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Download for free Gocha Better Excerpt from our website. Lastest version is updated on 14 October 16 and available. Gocha Better Excerpt WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $12 to gochadesign on Envato, you get it for free.

Gocha Better Excerpt [Latest Version]

To download nulled Gocha Better Excerpt, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Gocha Better Excerpt ziped files to WordPress website.

Gocha Better Excerpt nulled

About Gocha Better Excerpt

The Gocha Better Excerpt plugin is all about better control over the excerpts displayed on your website.


  • choose range unit charts or words
  • set your own strings or chars used to define the end of a sentence
  • set your own excerpt ending
  • tags to leave – these are tags that should not be removed
  • includes .pot language file
  • on-line manual

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User comments


hi admin, this works with index.php, i use the latest post blog style on my page, not a page as startpage and i want only 20 words from post description in index.php

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hi, plugin not working with newsmag theme.

gochadesign Author

hi… please go to support forum https://gochadesign.ticksy.com. Add new ticket and one of consultants will help you.


ok, ticket sent


Does this plugin also create excerpts for pages?

thomas_gochadesign Author Team

Hi webbabe,

This plugin is dedicated to create excerpts for the posts only.


Any chance of getting a ‘pages’ version? Would be great to have that and a bit of a missing link I believe.

thomas_gochadesign Author Team

Hi again,

Currently we have no plans for it, especially due fact that pages have no native support for excerpts.


Hello, I have tried submitting a ticket via your support page, however it is not working for me. I’ve tried two different browsers, Safari and Firefox.

The problem is that my excerpt ending set on your plugin is only showing on content excerpts, not on custom excerpts.

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thomas_gochadesign Author Team

Hi lepetitoeuf,

Most probably it is caused by fact that we display in the excerpt the raw post content – it is not modified by WordPress filters so some automatically added tags like

are not displayed. I think that the only solution if you want to achieve spacing between excerpt and your other content is wrapping the excerpt in your theme into some unique div and add for it in CSS margin-bottom.


It’s spacing within a single excerpt, not other content.

If you go to http://lepetitoeuf.com the first post ‘weight loss secrets’, has an h5 heading which works fine, but there are also p tags and br tags in that excerpt, which are not giving the appropriate line spacing.

thomas_gochadesign Author Team

Hi again,

The only idea which I have about it is replacing in file: inc/class-plugin.php the following fragment (it occurs two times and both should be replaced):

$excerpt . $ending


wpautop($excerpt . $ending)


Question, before purchase: Hi, I need a solution for the folloving situation: 1. Generate automatically the excerpt, based on the posts, when the excerpt field is not filled AND use html tags 2. But use the excerpt field content, if it is filled The reason is that I need different lengths in case of the excerpts, so I cannot gererate these totally automatically. Can the plugin solve this situation? Thank you very much!


I would like to buy this plugin but I want to make sure there is still support for it as the support link in a previous comment does not work. If you are still supporting this, please reply.

gochadesign Author

Hi – support forum is here: https://gochadesign.ticksy.com And we supporting this plugin

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