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Flavor – Responsive-HD Magazine-Review AJAX Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Flavor – Responsive-HD Magazine-Review AJAX Theme

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Here’s the full list of Flavor features: Content Carousels & Sliders

  • Trending carousel with AJAX filter controls
  • Sizzlin’ carousel rotates selected articles
  • Featured carousel
    • Slider Revolution jQuery advanced layered slider
    • Completely responsive from 1140px widescreen down to mobile
    • Embed videos directly… Read More

User comments


​It’s been 4 years since I’ve had an issue so congrats on a fantastic theme. Two quick questions.

First, if I try to upgrade PHP to anything higher than 5.6 all of the shortcode creation tools go offline and I get an error message when creating/editing new or existing posts.

Second, and this goes back to our last interaction in 2015. Back then your YouTube shortcode had an issue with processing the https links being used by YouTube. I made it work by removing the s and just using http Now, 4 years later Chrome is no longer allowing viewing of my site without a security certificate. I went through all the steps of converting my site to https but when I did that every single YouTube link that I manually edited for the past 4 years (about 8400 links) are now broken. Apparently you cannot embed a non-secure video link in a secure site.

Example: https://gamechronicles.com/modern-warfare-behind-the-scenes-trailer-becoming-captain-price/

Just a white box where video should be. But if you remove the s http://gamechronicles.com/modern-warfare-behind-the-scenes-trailer-becoming-captain-price/

its just fine. I’m basically torn between manually editing 8400 links or just continuing to run a non-secure website and telling Chrome users “tough luck”.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks again for great theme.

IndustrialThemes Author

What about using a plugin to do a bulk find and replace in your content and replace the http:// with https:// in all of your youtube links?

For the php issues, I have a version of Flavor you can install that is compliant. Just email me at [email protected] and ask for the newest version and I’ll send it to you.


I have been having the same exact issue with the PHP update. I emailed you as well.


hello, i need new license… works still with new php and latest wp version?

IndustrialThemes Author



problem resolved. ignore this comment


hi, I’m interested in the theme, but I see that it hasn’t been updated for many years … is the theme supported? is it compatible with the latest wordpress versions?

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well then if I make the purchase I always download the content and everything works with the current versions of wordpress … right?

IndustrialThemes Author

Correct, and if you have any issues we can help you via our support center.


perfect, I purchased the theme

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