Free download Grenada - Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

Free download Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

If you are searching Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 19 December 19 you can download from our website for free. Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme WordPress template.

Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $39 to ClaPat and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme working latest version.

About Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme Creative Showcase Portfolio WordPress Theme With Minimal Design. Creative WordPress Theme for Artists, Designers, Photographers and Much More.

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User comments


Is there anyway I can turn the grenada client short code into a hover box with text? Or can I create a new Item Hover box keeping the style of the client ?

ClaPat Author

You can customize the html output of the shortcode (view page source) and then past the modified code instead of the shortcode. Thanks


Incredible Theme ClaPat, but I have a few questions before I buy it.

1. Is possible to do slider navigation arrows?

2. On the inner page of the portfolio is possible to make sticky header while I drag into the bottom of the page.

I refer the previous comments but no one asks these questions. and iam a graphics designer, not much about knowledge in codes. thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the revert. How many times it’s required for banner navigation work. and its any additional charges required?

About the sticky header am saying in portfolio inner page. while we open the portfolio inner page website text is over lapping up on the logo and menu.


Pls find this :

ClaPat Author

Basically you need to modify the showcase templates to add a swiper next and prev buttons divs, style them properly and then register them with the swiper options in javascript initialisation.

to prevent header stickiness some css and js changes are required Thanks


Hi there! How can I change the PREV and NEXT cursor circle with arrow inside it color (shows on hover on carousel for example)

I know CSS but please tell me the selector or file to change color please.

ClaPat Author


#ball.with-icon { border: 2px solid #fff; border-color: #fff!important; } #ball.with-icon i { color: #fff; } in customizer -> additional css


Hello, I just bought a word press version on your website and it’s to complicated to use because I don’t work in word press. Is is possible to have a credit to change it for the html version ? I hope that you will can do it for our futur website !

ClaPat Author

Hello you should ask a refund request to envato for the version you don’t need. Thanks


Thank’s you it’s done ! I have an other question, how can I change the Gold man video with an other video upload , per exemple with Vimeo or youtube ? Regards

ClaPat Author

You can change the video with any direct url to the source video file so a you tube and video will not work. I know Vimeo is providing direct links to video files if you have a certain account type with them.



My client has got your theme. I have problem with add image to home site? How I can add single image in bottom side home site?

ClaPat Author

Hello, we recommend of posting your questions under your client’s account name, there is no way of knowing if the theme has been purchased or not (we don’t want to make the purchase codes public). To answer your questions:

1. you can add slides to the home slider by adding portfolio items and setting their hero images can insert images in the portfolio page content (anywhere really) and the hero section will have its own image. Not sure what you mean by ‘bottom side home site’



hi guys! I saw on the wordpress template other pages as ” 404 ” or ” blog ” .. why in the html version we don’t have the same ? And I’ve a problem with my website, I put video background in the home but but people who use windows or android can not play the video.

Regards !

ClaPat Author

Hello! The wordpress version has these files because they are part of standard features set a theme offers. The HTML version does not.

It is not recommended, as a general practice, having videos autoplaying on mobile (and taking in consideration different data mobile plans and different networks streaming speeds). You should provide a poster image (hero image) for mobile in video portfolio options.

However, to enable video on mobile try the following:

1. add @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px){ .hero-video-wrapper { display: block; visibility: visible; } } in customizer -> additional CSS 2. open/js.scripts.js and remove the following lines: var viewportWidth = $(window).width(); if (viewportWidth < 1024) { $('.hero-video-wrapper').remove(); } hard refresh the page (Ctrl+F5) when you are done.


Hello, theme doesn’t work on internet explorer, how can I fix it? Thank you

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ClaPat Author

We don’t support IE11 only Edge, as advertised. IE11 has some deprecated standards and not really in line with the new technologies. What iPhone are you using?


it’s still a pity, even if there are few users, that it isn’t functional on Explorer. I tested with Iphone 8, 9 and 10.

ClaPat Author

Sorry, but we re-tested on iphone and the scrolling works okay.


Hi mate how much +- cost me if you meke change or add blog option ( original + new one ) to this theme ? like this ( ) and maybe some few tweaks ? please let me know at [email protected] – or if is possible add or tweak ths theme by you ( of course not for free )

ClaPat Author

Hi there, easiest is to provide external links to the blog theme and therefore combining them both. We do custom work only if time allows it – but at this time and through January I don’t think we are able to. Thanks


Hello! First of all congratulate you on your templates, they are fantastic. However, I have a very big problem with the template, when activating the loading of pages through ajax, the CSS styles are not loading me. You can see how with ajax I get the error in and how it works correctly without ajax loading activated at

The main reason why I chose to buy your thema is for that load of pages, please I need a solution …

On the other hand, the page I show you is for a climbing world champion. He is an important client and has proposed some suggestion to me, I would like to comment them through a more private channel. Would it be possible?


ClaPat Author

We will communicate via, cheers


already did

ClaPat Author

Already replied


Is it possible to change the contact page background to yellow? Just that page’s background, nothing else

ClaPat Author

Yes, yes, with custom CSS. if you are running the site with AJAX page transitions, you also add the contact page as custom menu link. Thanks


What is the custom css for the same?

ClaPat Author

That depends on the page – each page will have an unique class id in the element which we can include in the CSS selector. Thanks


hi there… 2 questions before buy… is it possible to create own layouts with visual composer (wp bakery) inside of the 7 portfolios? an can the sound on off be insertet like in your theme satelite?

thanx alot best claudio

ClaPat Author

Hello Claudio, You can build the portfolio pages content with WPBakery however when you are using it with AJAX page transitions is best to install a child theme we provide in the main archive for this purpose. We do not have in Grenada a specific option for background music however you can use a plugin for that. Thanks


Hey, looking great! Two small pre-sale questions, I went through the documentation but couldn’t find info on these:

1) Will I be able to use videos in single portfolio pages? Embeded Vimeo/You Tube or url from wordpress media?

2) Does the logo support SVG (I know Wordpress doesn’t like svg’s but I noticed some themes allow SVGs and others won’t display them)


ClaPat Author

Hello! and thank you for your appreciation!

1. you can embed any videos in the portfolio page content. However, keep in mind that the video slides and hero video sections are self-hosted videos, not youtube or vimeo. Vimeo has a special type of account that allows you direct access to the source video files URLs.

2. no, however if you make the logo 120px height it’s going to be retina ready. Best


Great, thanks for the info.

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