Free download Shoppinggo - WordPress eCommerce Theme

Free download Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme

If you are searching Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 6 December 13 you can download from our website for free. Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Ecommerce category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme WordPress template.

Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $64 to Nesia and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme working latest version.

About Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme

Shoppinggo WordPress theme is Flexible and Responsive WordPress E-Commerce themethat makes your store looks nice and good with the powerfull option to change the color, you will have possibilities to create unique e-commerce website that kick-ass! — This theme will fit within wide-range categories, almost any type of your products for your online store, customize color, create new layout scheme on homepage.


What’s New

In this version we are integrated Envato… Read More

User comments


Hi Nesia,

I’m having trouble loading the dummy file, can you help please? Also was wondering how to remove the blog section and search bar to the left of it and add the carousel slider. Thanks.

Here is a link to my website



Nesia Author

Hi brigetowers,

To import the dummy file, please install and activate one of (NOT BOTH) the e-commerce plugins first, that is between WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce.

Then make sure you use the right dummy file for the plugin you chose.

For adding sliders and else, please read our documentation first at

If you need further assistance, please post it on our Support Forum

And please be more details with your problems (e.g. including screenshots will be very helpful for us to understand your issue).

Hope it helps.



Hi, When I send email form contact page (contacts fullwidth) the email sent twice. Could you help me with solution?

Nesia Author

Hi artem_kostenko,

What version of Shoppinggo did you use?

We have fixed this problem in the latest Shoppinggo 1.0.3. If you’re still using the previous version, please upgrade it first.

You can get it on your download page here at ThemeForest.

Hope it helps.



Hello, first of all, congrats for the theme. Nice and clean

My question is: my client will not start with the online shopping, he wants just to show the products.

So, can i remove the shopping cart and all the buy options? I want to keep only the products section, description and price, but all the online buying process should be removed from now… is this possible?


Nesia Author

Hi ty,

Thanks for the compliment

At this moment, Shoppinggo’s ecommerce features come from the plugin called WooCommerce.

They’re already in one package including the online buying process as you mentioned above.

To be able to fulfill your request, it’ll take some efforts to customize the theme and we’re really sorry we can’t help you with that.

As for another recommendation, we’d suggest you contact the plugin developer forum, asking if they have any workaround for you (e.g. still using the e-commerce plugin, but with no buying process).

Hope this explains.



Hey. How can I add an slider, recent product,and etc. on my home page?

Nesia Author

Hi skylimite,

Please read our documentation first on

If you need further assistance, please post it on our Support Forum

We’ll be waiting



Can not import dummy files HELP!

Nesia Author

Hi skylimite,

What’s the error messages when you failed to import the dummy files?

If you can give some screenshots it would be very helpful for us to understand your problem.

And remember, if you need further assistance, please post it on our Support Forum

We’ll be waiting.



Hello, y Need Setup Homepage Like in Demo can yopu help me step by step?


Nesia Author

Hi Sebastian,

Please read our documentation first on

If you need further assistance, please post it on our Support Forum

We’ll be waiting



How can I set my site up like in demo?

Nesia Author

Hi skylimite,

Have your read our documentation on ?

Remember, if you need further assistance, please post it on our Support Forum

And please be more details with your issue, like in which part of the documentation that you don’t get it.

Hope it explains.



Ty Solved all my problems. For now.

Nesia Author

You’re welcome.

Glad to hear your problems are solved

Have a nice day then!



Hello, How do I setup the template? Content Where is the file?

Nesia Author

Hi onurkahveci53,

You can find the Theme in the THEME/ folder. And you can find the XML dummy data file in DUMMYDATA/ folder.

For complete guidance how to setup the theme, please read

And if you need further assistance, please post it on our Support Forum

Hope this helps.



Hi Nesia, Your theme looks great, really nice and clean. The quick-view functionality doesn’t seem to be working on the demo, clicking it simply takes you to the products page. I’d like to see it in action before purchasing. Thank You!

Nesia Author

Hi taliwalt,

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

The quick-view functionality works fine on us.

Here’s a screenshot:

You can check it on our demo here:

Or by any chance, have you visited another demo URL?



This is just terrible. I am having nothing but trouble – you have not updated the theme in almost a year. Shame on you and be careful anyone who is thinking of buying this theme – terrible support


Hi Nesia! Just purchased the theme and I would like to translate it to spanish. I have edited the file wp-content/themes/shoppinggo/language/default.po to include spanish string and then ran the command “msgcat default.po | msgfmt -o -” to generate the .mo file. After uploading the .po and .mo files to the server (godaddy) it still shows everything in english. Any idea how to make it work? Thank you!



A very nice theme. I am having a problem where the home page slider suddenly stopped working and now the first page only loads correctly when i remove the slider item. I don’t see any error logs about this anywhere.

In addition i tried to login to Nesia support website but my it says with my purchase code but it gives me this error: The provided purchase code is invalid.

Could you please help me a bit? thanks in advance.


When will you have the next upgrade? I read the support forum and you mentioned that there would be an upgrade which supports WooCommerce 2.1.x. I would like to use the official WooCommerce GA Ecommerce tracking plugin but it only supports 2.1.x and later. Thanks!

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