GoodGame - Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine download

GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine download

If you are searching GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine for free download, nulled and updated on 25 July 19 you can download from our website for free. GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine is one of most popular wordpress templates from Entertainment category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine WordPress template.

GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to Planetshine and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine working latest version.

About GoodGame – Twitch Integrated WordPress Gaming News Magazine

GoodGame is a purpose built gaming news magazine blog theme. It features everything that a gaming news and reviews site could need. Easily assign platforms like PC, Playstation, Xbox etc. to your posts to indicate which devices are supported. Easily embed your video reviews or new game trailers from youtube, vimeo and others. Powerful review features will allow your game reviews to stand out from competition. Wish to integrate your account? We’ve got you covered!

User comments


Hi, congrats for a great theme. I have a pre-purchase question:

It is posible to add in the budypress’s activity wall a custom post type (a selector) instead photo, gif or emoji? Something like this: or this:

Planetshine Author

Hey, that’s not one the theme features, but there are probably plugins that can help you with that


Where can I buy the Mega menu?

Planetshine Author

It’s a core feature of the theme that works by allowing to add widgets to menu.


The Twitch Embeddding randomly stopped working. I got a new Client ID and it keeps telling me to update the Plugin or get a Client ID, which both of those things are good and up to date.


It’s even doing it right now on your live preview: “Something went wrong. Make sure “Planetshine GoodGame Theme Extension” plugin is installed. Check your Twitch client ID and streamer’s username.”

Planetshine Author

Thanks for the heads up. We have already launched a fix that resolves this couple of months ago for new users. It seems that Twitch disabled an older version of API also for older accounts. Make sure you get the latest version of theme and all should be good.


hey man I made your purchase, please do regular updates.

When to add light mode to theme ?

What are the new updates?

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Thank you very much, I took care of all the problems.


will the review feature be active? In this picture, I want to use the review feature. When you do it like in the video, will it be active?

Planetshine Author

Not sure I understood your question. The feature will be active if you add the block to post and use the rating select field in the post edit page.


There is a menu issue in the mobile theme. menu name does not appear when you browse content and pages. When you refresh the page, the menu name appears. how do I fix this problem?

Planetshine Author

Can you please create a topic in our support forums and share a link to you site?


Hello! I recently purchased a template, but I can’t put a rating system on the page. I would like a little instruction. I did not find in standard support

Planetshine Author

Hey, please create a topic in our support forums:


we need to solve the menu loading problem on mobile. already do not want to use the mega menu feature. the menu is simple enough to work smoothly.

I use. Litespeed cache and cloudflare. The menu on the desktop is running smoothly, only in the mobile version is faulty. Please settle this problem, I want nothing but you. If this problem is not solved I will have to return the product. Best Regards.

Planetshine Author

hey, I have replied to you in forums


Hi, I already sent a ticket in support forum but 2 days already and no reply. It also happens before. Can you help? Also I already request a refund.

Planetshine Author

Hey, replied to you in forums.


Hi, i would like to have only the html+css template, without integration with wordpress.. is this available within this purchase?

Planetshine Author

Hey, no, unfortunately, such a version of theme does not exist.


what is the load time on a shared hosting

Planetshine Author

Hey, this very much depends on how good the hosting is. Sorry, it’s just impossible to give an accurate response to this question


Hi, pre-purchase question how are the games added does it come from any API or we need to add them manually.

Planetshine Author

Hey, the games created manually. They are basically posts.


hi guys . thank you for this great theme . i want to ask if ican use the theme for more tha one website or i have to buy it every time , i want use it in new website

Planetshine Author

Hey, according to Envato licensing rules if you make a completely separate website you should get another license. Thanks!


ok guys thanks you but i can stop use it for the old website and use it in new one with same licensing

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