Free download Neori - News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Free download Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme

If you are searching Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 22 October 19 you can download from our website for free. Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from News, Magazine and Blog category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Neori – News and Magazine WordPress Theme

Description Neori is a WordPress news and magazine theme built around the idea of providing a better reader experience through a clean and simple design, but also bringing a good experience to the publisher, due to its easy system of content creation and limitless customizing options. Features

  • Built around latest design trends
  • Gutenberg support
  • Carefully selected typography
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina ready
  • Built on… Read More

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I recently purchased the Neori theme and I love it – especially the focus on easy reading and beautiful typography and the intuitive customization. I do have a few questions which I can’t seem to find answers to (even though I have read the documentation).

- Below every post, the theme shows a few social media buttons. I hid a few, but I do miss a Instagram button. For example, there is a Google+ icon (but Google+ isn’t active anymore) but I don’t see an Instagram icon. How can I place an Instagram icon next to the other social icons below every post?

- In the YellowPencil editor, I hid the author image and author name. But now there is an empty space before the date and estimated reading time. Can I move the date a bit so there is no big empty space? It looks a bit weird.

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1. I hadn’t thought of that, that’s a good idea! Even though, maybe it’s something to take into consideration for future updates or changes (as Instagram is growing and Google+ doesn’t exist anymore, so this icon is useless now).

2. I can’t upload a screenshot directly, but I did upload it to the internet so you can view it here:

3. You can find my website here: (I just started it so it’s not perfect yet, but I did switch off maintenance mode so you should be a able to see it).

4. Oh! Thank you so much! I found it.

5. Thank you, but if I may ask, why wouldn’t you recommend it? What are the risks or disadvantages of disabling the dark filter?

litMotion Author


2. Looks like you selected the wrong div with YellowPencil. Please make sure you select the correct one when hiding things. However, you can also use this CSS code (same procedure as before) to get rid of this instantly:

.slice.type2 .card .card-meta .author { display: none !important; } .slice.type2 .card .card-meta img { display: none !important; }

3. It looks like you tried to modify something here with YellowPencil too, and the text got pushed away. The estimated reading time is there, in the page DOM, but because of the modifications it is not showing up

4. The dark filter is there because on bright images, the title may not be so readable.



2. Thank you, this worked!

3. The only thing I hid is the author picture, author name and some social media icons. I posted a new post called ‘Test’ and I didn’t modify a thing so you can see what it looks like:

Where in Yellow Pencil can I display the date and estimated reading time?

4. Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining!


Hello, I buy your Neori theme for wordpress and I’d like to know some things: - how can hide the author name and the comments also in the meta? - how can insert slide at the homepage? - have you some tips?


litMotion Author


All your question have their answers in the theme documentation, which you can find here:

Please take a look and if you still have doubts, please let me know.



Hello, I bought your product two days ago but I try to use and it’s not so good for my website. No much customization and some problem with the image inside the articles (I haven’t that problems with other template) and some problem also with YellowPencil plugin. I want to know if I have a refund, thanks

litMotion Author


If you can give me more details or a link to your website, I can help you with your problems. Regarding the customization matter, you can customize every possible element in the theme actually..

You can ask for a refund here or here



Hello, great theme!

One little thing: when adding a slice with a title into a page, the title of the slice links to …/category/[slug], but when I set up my permalinks in WP, I changed my category base to ‘topic’ instead of ‘category’, so clicking on the title goes to ‘nothing found’.

I ended up copying and pasting the php files for slice types in my child theme folder and editing the href manually. It works fine now but that might be something to take into account.

Thank you for the beautiful theme!

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