Download Podcaster - Multimedia WordPress Theme for wordpress

Download Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme for wordpress

If you are searching Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 4 October 19 you can download from our website for free. Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from News, Magazine and Blog category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Podcaster – Multimedia WordPress Theme


Podcaster a multimedia theme for WordPress 5.3 Supports Audio & Video Playlists! Podcaster is a clean, flexible and responsive WordPress Theme. It supports native audio and video players as well as oEmbed. Manage your podcast or screencast with Podcaster. The styling is very versatile. Choose between dark and light templates, choose a highlight color, the type of font or custom headers on the front page, blog page and any other custom page

User comments


Apparently I have 1.8.6 installed, but the player has disappeared from the slider header and suddenly posts are showing vertical instead of horizontal.

Update – re-activating the main theme fixed the post problem, still not seeing player in the header.

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Themestation Author

Thanks for your reply, the front page is currently being looked into and will be fixed.


New update installed, everything looks good. Thanks!

Themestation Author

Happy to hear


WordPress 5.2.2 is asking to upgrade PHP version. I personally have PHP 5.6 and my hosting provider allows me to upgrade to 7.2 or 7.3. Is all right with Podcaster? Which version would you recommend? thanks

Themestation Author

I replied to this in your other comment, hope this is okay.


Thanks very much!


As others, I’ve also just discovered tha one of the latest updates had a huge effect on Front Page and many parts of the website.

Front Page problems: - the player does not fill the full space on the page even if required to do so - List of posts layout: I used the list, even changing the setting from list to grid and back then there no way to fix what now appears as a weird grid (without titles and space in between) ->

Blog Layout: - even choosing the column left / body right there is no way to invert what is fixed to the opposite ->

I’ve installed all the plugin you recommended with the update 1.8.4+ (Podcaster Media, CMB2, and Podcaster Widgets) except for MailChimp, which is not needed for me. I also want to let you notice that many information attached to those plugin are not up-to-date: the link is forbidden; CMB2 is not tested with the last WordPress version. Finally, what do we need to do about others required plugins: Envato Market, Redux Framework, Theme Station Shortcodes?

Can I also ask you why do we need to run so many plugins with a theme? Are there risks of having a less stable WordPress installation and overall website security?

Thanks for clearing all this out.

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Hi there, just a quick add up on this (I’m sorry, but I’m realizing only now that many small features work differently after the updates I listed above).

For example I notice that excerpts work in a different way:

- Front Page > Type of Excerpt > Force Excerpt: before it was actually the very first lines of post text truncated automatically, now it print the post’s “Excerpt” (which is actually better, but I thought it is worth noting:; also because after Gutenberg the tag <!-more-> doesn’t work properly, which means it forces you to split your paragraph in two)

- Front Page Header > Excerpt: even if you set it (with selected style and everything) on theme option backend ( nothing appears on home (

Thanks to add this on your fixing todos! A.

Themestation Author

Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. I’ll look into the Gutenberg issue.

As for the excerpt not appearing: what Header Type are you using? If it is set to Static Post or Slideshow, you will have to set the excerpt within each individual post, in the Featured Post box. Do let me know if that helped.


Yes, it’s Static Post. Also, I just noticed the Featured Post box had a ‘Display Excerpt’ option to be ticked and it now shows something. However, it shows the ‘Excerpt’ and there’s no possibility to choose between first words of the post, excerpt and/or captions. Before the update that was set by default to first words (and in fact the following option seems to go in that direction: «Excerpt Word Count – Enter the amount of words you want to display in your excerpt. Leaving it blank with default to 55 words»). Now it might seem a bit redundant, as one has already the excerpt on the lists of last episodes that follows immediately after the featured post.

Thanks a lot for everything and for the tag ‘more’!


Hi there. Is there a fix for the mobile website on the way? Because on mobile devices my website looks like a mess, right now…


Themestation Author


I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, a fix is on the way. Do you have any way to revert to the previous version? If yes, please do that for now.


Hi I have been having a hard time working the theme out. the front page looks like this: and thou no matter how hard I try to make changes to the site background I had to go to custom code and input it because it wont change. another thing I already have tons of pages in the site and would want to just change and commit to the theme but it wont show the way it supposed to show on the demo’s this is how my content is shown this time. please email me at [email protected]
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Themestation Author

Please send a message from this page:

Include the code and your issues and a support ticket will be opened for you.


sent the email. thanks

Themestation Author

Thanks! Responded


I have an issue that has been around on my site ( for a long time. But since I now want to post video next to audio it has become a real issue.

The thing is as follows: When I switch from an audio to video post the form to enter the video url etc does not update. The form underneath the post still contains audio url information as it does not update. Refreshing the post page does not work.

What could be wrong? I tried on Mac and Windows all types of browsers. The form does not update. I remember from half a year ago that the form did update as I switched from e.g. audio to video or image.

Can it be that several categories are deleted somehow ?

Best and keep up the good work

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Themestation Author

Hello, happy to see you figured the first part out. About the audio/video I have a couple of questions: which plugin are you using for your podcast? Blubrry PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting or Podcaster Media?

Also, are you changing posts that were previously had the the audio post format to be video, or are these new posts you are making? In other words, are you including video with your audio episodes or are these separate posts? Are you inserting video into the body of the post or do you wish to make the video featured player? Lastly, what version of Podcaster are you using and are you using Gutenberg? Thanks.


Hi. I accidentally found out the second part as well: In the classic editor on screen options there is the option to show or not show elements from the cmb2 forms. the video option was disabled. Now that it is enabled I can add video properties

Thanks for the quick reply.

Themestation Author

Happy you figured that out!



Can you help us understand why the mobile version of the website looks so messy:

Thank you!

Themestation Author

Hello, I responded to your support ticket a couple of hours ago. Please check your junk mail, sometimes support replies land in there unfortunately.

As to your question, it looks like the additional typewriter code you added might be breaking the theme. If you add your own code, you have to make sure the code you add is responsive as well, otherwise it might mess up the theme.


Is it possible to have the header as a video?

Themestation Author

Hello, a video can be embedded, as seen in the video demo:

But using a video as a header background is not possible right now. It is something that is planned for the future, though.



I am trying to translate some part of the template. I am trying to use the soundcloud demo and I’ve not been able to translate “Featured Episode” and some other text there.

Another issue is that I would like to know that if I wante to delete all the menus created by the demos can be deleted without messing up the template. I have now all of them on the menu list.

Also, is it possible to increase the size of the logo?

Thank you!

Themestation Author

Hi, you can change the that text within the theme options. Go to Podcaster > Theme Options > Front Page Header > Header Title . Just replace the text there with your own.

As for the menu, you can delete the menu from the demo and create your own. Just make sure to tick the boxes at the bottom of the menu creation page under Menu Settings > Display location. Otherwise the new menu you create won’t appear on the page.

Unfortunately, the size of the logo will always be reduced to 90px in height so it fits into the navigation menu properly. You are of course free to make your own customizations, but there is no way of increasing the size of the logo, I’m afraid.

I hope this helps!


Hello, Is it possible to add extra subscribe buttons to the front page in “Theme Options – Front Page Header – Schedule & Subscribe – Subscribe Buttons”? Because now it’s just only 2 buttons.

Themestation Author

Hello! That space only supports adding two buttons, as seen in the demos. I recommend setting up a seperate subscription page with more buttons that you can link to from the front page instead. I hope that helps!


Hello, i’m trying to imprt the theme demo content for podcaster-golden-demo-data.xml but the site is not looking exactly like the demo site ( Url of the site i’m working on Thanks

Themestation Author


Thanks for getting in touch. After importing the demo data, please make sure you followed all the steps found in the “Getting Started” section of the documentation.

Specifically it looks like you still need to set the static front page and install the plugins (Redux Framework in particular). After installing Redux, you will be able to activate the “Golden” preset within the theme options. That should do it. Let me know if it helps.


Thanks for the response, i however find the documentation not to be straight forward. From my experience with WordPress themes, the standard this days is for all that needs to be imported and configured to have a replica of the demo site requires nothing from the user. Having users do some technical work before they can see the demo site up and running is discouraging.

At the moment i’m still trying to figure out how i’m to display content on the homepage just the way we have it on the demo site. I have updated my site thou.

A step by step approach to your documentation would have been better and will also reduce the number of support requests. Is there a Video tutorial for recreating the demo site on a clients website ?

Themestation Author


Thanks for your constructive feedback. Podcaster is currently undergoing some changes which includes the documentation. So will be changes to that soon.

As for installation videos, there are none as of now, however, if you let me know what exactly about figuring out how to display content on the homepage you’re stuck at, I’d be happy to help. Have you already imported the demo data?


Hello can you add front end submissions feature ? thanks

Themestation Author

Hello, could you elaborate on what you mean exactly? Are you looking to let your users/listeners submit posts/episodes? Do you have a particular plugin in mind? Thanks!

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