Download PrivateContent - Premium Plans add-on

Download PrivateContent – Premium Plans add-on

Download for free PrivateContent – Premium Plans add-on from our website. Lastest version is updated on 11 December 19 and available. PrivateContent – Premium Plans add-on WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $20 to LCweb on Envato, you get it for free.

PrivateContent – Premium Plans add-on [Latest Version]

To download nulled PrivateContent – Premium Plans add-on, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload PrivateContent – Premium Plans add-on ziped files to WordPress website.

About PrivateContent – Premium Plans add-on

Note: this is an add-on. You must have at least PrivateContent v6 and WooCommerce v2.5 to use it.

Turn PrivateContent into a true premium membership platform. The add-on takes advantage of WooCommerce systems to handle payments and set subscription time limits.

Pay and time-limited subscriptions for PrivateContent PrivateContent is known to be a free membership plugin, but what if you want to make money with your website?

Premium Plans add-on satisfies… Read More

User comments


I recently bought this add-on but only just realize that despite it says ‘auto-renewal’ on the product page, it isn’t really auto, it actually requires the user to come back and manually press things to renew the plan.

I see that this someone else had asked about this 2 years ago. and you mentioned that this is due to limitation of woocommerce; and that you were aware that they have an add-on called Woocommerce Subscriptions which enables REAL auto-renewing, without involvement of the user or admin but have yet to integrate it with your plugin.

I’m wondering if you have made any progress with integrating with that add-on, as I may consider to pay for it since it is for reason not included with your plugin. As what I need is for users to sign-up for a plan, then won’t have to worry about coming back to renew over and over again.

If this is still not possible, I see a number of other wordpress plugins already have this enabled, would you know which one is decent or recommendable?

LCweb Author

I don’t see the buyer badge aside of your username, anyway you overlooked the add-on note: Actually add-on automatically asks users to renew their subscriptions, doesn’t setup recurring payments

Actually there is no recurring payment system compatible. I agree it would be an important add-on addition, but priorities made me skip this path for now.

PvtContent is always the item I care the most, but I have to care business to keep selling and actually is better to develop new items. I still want to offer recurring payments, but there are major priorities.

Recently I implemented a Mail Actions add-on integration that could come handy though: user is informed as soon as its subscription expire and you can put a renew link in the e-mail


presale questions:

- If I buy the plugin, do I have any short period (like 24-48h) to test it and check if covers my needs?

- I saw in your website you have a bundle pack with many addons, so I’m not sure what is included in this plugin I’m buying. Integration with Woocommerce is included?


LCweb Author

- buying the plugin you confirm your choice and the refund may be given only for serious technical issues

- please note premium plans is an addon, you will need privatecontent to use it. Yes, this addon requires woocommerce to run.

The bundle includes every addon and is surely a good deal for its price


Hi, I wanted to know if I could use your plugin to implement a newspaper articles sales system. Each user can purchase a single article or sign up for a subscription with different options. Thank you

LCweb Author

se ho ben capito, forse puoi farlo.

Crei più piani di sottoscrizione: (esempio) A e B li fai specifici per sbloccare singole pagine. Mentre il piano C lo fai come sottoscrizione e permette di sbloccare più contenuti.




I currently have the basic plugin and the ‘Mail Actions’ add-on. I will be purchasing the ‘Secure Links’ add-on shortly, and I have a question about the “Premium Plan’ add-on:

I want to offer Stripe payment. After the user completes the registration form, I want them to pay with Stripe, and then be ‘activated upon payment’. Will the ‘Premium Plan’ add-on enable this?


LCweb Author

Hello, sure it is automated!

The addon is based upon woocommerce then you won’t have troubles finding the stripe extension


Hi Luca, do you have plans to develop the recurring payments in a short term? I think if you develop this feature your plugin will be the most valuable in its category.


LCweb Author

recurring payments are on payment gateway side, then isn’t easy to be done. This year unfortunately I’ve got a ton projects delayed, then don’t think to develop this integration.


Ok I understand Luca, thanks for your work.


Hi Luca,

Quick question, a customer wants to sell some guides (pdf documents) Can I use your plugin to sell 5 different plans to have access to this files?


LCweb Author

since you can restrict elements basing on your plans, yes you can.



I would like to access the category page with a button (if the client is log in). There is a way? Shortcut?


LCweb Author

I replied to your ticket


Hi, Is drip content allowed? i.e. we can slowly release content as membership ages

LCweb Author

actually there isn’t a system like this


Pre-Sale Questions:

i need a feature to setting when member expired date and also the notification to member to have option to extend. i am using bbpress. Could this plugin do that?

Thank you in advance. Sorry my english is bad.

LCweb Author

with this add-on (nb: it requires the privateContent plugin) you can set the subscription period length and also manually manage user subscriptions.

The expired plan notification comes owning also Mail Actions add-on


I´ve created tree registration forms, but just through one of then I can complete the checkout. Why?

LCweb Author

Can you linnk me the three forms?

The plan choice is added to any registration form. Be careful to not be using custom forms


Hello dear friend,

Below are the form links.

The first, right below, is the only one I pass through checkout page and reach PagSeguro (Gateway). To test you only needs to put any nome, any email, any phone. For Each of then you must see this page at the end of the process.




I will also put a support request Premium plan with the administration access

LCweb Author

(I’m gonna reply on the support site)


Salve ma esiste una guida in italiano?

LCweb Author

la documentation è esclusivamente in inglese. Però se hai bisogno di una dritta, non c’è problema


Luca the version of this plug is with error. for this reason is that for more than under the latest version always says that there is to update, I found where the error, you have uploaded the latest version but the plug has declared the previous version so it asks for the update… I opened it with the plug editor, I replaced the previous version with the current one and now the poster disappeared… check so you can correct it


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Lucas what you answer me is correct there I registered it but the problem is that does not exist anymore you can verify it that’s why through shipping I have requested you to reset all my plugs so they can be activated in the current and real domain all were reset and already active but I can’t activate this one. I ask you please to reset them so they can be activated in that domain. Thank you

LCweb Author

Try again.. and remember I just done an extra


Yes Thanks lucas new all plug active in my domain globaldima. I wish you a happy new year and success in sales


I search on entire market a WordPress credit system plugin to sell posts (articles). All plugins give you the opportunity to sell subscriptions based on time (day, month, year). It is not profitable to sell all your content for 1 price in year 2020! And to sell each post separately is a mess, customer must to do a lot of payments.

So solution is user to buy credits packages (100 credits equal 100$) and cost of 1 post to be declared by category (category A 1 credit per post, category B 5 credits per post etc). Or set globally price per post. On the market do not exist this kind of plugin!

Please understand that subscriptions are expired in 2020, not profitable to sell all your content for 1 price!

LCweb Author

I understand your need, but the add-on just doesn’t work like this

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