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If you are searching Griddler – A slick Ajax loading grid based theme for free download, nulled and updated on 17 December 17 you can download from our website for free. Griddler – A slick Ajax loading grid based theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from News, Magazine and Blog category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

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Below this text you will find link to download nulled Griddler – A slick Ajax loading grid based theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Griddler – A slick Ajax loading grid based theme WordPress template.

Griddler – A slick Ajax loading grid based theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $39 to aonethemes and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Griddler – A slick Ajax loading grid based theme working latest version.

About Griddler – A slick Ajax loading grid based theme

Thanks for checking out Griddler! This theme offers a plethora of options and page layouts as well as blog styles with alternate headers so you can really mold it to your liking. Each post, page and category can have a custom image and layout configuration. Take a look below for more details and what’s included!

Support & Documentation Support for this theme can be found at:

You can also view the online documentation from the link inside your… Read More

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aonethemes Author

Thank you all for the comments! Much appreciated


very good work, best sales and lots of success to you

aonethemes Author

Thanks so much Eric!


Can I place sidebar in Home Page?

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Perfect! Could you email your Skype to [email protected]? Thanks!

aonethemes Author

Sure thing! Sending it over now.


Just shot you a message on Skype.


Ola! I’m keen to install Visual Composer into this theme, as it’s what I’m used to. Do you think there would be any issues with that? Thanks!

aonethemes Author

Hey Jared! I don’t think there would be any issues with that at all. However, if for some reason something does pop up I would be more than happy to fix the kinks

Thanks for the comment!


I noticed that the picture above a blogpost is smaller in height than a picture on the home page. Is it possible to choose/alter the height on the home page picture?

aonethemes Author

Hi Timhaver, as of version 1.1 it’s not possible. However, that option was requested earlier this week and I’m adding it to the theme in version 1.2 this weekend


Hi, A beautiful theme you have. I just purchased it and installed it, though after it was installed, It gives me an error when I try to install the demo content. Can you advise?

I found out the error was on the file “category-loop-none.php”. The directory is “griddler-packed/griddler/func-inc/category-loop-none.php. the particular error said it was online 17

aonethemes Author

Hi Berwa, I just sent you an email with a new xml file to check out. Shoot me an email back when you can! Thanks!


It worked! thank you for your prompt response. Amazing customer service!


how do i get the slider and the browse by Category?

aonethemes Author

Just sent you an email




Has anyone else had any issue with the slider not showing up?

aonethemes Author

Just you


From where can i download and install dummy data? Please help

aonethemes Author

Hi Vishal, you can download the dummy data from the xml file located under the help folder inside your download.

If you don’t find it I can shoot you an email with a new one. Just send me a message with your contact info to [email protected]



Thanks for your reply and for creating wonderful theme and work.

Few More Questions I have: 1. How can i show “Browse By Category” on home page? I already enabled the option from theme option. 2. How to use same home layout with header image and without slider? 3. I can’t see any shortcode options in wordpress (I have installed suggested Aone plugins)

Please help me with above points. Thanks again for great work.

aonethemes Author

Hey Visal, shoot me an email at [email protected] I’ll send you a more detailed reply to help you out


Good theme, good support Thanks for all..

aonethemes Author

You bet Thank you!



- You mentioned in your theme description “custom category images”, does that mean the category and other archives can show a featured image? That’s what I’m looking for but your demo doesn’t seem to show anything like that - Any example of what a gallery inserted into a post looks like? (Not Gallery post type) - Any possibility of viewing the documentation somewhere before purchasing?

Thank you!

aonethemes Author

Hey fuguemedia! The category images refers to the homepage carousel of categories as well as some widgets for the sidebar areas. You can however use the data for other things easily. I don’t mind helping you out with that if need be.

Sure! Shoot me an email [email protected] I can give you the docs and do some demos for you. I don’t mind



Hi, hope going well.

I bought the theme and I followed all the installation steps but several problems appeared, I will list some problems that have arisen:

1. Slider Error: didnt show correctly related

2. Browse By Category at home didnt work properly

3. Import dummy data error appears

4. Import imagem to website loading issues

5. Next post banner didnt show image

please I need so much you help;

aonethemes Author

Hey Bruno! I’m sending you an email now


Hello, I purchased your theme a couple weeks ago and it’s been working great for me. I do have a question in regards to the Category Carousel under the Sliders section under theme options. I’ve the item enabled, yet the Carousel doesn’t show up on the homepage. I’ve ensured that my Categories have images assigned to them. Also, the main homepage slider doesn’t function properly. When I imported the data from the .xml file, the slider worked fine, but as soon as I started to use my own post and images the slider stopped functioning; only a static image appears. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

aonethemes Author

Hi cdueceil!

Sounds like the category plugin was not installed on activation. Not your fault of course but it’s been a popular problem for some reason. If possible, shoot me an email at [email protected] with your url and user/pass so I can check things out I’ll get you back to normal asap.


Can we control the number of columns in masonry style for blog posts based on the resolution? For ex: if the screen width is more than 1900px then have 5 columns and when less than 1300px then have 4 columns.

aonethemes Author

Hey prashanthgiriyappa,

Currently the theme handles that by itself. That is a great option idea however!


Lookin’ great. Is it possible to add some more types to the posts? Like a nice styled video, tweet? And maybe a “list” for example a DIY tutorial with stuff you need etcetera?

aonethemes Author

Hey Pixel! Thanks ☺️

To answer your questions:

Yes to the lists and custom videos Also a yes to the tweets. However, they are the standard widget style from twitter.

Hope that helps out bud!

Good luck!


the link for the preview seems to be dead.

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