Free download Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme

Free download Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme

If you are searching Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 5 April 19 you can download from our website for free. Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from News, Magazine and Blog category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme WordPress template.

Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $49 to MauerThemes and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme working latest version.

About Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme

Compatible with Gutenberg and WordPress 5. Narrator is a minimalistic WordPress blog theme built for smooth storytelling. This theme offers clean uncluttered aesthetics to the reader and easy-to-use bloat-free experience to the author. Narrator’s precise typography and simple layouts make it an excellent match for any creative media. Be it a lifestyle blog, a travel journal (travelogue), an architecture blog, an art blog, a curator’s blog, a fashion magazine, a music band blog, a

User comments


Hello! A really great theme! Wanted to ask if the color of the footer could be changed? Is the theme Gutenberg ready or will there be an update for this? I’m happy about an answer. Many Thanks. Greetings

MauerThemes Author


The color of the footer can be changed with a single line of CSS which I’ll be happy to provide if you buy the theme and post on the support forum.

As for Gutenberg, this theme will be updated to accommodate its features. However, it actually works with it right now — just use the “Classic” Gutenberg block.

Kind regards, Paul


such a good looking theme but reading all comments where author says no plans of adding, that can’t be done, no plans of adding is just a pain… I can only imagine that support tickets will be like talking to salesman from China – pay for all help… Sorry for harsh opinion, but I can’t invest money in dead theme without solid plans for future.

MauerThemes Author

Hello Tom,

I’m providing support and small customisations totally free of charge, even though I’m not required to do the latter by ThemeForest rules.

Please don’t mix feature requests and support. These are two totally different things. Yes, I do provide support for existing features (which can be seen by anyone in the comments here and on the support forum). And no, I do not add features on request.

I sincerely hope you find a theme that clicks with you much better.

Great to know that you like the looks of Narrator though.

Kind regards, Paul

P.S. By the way, I’m not Chinese.



Hi, Paul and Yana. Thank you for your Theme, it is really awesome.

For mobile devices we have bug described here: The menu button moves to a new line on several mobile devices.

Your theme is described as “mobile-friendly, fully responsive”, so I suppose it’s bug. Could you please fix it?

Thank you, Ilya

MauerThemes Author

Hi Inga,

Let me look into this and get back later to you today.

Regards, Paul

MauerThemes Author

Hi Inga,

I’ve just released an update to the theme that improves the looks of long text logos on mobile devices. Please see details here:

Kind regards, Paul


Hello! are you going to upgrade to bootstrap 4?


The plugin Advanced Custom Fields PRO is not updating. I thought I needed to upgrade to PRO and paid the $25, and that developer is saying it’s bundled with your theme and your theme isn’t allowing updates/upgrades? Please advise. The theme looks like ass with the plugin turned off. Here’s the email from the plugin developer:

“Thanks for the email.

It is likely that one of your installed plugins / theme came bundled with another copy of ACF that has updates disabled. I would suggest that you investigate whether the issue can be reproduced when you deactivate all other installed plugins and switch to one of the stock WP themes.

Let me know how this goes.

Thanks, Kenny [email protected]
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MauerThemes Author

I’ve just emailed you the link. Please deactivate and delete any version of ACF Pro or ACF that you currently have and install the one I’ve linked to in the email. The latest version of Narrator comes with not the latest version of the ACF Pro, as some time has passed since the release, and ACF Pro author has released a newer version of his plugin during this time.


I didn’t get that email. What email address did you use to send it? Maybe it went to my spam?


I found the email. Thanks.


If I want to use my own font using font-face, do you anticipate any issues? is it going to be a pain with your theme to override your existing font choices? The font is a commercial font that I bought the right to.

MauerThemes Author


As long as you know CSS and have experience with child themes, there will be no problem. You can introduce the changes via a child theme, and they will stay intact during theme updates.

Thanks for your interest in Narrator.

Kind regards, Paul


Hi, when can we expect the theme to support Gutenberg? Thank you.

MauerThemes Author

Hello, Vobi. The theme supports Gutenberg. It has a custom Gutenberg block — the Narrator gallery. The demo is created with Gutenberg and runs WP 5.03.


perfect, thanks. FYI: You should update the “Gutenberg Optimized” info to true then


Hello there

I’m considering buying this good looking theme. However, I would like to know if its posible to adjust the width of the blog page. I think its a bit too narrow on desktop and I dont like the way it cuts the headline in the blogpost off. Otherwise it looks great.


The “Advanced Custom Fields PRO” needs an update. Please send me a link at [email protected]


Great-looking theme! I’m considering buying it, however I have a couple questions: 1) Is it possible to add Goodreads to the social media icons area? 2) Does it have a Twitter widget to add instead of the Instagram widget provided? 3) Is it possible to add “Previous post / Next post” at the end of single posts?

Thanks in advance!


April 2nd // Just tried asking a few questions via the forum (Storyteller and Narrator), but not sure anyone’s moderating there – although someone has responded to people in the other themes.

Can’t tell which theme to post my questions in – as no-one’s checking. Frustrating!


Hello there! How does this theme operate with native Gutenberg block such as columns, cover images and so on? Is there somewhere a demo with this functionality?



J’ai acheté mon thème il y a quelques mois, tout allait bien jusqu’à ce que mon site ne soit hacké.

J’ai donc été obligé de tout supprimé pour remettre le, site en ligne. Mais je n’arrive pas à réinstaller le thème.

Les conditions d’utilisation ne permettent pas de le réinstaller une deuxième fois ?

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MauerThemes Author

Bonjour Cedric,

Please unpack the zip that you have downloaded on your computer. Here is what it contains: screenshot.

The installable theme is the file called That is the file that you need to upload to WordPress Admin area to install the theme.

And the demo content XML is in the folder called ‘Demo Content’.

Regards, Paul



J’ai installer lee thème mais j’ai une version démo. Ca ressemble à une version freemium.

C’est normal ?

MauerThemes Author

Bonjour Cedric,

Can you please describe what you mean in more detail? The fact is this theme neither has a demo version, nor is distributed using the freemium model. What you have downloaded is a fully functional theme with no features cut.

I can see that you have imported the demo content (e.g. this page comes from the demo content of the theme — link), and you have also mixed the demo content with some third-party content that did not come with the theme (e.g. this page — link).

If you want your website to have the exact same content as the demo, I would suggest it’s better to start with a new installation rather than install the theme instead of another theme that had its own data structure, menu items, etc.

Also, please mind that all images in the demo are courtesy of their authors and are replaced with placeholders when importing the demo content, which is in accordance with ThemeForest rules.

Kind regards, Paul


Hi Paul,

first of all big props and thank you for your themes. The level of typographic detail and thought that went into your work is fantatsic!!!

Before purchasing i have a few small questions. I sent those all in an email, a couple of days ago. But not sure your received it.

Theme Narratror/ Essentialist: Can i change the logo? Is it possible to remove the mauer theme branding from the frontpage? Can i add a number of big single images to the post page instead of (or complimenting a gallery)? Fe.4 big images after each other. Is there a way to add to add the gallery functionality of your theme ‚Stills‘ (half posts to this theme?

Theme Stills: Can i align image captions on the left?

That it. Thanks so much for your help and keep up the good work!


Dear Paul, your template demo under, when displayed on the mobile phone, has the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

However on my website, when displayed on the very same phone(s), the menu is displayed closer to the middle of the screen, which doesn’t look nice.

This doesn’t seem related to the length of the name of the website, because it is the same when I title it ‘kari narrator’ and mirror exactly what you have on your demo site.

Could you please tell what can be the reason of this?

Thank you very much, Best regards,


MauerThemes Author


I’ve looked into it, and this appears to be a bug. I’ll fix it in the next theme update. In the meantime, you can do the following: go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Edit CSS’, paste the following line of code and hit ‘Publish’:

.mauer-narrator-navbar .navbar-toggle {min-width:0;}

Kind regards, Paul


Hi Paul,

I have a question before i buy the theme. I am looking for a theme that gives me the ability to set specific typography/fonts for specific parts of my website. I want the whole website to be font A, and my post’s and post titles (and only those two) set to have typography/fonts. Is this possible with the narrator theme?



I bought the theme with support but nobody is answering my questions. Please check support forum and help me

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