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Valery CD – Personal Blog Theme for WordPress Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Valery CD – Personal Blog Theme for WordPress

!!!!!! Please note: Do not upgrade your WordPress to version 5.0 before the next theme update is released. This avoids conflicts of the theme with WordPress 5.0. The upcoming theme update is scheduled for next month. !!!!!!

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No header images visible

I’m having a problem with the images in the headers. I’m not seeing any of the images. I’ve checked if I set it right as how it was set in your example pages. I’ve checked if the images where too big, I even set an images with the same size as is set in your example website. I’ve also got 200gig webspace, and only used maybe 200mb, so it can’t be that I’m running out of webspace.

Could you please help me with this issue as I’ve ran out of options to try. Just so you can see what I mean, it’s the

Kind Regards, Cynthia

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Hmmm, very strange that I’m not requested to update the theme in wordpress. However it didn’t fix the problem either. And as far as I can see, the theme is already at version 1.3 When I download it from themeforest, I get the 1.2 update only. I’ve updated both Valery and the Valery child theme as well. Still not resolved though.

CreativeDive Author

Hey Cynthia,

I think the last step to fix it, is to look at your backend. There you can find the “Theme Settings > Gerneral”. Please click on the button “Update” on the right side. After this delete your browser cache, reload the page and the header image should be visible.

Yes you are right. The recent version is the 1.3 but the theme shows 1.2. But you can make sure that you have the version 1.3. This is only an issue with the version number.

If should not solve this issue, please resend me the message with the login data and I will login again.

CreativeDive Author

It’s resolved


Hi. I am looking to add a logo banner as my header. I can not seem to find what the size of this banner should be? Is the only place for me to upload the jpeg under theme settings>colors/design>logo? If this is correct, what size is the correct size for the banner? Thanks! Jennifer

CreativeDive Author

Hey, do you mean the logo in the header or an ad banner? The size of the logo is undefined. You can set a custom size for the logo. Why you asking for a specific size?


I am having a similar problem that CynTheBin is having. Whenever I try to add an image header using the Default Header option, the image doesn’t show up. This is on the landing page of my website. How can I fix this?

CreativeDive Author

Hey, which template do you use for your landing page? Means landing page your front page?

CreativeDive Author

Hey, I have figured out the reason for CynTheBin issue. She have an older theme version. This bug was already fixed in the latest theme version. Please download the recent theme version and this should be solved your issue


Hello, how do I configure the thumbnail to be displayed to the left of the fixed size text of 210×210? Thank you

CreativeDive Author

Hey, do you means the thumbnails of the visual post listing layout? You have to add a custom thumbnail size, to show it in a other resolution. A possible way is, to add this to your child theme functions.php

add_image_size( 'your_thumbnail_name', 210, 210, true );

After this you have to copy the “content-visual.php” file from parent theme to your child them folder. After copying, you can edit this file. Search for all lines like that:

<?php the_post_thumbnail( 'valery_cd_visual_thumb' ); ?>

And change it to this:

<?php the_post_thumbnail( 'your_thumbnail_name' ); ?>

Now need a thumbnail regeneration plugin. You can use this: Install the plugin and regenerate all of your thumbnails.

Now you can display you thumbnails in the favorite resolution. Is this helping you?


Hi, I’m trying to install Valery template on my blog. The installation can’t be completed because the file “style.css.” is not in the zip file. Can you please help me? I need an urgent answer.

CreativeDive Author

Hey, please first unzip the package. After this you can upload the theme folder. Read more about it:


Thank you for your answer. I have another question. How can I Change the color of the search Button and the color of the cookie accept Button? Thank you so much.

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CreativeDive Author

Ok, please send me an email to [email protected] With getting access to your wordpress installation, I can looking for the issue. I will login to your wordpress at the next days and respond you if I have found a solution.


I fixed the color of the cookie bar buttons, but the css for the search Button doesn’t work. Also I have another question. How can I set the slide in the homepage as the live demo shows?

CreativeDive Author

Ok, that’s fine. Which search button do you means exactly? The search button on the right side of the main menu or the search button inside the sidewide overlay?

You can add a slideshow / carousel by adding a header. For example you can add this for a post or page. Find the tab “header” and select “default header” or “post header” as type. Now you can setup your static content slideshow or your post carousel.


Hello Team,

I’m the founder at All India Bloggers, I was writing my new blog titled “Top 10 wordpress themes for bloggers 2017” while surfing i saw your theme on theme forest and liked it, so i decided to contact you.

I’ll be putting your direct theme shop link and live preview for my visitors Will you be interested ?

I would be glad to know the answer even it’s No.

Looking for positive response

Best Regards Santosh Nagpal

CreativeDive Author

Hey, thanks for your request. Yes feel free to link to my theme. That’s awesome



I really enjoy this theme, thanks so much! I have just one problem with configuring the sticky menu on the right with the social networks. I can’t find where to configure it. I’m not talking about the widget on the right side bar. Can you help me on this? thanks so much, Catherine

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CreativeDive Author

Ok, no Problem. I think the best way to help you is to get access to your WordPress. Please add an admin Account for me and send it to [email protected] After this I will log in and try to solve the issue.

CreativeDive Author

Thank you, now I know what you mean. I misunderstood, I thought you mean the icons at the topbar on the right side. But you mean the social sidebar on the right side. Currently I’m working on a new theme update for valery. This sidebar is a part of the new features. The new theme version comes with a lot of new widgets and features, which makes the theme more flexible. So I hope you can wait one or two weeks for the next update. If the new update is released you get a email notification. Please contact me again if you have any trouble with the theme


thank you so much for your help

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