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Download for free WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions Addon from our website. Lastest version is updated on 30 December 19 and available. WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions Addon WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $35 to ryanplugins on Envato, you get it for free.

WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions Addon [Latest Version]

To download nulled WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions Addon, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions Addon ziped files to WordPress website.

About WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions Addon

This addon plugin allows you to accept Subscriptions and Recurring payments, Installment payments in WooCommerce via CyberSource


  • Supports recurring, subscription, and installment payments
  • Process CyberSource Subscriptions – Use with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to create and manage products with recurring payments.
  • Stores payment data in PCI DSS compliant datacentres
  • Requirements You will need the following. … Read More

    User comments


    Great Work, Congratulations GLWS

    ryanplugins Author

    thanks bro


    Great work! I wish you big sales!

    ryanplugins Author

    thanks bro


    Nice Work,

    Congratulations! Good Luck with sales

    ryanplugins Author

    thanks bro


    awesome works. good luck with sales bro

    ryanplugins Author

    thanks bro


    hello.. GLWS.. Also visit my products

    ryanplugins Author

    thanks bro!


    Hi we purchased the plugin and paid through paypal but it did not end up in our downloads folder on envato. I have the receipt number from paypal if you need it. Please let me know if you need any additional information?

    ryanplugins Author

    please contact the Envato support if you have a question regarding your payment and purchased, please tell them what happens when you purchased this plugin.

    Thanks Ryan


    Hi, Presale questions. Will this plugin together with WooCommerce Subscriptions support the following features:

    - Subscription suspension

    - Subscription cancellation

    - Subscription reactivation

    - Multiple subscriptions

    - Modifications: recurring total and payment date

    - Payment method changes: by customer or administrator

    Looking forward to hearing from you and trying out the plugin!



    Hi Ryan,

    I have installed Subscription Addon, but at the the checkout I get the following:

    Sorry, it seems there are no available payment methods which support subscriptions. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.

    I also get the the following message on the dashboard:

    CyberSource – WooCommerce Subscriptions Addon is inactive. The WooCommerce plugin must be active for CyberSource – WooCommerce Subscriptions Addon to work.

    Though the WooCommerce plugin is active.

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    ryanplugins Author

    Hi Kostya,

    you mean this is not showing in your checkout page

    Btw. do you have multi currency plugin that installed in your website?

    Thanks Ryan


    No, what I get at the checkout is the following I don’t have a multi currency installed.

    ryanplugins Author

    ok, so did you installed this also ?

    please send me a message here and I will help you fix the configuration.

    Thanks Ryan


    I keep getting this error, can you advise what it might be?

    You are not authorized to view this page. The transaction has not been processed.

    If the problem persists please report your problem and quote the following Error Reference Number:


    ryanplugins Author

    Mostly of that error are Signed Field Names.

    your signed field names should be.

    access_key, profile_id, transaction_uuid, signed_field_names, unsigned_field_names, signed_date_time, locale, transaction_type, reference_number, amount, currency, bill_to_address_city, bill_to_address_country, bill_to_address_line1, bill_to_address_postal_code, bill_to_address_state, bill_to_company_name, bill_to_email, bill_to_forename, bill_to_phone, bill_to_surname, customer_ip_address, tax_amount, merchant_id, device_fingerprint_id,

    please dont blank also your Merchant ID into your woocommerce cybersource settings this is required for device fingerprint id.

    Thanks Ryan



    I’ve set up everything as mentioned, but when configuring the cybersource payment gateway plugin, in the API section, it didn’t display the recurring payments option.

    Could you please advise? Thanks

    ryanplugins Author

    please make sure you have this installed too


    Dear Ryan,

    We have subscriptions created successfully and the first order payment is successful. But the payment for second subscription order doesn’t go through. The order in WooCommerce displays pending payment. In CyberSource shows the following:

    First – Subscription Retrieval(success)

    Second – Payer Authentication Enrollment(failure),Credit Card Authorization(warning),Credit Card Settlement(warning)

    ryanplugins Author

    please pm here because I will request temporary wp admin login and check your settings.



    Ryan is a great provider. He has helped me a lot with the setting up of my subscription payments for my gym. Something I could never have done without his help! Thank you.

    Really happy with this product and service.


    Hi, i have to buy WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions and WooCommerce Cybersource or just

    WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions ?

    ryanplugins Author

    yes both


    Hello. Our website is at When the customer sets subscription renewal, payment is done twice for the first time. That is the subscription renewal is happening at the same day as the day when the product is bought. Instead the subscription renewal should happen at week later. The delay subscription renewal by 1 week is being reflected in website frontend but payment does not get delayed. Could you help me in debugging this problem? I already messaged you earlier regarding the same

    ryanplugins Author

    yes, but I’ve already replied into your email.


    Hello we are looking both plugins cybersource payment and cybersource subscription we have some questions

    1. Our cybersource profile only make in SOP not WM does both plugins will work with only secure acceptance checkout API SOP? 2. For subcription plugin do we need PCI DSS compliance certificate? I can we card store save option available you plugin but we have a question what if site hack? Our customers card data will leakout? 3. What is setting for cybersource dashboard for subscription? 4. Do you have Device finger print option on this addon when customer make transaction this field should be receive on cybersource this is mondatory from our bank. 5. Do we also receive IPN url customer payment notification url? 6. Does you plugin also support cybersource reason codes for example If transaction response / decision received as “Reject” (with Reason Code 481) please display massage like below.

    o Dear Customer, Your card transaction has been received and under review, our representative will contact you shortly for further process. Thank you

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    Do you also have cybersource recurring plugin?

    ryanplugins Author

    yes, you need that 3 plugins., I don’t test it yet in any woocommerce multi-vendor program. I don’t have a recurring plugin.


    does this support single profile 3D cards and non 3D what does mean payer authentication ? can you share with me screenshot please


    Hi, your plugin uses subscriptions on-demand? or recuring subscriptions?

    ryanplugins Author

    the subscriptions is base into the woocommerce subscription plugin.


    What I mean is the method that is used. Cybersource basically has two types of subscriptions in the SOAP


    In this the token or subscription number is saved and every x time a debit is made

    and automatic recurring

    in this one an amount and a date are set in which the charges and cybersource are made through the webhook or download of reports the status of the subscription is updated in woocomerce

    What I want to know is which of these methods is used?

    ryanplugins Author

    SOAP is not yet supported by the subscription, im using secure acceptance web/mobile and Silent POST Order. this is token subscription.


    Hi Ryan, I have purchased the WooCommerce CyberSource Payment Gateway and WooCommerce Cybersource Subscriptions Addon with the 12 month support.

    I have been notified by ANZ/Cybersource that my recurring payments are not being correctly processed and miss the middle step of Subscription Creation between Credit Card Authorisation and Credit Card Settlement.

    When I go to my Active Subscription in Woocommerce the active subscriptions are listed with a Next Payment Date.

    Can you please let mw know how to get the correct settings for Cybersource – Subscription Creation.


    Luc Baissac [email protected] +61 416 875 335

    ryanplugins Author

    please pm me here

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