our theme demo using WordPress 3.9.1:


Hi, I would like to use this front-end plugin to edit my website. I installed it but not showing active for using this theme. Is it possible to use this theme?

WPBakery Visual Composer

Please let me know

ThemeCobra Author

Hi – unfortunately we haven’t tested on this plugin.

The layout of Photopia is really minimal with focus on the big imagery. There is only 1 layout option – as you see in the demo. So all you really need to do to setup the theme is go through the 2 minute Theme Options and then add your first few posts and it will all come together.

If you need help with setting up the theme or run into an issue, please feel free to assign a username and pw to [email protected] and we’ll help out:)


Question—Can there be simple photo artwork at the top with just next and previous buttons, taking the user from one work to another vs list and solo?

ThemeCobra Author

Hi – if I’m following correctly, this is possible.

Basically each “post” has a featured image, so technically if you add 10 posts (each with it’s own featured image) and then set the archives (Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most) to 1.

This would show 1 image per page and next/previous could navigate between them aka posts.

Drop us a mail on [email protected] if you need any more direct support over email


Wunderfull theme, really good job !!

One question :

How can i change the default size of 1440 for the featured image to lets say 1024 so my picture is shown completly on my 13” macbook air because now my image is like cut off.

Or can i change the parameters of when the image is auto resized to a smaller version

Thx in advance

ThemeCobra Author

Hi Decosa – thank you for the kind words on Photopia, we are definitely proud of it.

Unfortunately the design of this theme is not a “liquid” design and has “breakpoints” we thought worked well. Your images will only naturally resize and never be cropped.

I’m currently on a 13” MacBook Air and images are 1150px wide…

So to answer in other words, there are no options/ways to edit these breakpoints unless you dive deep into the code.

Drop us a line on [email protected] is you have any more questions Decosa:)


I’ve bought this Theme and wanted to install it as .zip in WordPress, but I’m getting an error which says that the CSS Stylesheet is missing! Please help!

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