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If you are searching WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 for free download, nulled and updated on 26 June 15 you can download from our website for free. WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 WordPress template.

WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $39 to contempoinc and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 working latest version.

WP Bankable - Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1 nulled

About WP Bankable – Business & Portfolio w-Video 5 in 1

WP Bankable is a highly extensible, feature rich premium WordPress theme, it can be used for just about any application – Business, Portfolios, Personal Blogs, Video Sites and more!

Previews of the different color skins can be seen in the Screenshots.

UPDATED v1.1, 8/19/09

  • Added Dropdowns
  • Added ability to add links to top bar area via the admin
  • Added a Full Width page template

User comments


I will not buy from this seller again! very arrogant and berates questions when asked for his help! Sorry I purchased!


Would that theme supports to podcast a bunch of audio files?

Nice piece of work bro!


So I downloaded Bankable and the CSS drop down menus are having issues in IE7 . They seem to be shifted way to the right and seem appear under the next top level category over (where they don’t belong). Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

contempoinc Author

I’m not seeing the same thing, could you post a screenshot or link to your installation?

contempoinc Author

For anyone that is seeing the “Malicious Site Warning” when viewing the Live Preview, I apologize my site got hacked however I’ve since remedied the situation, removed the code and put in a request for review with Google to remove the Warning.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience.


hello, 1. can the main page where the 4 boxes display pages and not posts? 2. can you have the full with template in main page with the same layout of the 4 boxes?


contempoinc Author

Both are possible with some template modifications


I am having a couple of problems with the theme. The major one is with the “sidebar”. I’m adding a widget to the sidebar, not a problem…but this particular widget (DonatePlus) is extending past the width of the sidebar. I’ve tried this widget with other themes without an issue. Can you tell me how to fix this? Here’s a link so you can see what’s going on

Please help, we need to go live this week.

Also, I’m having the same issue that someone else reported about the logo area, I can’t get my URL to load. I have worked around the problem by replacing your PNG with my PNG , using the same filename as yours…it works, but I wonder if there could be other issues…did I purchuse the old code??




When I load the site, i would like to optimize the way the featured pictures are displayed. For the moment, all the pictures are displayed one above the following until the end of the loading and you can see them all during the loading behind the text below.

How would it be possible to see only the first picture during the download? Do I need to set a vertical-align setting at “top”? Do I need to define a max height for the feature box?

Thanks for your help, Best regards,


contempoinc Author

Add this to style.css after the #featured on line 537

#slides { height: 255px; overflow: hidden; }


Thanks !



Another question link to the search. When I want to include a google search engine in the sidebar, the search field and the serach button don’t fit into the sidebar width. The overlap the right border of the sidebar.

Do you know what could be done with css maybe to solve this issue. Has any other user the same problem?

Thanks a lot, Gatbye


Hi – have bought your theme for my son’s blog. The theme is very nice.

A few things however I would appreciate your help with.

a) I would like to remove the option of having an image with every post (not needed at the moment).

b) Remove the image slider from the home page.

c) Apply the simple 2 column format to the home page – so new blog posts are simply listed beneath eachother rather than in mini columns.

Like this

Hope this makes sense. Thanks


Hi. I am having issues with the customization page. I’ve tried to change the logo out and change the color of the theme but when I hit submit, the page just refreshes and everything stays the same. Could you tell me how to fix this or tell me how to edit the code directly?


contempoinc Author

Is your site up live where I can take a look?


Hello, i purchased this theme but i’ve got a problem. At the top of this theme there are links and the menu there are categories and static sites. Can i take individual menus for the top and the menu?


contempoinc Author

You can exclude pages and categories by editing header.php > lines 83 & 84


The first problem i finished. Thanks for your help. But the second problem i have is:

when i take a picture as the top, then the article pictures set on the top only, on the top with the text and no picture.

- (this is ok) - (no picture) -

do you know what i mean?

contempoinc Author

You can either use the main image field or insert your images into your post.

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