Fluxus - Portfolio Theme for Photographers download for free

Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers Download for free

If you are searching Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers for free download, nulled and updated on 19 January 20 you can download from our website for free. Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers WordPress template.

Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $49 to intheme and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers working latest version.

Fluxus - Portfolio Theme for Photographers nulled

About Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers

Version 1.8 overview

  • Gutenberg blocks are now supported. When editing content in admin area you will see same styling as on the actual website.
  • Code quality improved to match ThemeForest requirements.
  • Slight design adjustments to refresh the look.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed IE Edge, Android Mobile & WordPress 5.3 issues.

Version 1.7 overview

User comments


Can anyone comment on whether this new update has fixed the php problem? Im currently having to run my site on php5.6 but would like to update that if possible.


Bumping the helpful fix from e-lopeshtx. It saved my site.

for all those seeking to resolve the Declaration of Intheme_Menu_Walker::walk($elements, $max_depth) should be compatible with Walker::walk($elements, $max_depth, ...$args)

Here’s how to fix it:

Log into your cpanel or FTP and go to your theme folder. Then locate the lib folder and find the intheme-menu-walker.php file.

Open this file up (it should allow you to view/edit in the window so you dont have to download and reupload the file.)

Then comment out from line 39 to 118. I would NOT recommend deleting it. (by ‘comment out’ I mean, place a /* on line 39 and a */ on line 118).

If you did it correctly, all that code should turn grey.

Save and refresh your site in the browser to see if it updated. You might need to open an incognito window if the site has cached.


Hi, I have some questions for you before I buy: 1) Can I create a homepage with any portfolio variant offered by the template (I’m interested in a homepage with vertical portfolio)? 2) After clicking on a photo in the homepage portfolio and opening the next page, I have a limit of photos to put in that second page? If yes, how many? Can I put 15-35 photos (example)? 3) Is this template compatible with WordPress 5.3.2 (latest version)? 4) Is this template prepared to create a multilingual version of the site? Thanks


I will not buy this theme, I just seen your last reply here was 7 months ago.


Ok InTheme, I have renewed the support: Now can I have assistance about my problem? Adding a cookie policy link using html under Footer Copyright is not working for me. I’m using latest version of WP and Fluxus Theme.



just joking, but for all the desperate customers like me: there is a Facebook group about this theme (with no recent activities). What if we talk there about the problems of this theme? Maybe we can find a solution

intheme Author

Hi Nick,

sorry for lack of response. Indeed I have overlooked this when tightening Fluxus security. Ideally basic tags should be allowed. I’ve added a note to make this change.

Meanwhile here’s a workaround code:

function optionsframework_allow_html_in_some_fields( $input, $option ) { $whitelist = array( 'fluxus_copyright_text' ); if ( in_array( $option[ 'id' ], $whitelist ) ) { return $input; } else { return call_user_func( 'sanitize_text_field', $option[ 'id' ], $option ); } } function optionsframework_custom_sanitization() { // Text areas remove_filter( 'of_sanitize_text', 'sanitize_text_field' ); add_filter( 'of_sanitize_text', 'optionsframework_allow_html_in_some_fields', 10, 2 ); } add_action( 'admin_init', 'optionsframework_custom_sanitization', 100 );

Paste it to your user.php file. This code will allow HTML tags in your footer copyright so you can add basic HTML link to your cookie policy.

PS. Actually now I think there is a better and easier alternative. Simply go to Appearance > Menus. Select your Footer Menu and add a “Custom Link” with a link to your privacy policy.

Regards, Vilius


It worked! I’m very happy to see that you are here! Just noticed also that under PAGES (using full page slider) the “edit details” feature is missing the option to personalize the writings and the buttons of a gallery as you can see in this Dropbox link image https://www.dropbox.com/s/v9h15e7x5vckfjn/Screenshot%202020-01-28%2000.42.46.png?dl=0

How can I fix it?


I updated to 1.8 and it seems to work well with 5.3.x


Glad the theme owner is still around and updating this theme. Anyone know what is different between version 1.7 and 1.8 ?


Hi there,

I just updated to v1.8, and I found an issue in editing pages. The “Slide Options” doesn’t appear in the “Edit Details” section of a single slide. Could you please help? I’m using WordPress 5.3.2, only one plugin is installed which is the Contact Form.

Thank you! Best,



Hi, if I upload more than 43 photos on a project it will show only 1 photos (the last of the list). Why?

intheme Author


could you share a link to a page that does not show those images?

Thank you, Vilius


Hello, Vilius. I love the theme. Great job on it. I had a few annoyances on installing it, but they were solved after upgrading to 1.8. Only one issue remains, and it’s a small one. It seems I’m getting a mixed SSL error. Through developer console, I’ve determined that it’s my custom logo – and only my custom logo, not the default Fluxus logo – isn’t being served up through https://. This generates an SSL error and I have that exclamation point in Firefox. I’ve tried re-installing the image and renaming it, but it was to no avail. Is there somewhere in CSS where I can change this? (My site can be found at https://metaiconic.com)

intheme Author


hm, an interesting case. I could not replicate it on the demo site so it must be some edge case. Could you try the following:

1. On your Admin / General make sure your WordPress Address and Site Address both start with https. If that wasn’t the case you will need to re-upload your logo image. 2. Edit wp-content/themes/fluxus/inc/template-tags.php find place that says “function fluxus_logo” and replace the whole function with this one

Let me know if any of those solutions worked.

Regards, Vilius


I cant upload images.. the thumbnails are ‘broken’ and dont show up on site. Please advise. Thank you

intheme Author


could you share a link to a page with broken images? There may be many things causing it however my wild guess is that your server has little memory and WordPress is unable to resize them to optimal size.

I would suggest uploading a small image (100kb) and seeing if this works.

Here’s a link that explains how to workaround this issue.

Regards, Vilius


Issues I found after updating to v1.8:

- New thumbnails in portfolio post type are huge: https://i.imgur.com/qO2ImkC.png - Videos in portfolio post type are not showing up anymore. The embed code is correct: https://i.imgur.com/kCcgDNg.png. The <video> tag doesn’t show anything either.

I rolled back to 1.7 until the video issue is resolved.


More problems with version 1.8. The Full Page Slider is missing the ability to add or edit Content, Button Setting & Appearance in the Slider Media for Pages. I have tested this with both the Classic and Gutenberg editors. Have also tried a fresh install and the same problems persist.


Hello, The theme is excellent, my site is very beautiful, thank you. I can’t make the css code work. i write the code in the documentation to change the color of social media icons, align the text to the left and change the width of sidebar. I write them in appearance > personalize > css add and nothing happens. On the other hand, I would like to remove the caption under the photos of the homepage (horizontal portfoilio) or reduce the police, is it possible? If not, I’d like to take off the title that appears on the photo when you fly over it with the mouse. Another thing, on smartphone, the caption under the photos of the homepage overlaps the photos, so they are illegible on their second line. Thank you very much for your help. Stéphane JACQUEMIN stephanejacquemin.com


same problem with full page slider, cant edit content, title, etc.

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