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Download for free WPD Advertisement add-on from our website. Lastest version is updated on 28 June 15 and available. WPD Advertisement add-on WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $10 to uWebic on Envato, you get it for free.

WPD Advertisement add-on [Latest Version]

To download nulled WPD Advertisement add-on, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload WPD Advertisement add-on ziped files to WordPress website.

About WPD Advertisement add-on

This plugin allows your to run an advertisement service on your wordpress machine which will allow people to advertise on your website.


  • Users can add advertisements in the frontend
  • Users can extend the advertisements
  • Admins can manage advertisements options in the backend
  • Admins can manage extend options in the backend
  • Impression tracking
  • Two kind of widgets provided to show the

User comments


Nice to finally see someone creating an add-on for another plugin We have been alone in this category for a while! Good luck with sales

I would recommend you to maybe make an even bigger “disclaimer” that it is an add-on. Even though we clearly write it, we still have some customers that don’t see it and wonder why the plugin doesn’t work!

I wanted to look at the demo, but it doesn’t seam to work right now.

uWebic Author

thank you for the tip. We’ll do so. But when the main plugin isn’t active a single menu item will be shown with a message.

And about the demo we wanted to do this asap but we had a problem with connecting through ftp, but we had no idea the add-on would be approved in only a few hours. last time it did take a couple of days. But we’ll fix this asap


mhhh make a addon to hide adds (normal javascript code) for users that pay via deposit a few bucks. they pay for add free website… the ads dont appear

uWebic Author

Do you mean like deviantart? there are advertisement and they are hidden if you purchase a premium account.

If yes we will implement this in the subscription add-on we just started with.


yes i mean a paid premium account for a ad free website… i search a plugin for this many times… but no ones out there or it brings to many unused function with.

okay i wait for the subscription add-on


The subscription add-on sounds good if it will allow you to easily change things like ads for members.

I agree with RightHere, I’ve noticed that people are always asking them why the addons don’t work, even though it was clearly stated that it needs the original plugin. You’ll want to make sure people understand before buying the plugin, and keep in mind that many people do seem to be blind so bold and large font would be a good idea


As WP3 mentioned it unfortunately happens sometimes that people don’t see the “warnings”.

Initially when we launched add-ons for our plugins I was told to clearly add a sign similar to what they do on Themeforest

That is why we made the big yellow sign under. It would be nice if we can get some kind of standard

uWebic Author

Thank you for the tip I’m planning to add (when I get back from work) a notification at the top of the item description like you did but also in the main image right corner.


Anxious to see the demo of this..your description doesn’t exactly tell us what this does

uWebic Author

The demo is up since yesterday, see the live preview link under the main image.

And this add-on does what it says. People who come on your website can advertise on your site providing a link and an image. They can choose an advertisement plan which you can setup in the administration panel.

The only thing left to do is display the advertisements using the widgets we provided. That’s the main idea of this add-on


I know this might upset some people, but could you integrate it with Flash file upload function..?

That would be the best complement of this plugin. And I will be the 1st guy to get hold of it.

Many thanks,

uWebic Author

We will probably add a new setting page where people can specify which file extension they want to allow and what the max file size is for each file extension. Would this


That’s perfect! Hope your ad widgets will support to display Flash file as well.

Really looking forward to the update..!

uWebic Author

We will of course modify the widget because flash files requires another html tag.


In your demo account it shows that there is a balance of zero dollars, so I can’t add an advertisement, but there is no link to add money to the account?

uWebic Author

The link used to be in the main navigation but we changed that but forgot to link to it from the advertisement add-on. You still can click on the home link in the main navigation and in the sidebar of the homepage you will see the demo for each add-on and main WPdeposit plugin.


I would be interested in seeing how they work together. Right now it doesn’t seem clear or easy to add money to your account.

Do you have a tutorial or video showing how this works?

uWebic Author

Sure no problem, we will create a screencast video from registration to depositing money, to adding the advertise options to finally add the advertisement.


Your demo it is giving errors when trying to create an advertising.

uWebic Author

Hello, thanks for your comment. We fixed the problem and the demo is working again.


Hi, does this advertising system allow clients to login to view their own individual banner stats? Thanks.

uWebic Author

yes, as you can see from this screenshot ->


I like the idea of this plugin, however a lots of website”s owner (including me) don’t want to see any type of advertisement on their Website without approbation. Is there a way that the advertisement must be approved by the admin before the transaction is done?

uWebic Author

Yes, new advertisement have the status ‘not published’ by default and need to be set to active by the admin.


ok nice, thanks!


can you make a single version only to hide code for paying users? when a user pay a 30 day abonnement with deposit… all the insert code are hide for this user (ads, infos etc.). but when he not paid he see all the ads and infos. nothing more…. no big ad options..

uWebic Author

An option is available in the advertising widget to hide advertisements for subscribers. (requires the subscription add-on to activate this option)


If I have a custom ad “zone” (an empty “div”) where I want clients to be able to post their advertisements to. Will this plugin allow me to direct their ads to this “div” or am I limited to only the areas I can place a widget (ie sidebar/footer)?

uWebic Author

Currently you can only place widgets in specific widget areas. Do you require a custom function that you can place anywhere you want in your theme files? we will implement this asap.

uWebic Author

The plugin/add-on was updated. Read more


Hello uWebic,

Great plugin, thank you … one observation though, presently if you deactivate/delete the addon it does not remove its presence from the db and upon re-installation all the legacy infomation is retained.

Keep up the great work

uWebic Author

Dear. Thank you very much. You are correct, we were unsure when to remove records and tables from the DB. But most likely this should be done when deleting the plugin and not the deactivation. We will add this to our todo list


I noticed some issues with your plugin:

. When clicking on an advertisement: the clicks counter is incremented to +2 instead of +1
. I can not add Extend Options in admin panel (no data registered into the wpd_extend_options table)
. When deactivating/deleting the plugin, the datas are not removed from the database

Info: Using WordPress 3.6, wpdeposit 1.8.2. and wpdp advertisement 1.3

Thanks for your help…

uWebic Author

- Counter: I need to check this - Extend options: fixed in 1.4 (online on CC) - Not removal of tables: This is actually on purpose, so the user will not lose his data… We are going to document which tables you can delete.


Is this plugin still being updated?

uWebic Author

If users suggest new features or find bugs we update the plugin


Can we use third party ad codes? like adsense?

uWebic Author

Currently only images are supported

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