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Download for free Gallery Mojo – WordPress Gallery Plugin from our website. Lastest version is updated on 25 September 19 and available. Gallery Mojo – WordPress Gallery Plugin WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $18 to nathanonn on Envato, you get it for free.

Gallery Mojo – WordPress Gallery Plugin [Latest Version]

To download nulled Gallery Mojo – WordPress Gallery Plugin, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Gallery Mojo – WordPress Gallery Plugin ziped files to WordPress website.

About Gallery Mojo – WordPress Gallery Plugin

Gallery Mojo lets you add fancy gallery into any WordPress themes, and showcase your images in the most fancy way!

It’s time to beautify your images with Gallery Mojo.


– Elegant design

– Great looking lightbox

– 20 different styles

– Support up to 6 columns

– Grid & Masonry Layout

– Highly customizable

– Fully responsive & clean design

– Cross browser… Read More

User comments


Hi, the padding solution you offer (Box Margin) does not work for me! I do always have the gap between the Images even after thumbnail regen. I do miss the options shown in the Image Ratio and Advanced. Why are they not Available in the Mojo Builder! Thanx in advance…

nathanonn Author

Mostly probably is css conflict. Please show me your site so that I can diagnose the problem.


Hi Nathan, thanx for the fast response but i was busy… Your Plugin is really cool but the “CSS problem” or *.js happens with WP-Team default Theme «Twenty Seventeen» and the Avada Theme i’m using this time, but works fine with «Twenty Fifteen» and «Twenty Sixteen». Can you test this localy, and eventually see what you can do? Tell me if you need Avada for testing.

nathanonn Author

You’ll need to show me your site – otherwise I can’t figure out which css conflict that is causing the problem. If you don’t want to show your site here, please submit a ticket here: so that I can work with you on this issue privately.


i need paging or load more option to upload many images

nathanonn Author

This plugin does not support pagination or lazy load. I’ll consider this for future development. But as of right now, I can’t promise you anything.


Is it possible to remove the hover effect from the gallery? so i have the full gallery but just not the hover effect. is there any css code i can use to remove it?

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nathanonn Author

You can use the following css: .lgmj-item-style-2:hover img { opacity: 1 !important; }


Thanks! That did the trick. Can you delete the post with the website link? thanks!

nathanonn Author

There is no option for me to delete the post. You might want to contact envato for this.


Hello! Tell me, please, can I customize the left area using your plugin? For example, as in the picture?

nathanonn Author

Probably not.


ok, thank you)



I have problems with the full width, so my question is. Were do i add full width for the shortcode? And were do i add description?

nathanonn Author

Can you show me your site?

As for the description, you’ll need to edit the image’s caption in the “Media library”


Enjoying the plugin but one query in a masonry layout I end up with a jagged bottom (the bottom of the images are not in line) – is this something I’m missing or as per design?

nathanonn Author

Most likely is just css conflict with your theme. Please show me your site – so that I can provide you custom css to fix the problem.


I’ve sent details via your support


Hi, how do I update the plugin on my site? Do I deactivate and delete the current one (1.1.5), and upload the newer version (1.2)? Will my gallery settings be maintained? Thanks!

nathanonn Author

The best way is to update it via FTP. But, you method would work as well.

All your gallery in store in Database. So, it won’t be affected. But, for safety measure, do a backup first before you update.


Hi! Is it possible to make multiple galleries on one page as shown in the example?

nathanonn Author

Yes you can. You’ll need to insert multiple shortcodes into the page. Each shortcode can represent one gallery.


This is a fantastic gallery plugin, so fast and smooth and easy to integrate, and when i had a small issue with my theme css, it was fixed within minutes. Only way to improve this is to add a social sharing element? Thanks again, and a bargain!

nathanonn Author

Thanks. Glad you like it. I’ll consider your suggestion for future improvement.



Is it possible to add a link or button with a link to the images to open an external website?

Thanks Regards

nathanonn Author

Nope. you can’t do that


I am looking for a gallery to show all the different dresses I show. I want the initial gallery to show all the fronts of the dresses, and then when a user clicks on a dress they can see a pop up that shows the front and back of the dress (ie images that don’t appear in the initial gallery) is this possible with your plugin?

nathanonn Author

no – it’s not possible with this plugin


HI How to have like you, the images in a perfect square? For my part it does not work! However : Image Ratio = Square


I would like exactly the same thing here :

nathanonn Author

Can you show me your site?


Hi, I send you an email Thanks


I’m having a strange issue. There is a horizontal gap appearing between the photos in the gallery along with a small grey dot in the upper left corner of each image.

nathanonn Author

Just replied to your ticket


hi. i can have images and videos in the same gallery. these videos are self hosted. its possible? tks.

nathanonn Author

You can’t insert video into the gallery


apparently there is a css conflict with my wordpress theme and the plugin

nathanonn Author

Please add the following css into your website:

figure.lgmj-item-style-17 { margin: 0; }

It should solve the css conflict.

If you not sure where to add custom css, please use this plugin:


Hello. I’d absolutely buy this plugin, but I’m not seeing an filtering options which is a deal breaker. Is this still not an option?

nathanonn Author

There is no filtering options available for this plugin.

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