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Enfinity – Adaptive Ecommerce Portfolio WP theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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Enfinity - Adaptive Ecommerce Portfolio WP theme nulled

About Enfinity – Adaptive Ecommerce Portfolio WP theme

Theme description

Enfinity is an elegant and flexible WordPress e-commerce theme with an adaptive layout and many features inside. It has got a (really) powerful admin panel, you can try it by enter the preview?

Enfinity supports WooCommerce, Camera slideshow (a free WordPress plugin to display adaptive slideshows with great transition effects… developed by me), BBPress, WP Super Cache and WPMU (WordPress Multi-User or WordPress Network), only to name the most famous

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I’m running 5.5.5 of Enfinity. I’m running 4.4.2 of WP I’m having the same problem all across my site. I have provided you admin access in the past for you the check the backend.

Try this link

Even though the individual prices are set, if you choose an option the individual price does not populate on the page.

Also the Add to Cart button is gone. So customer cannot make a purchase.

I found that for some reason you are using old Woocomerce plugin template files. Why I do not know.

I saved your old files and did a woocomerce template file update. I got the to Add to Cart button to show, but when you clicked on the button it does nothing. Also the individual prices does not show on the product page. I then replaced your old files as shown in the screen grab below.

I’m loosing sales by not having this function work. You replied to my email and pointed me to this feed. As I read my situation is not solved in this feed. I really need this problem fixed as quick as possible.

As a side note, if I change themes to a WP Theme, all the functions work as they should, so it is not a problem with a plugin, the problem is with Enfinity alone

Woocommerce Status – Plugin File Overrides

pixedelic Author

Hello Robert,

I already replied via email about how to update to the latest version so I don’t understand why you decided to write this ticket. However no problem, I’ll repeat all the details: unfortunately automatic updates aren’t available anymore. So please, read here about how to do:

Let me know. Manuel


Hi Manuel, i’d like to update Enfinity via ftp. How do I make sure I don’t loose the layout settings I made inside the Enfinity dashboard? is making a Child theme the only way or is there another way?

pixedelic Author

If you made some changes to the code, I’m sorry, you will lose them with an update so yes, you should have used a child template.

If you talk about the changes you made in the option panel, no worry, you won’t lose them with an update, they are written in the database and the update doesn’t override the database (even if Wordpress staff as well always recommends to make as more backup as possible).



Thank you Manuel, the second option applies here. Exactly what I wanted to know.

pixedelic Author


Hi, I’m running the latest version of your theme 5.5.6, plus the latest version of WooCommerce, 2.5.3, and my variable products won’t add to the cart. I select the option, click ‘add to cart’, and then a message pops up and says ” Please Choose Product Options…”

(standard non-variable products work fine)


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Here’s an example variable product:

pixedelic Author

Please, first of all try to disable the plugin Jquery Updater, since it generates some issues: some functions in the theme works fine with the the jQuery version included in WP, not other ones. Let me know if it fixes the issue.



I had to add the Jquery Updater to resolve a different error message the site was throwing at me earlier on. However I’m not getting that same error as before, so it looks like we’re in the clear and things are working properly. Thanks for the help!!



I have just purchased Enfinity 5.5.6 and installed some pages etc.

Hovering over a product displays the ‘View Details’ and ‘Add to Cart’. When clicking the ‘View Details’ it displays a green happy face and adds it to the cart. I believe that both options do the same thing. i.e. I cannot just view the details



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pixedelic Author

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pixedelic Author

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For the benefit of other ‘newbies’ reading this. This morning the ‘Dashboard’ => ‘Updates’ shows “Your Themes are all up to date”, with ‘Last checked’ ... a few minutes ago. However on the Enfinity Theme itself the ‘ChangeLog’ button gives the information:-

Enfinity 5.5.7 is available.

2016-03-07 Version 5.5.7 *Fix: shipping methods labels etc etc

Being new I never noticed the changelog before this morning. Seems to be the only indication of a new version available.

Must go and have my coffee now, before download and test new version. Regards

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pixedelic Author

Style.css, just change the version number




Thanks – that works. I also see that you have added an “Automatic Theme Updates” functionality. Great stuff …......


Does this theme work fully translated to german?


Hi Manuel Just found out that when I choose ‘Customize’ under ‘Appearance’, the “whirring ball” just never stops whirring (well 10 minutes or more). Obviously something is wrong in that area of the Theme. It seems to be looking for a file called “customize.php”, which doesn’t exist. I’m guessing this somehow got left out in error. ....... I hate to prompt for another update. Regards

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I meant ‘Childless parents ’ (or whatever the opposite of orphans is :grin:)


Oh well I will just have to and bear it!


I meant ‘Childless parents ’ (or whatever the opposite of orphans is )


Hola, tengo un problema con la plantilla del resumen del carro de compra. Tengo configurado varios tipos de envío a escoger por el cliente, y el problema es que no sale el nombre al lado de los botones para seleccionar el envío. Sin embargo si me aparecen al finalizar la compra. ¿Que pasa?

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You have to register on the website, and buy the first article of the web which is having various types associated costs. Can I send you a screenshot ?.

This is the article in question.

pixedelic Author

Hello, please update Enfinity to the latest version. The latest one is 5.6.1, this should fix the issue. Automatic updates are available since v.5.5.7 unfortunately: Enfinity used a tool that provided automatic updates exactly like a free theme of the Wordpress repository. Unfortunately the company who provided that tool quit without a reason, so now you have to download Enfinity again from ThemeForest (for free, of course) and upload it again to your server (via FTP). After updating manually you should see a message in your backend with a link to the page where to enter your license details to receive automatic update again in the future. Sorry for the issue, it didn’t depend on me.



Muchas gracias, se ha solucionado.


Hi Manuel

I have taken over management of a website for a new client who has purchased your Enfinity theme. The WP Customizer will not load. I have disabled all plugins, renamed the plugin folder, uploaded fresh install of WordPress but still no joy.

Is there a way to check why this is happening please? I would like to make some customisations to the footer layout as well as the icons in the top bar, and need to access the customizer to make these (and other) changes.

I look forward to answers.

Thanks Chris

pixedelic Author

Hello Chris, Enfinity doesn’t work with WP customizer, it has its own option panel.

Best, Manuel


Hi Manuel. We’re running Enfinity 5.6.1 with WordPress 4.5.3. In the “Edit Page” and “Edit Post” screens in WordPress, much of the functionality doesn’t work. For example, the “Text” tab, the “Add Media” button, the “Screen Options” button and more. When I switch the site to a different theme, everything works correctly. All the plugins are disabled. Can you think what might be causing this? We were experiencing the same issue with earlier versions of the theme which is why I updated to the latest version. Let me know what you think might be the issue. Thanks!

pixedelic Author


I can’t see the same issues on the demo, so it could be a conflict with a 3rd party plugin. It seems a javascript error however, are you able to check what messages displays your browser console and report them?



Thanks for the reply Manuel! I noticed that you list that PHP 5+ is required, but our GoDaddy webhosting only allowed up to PHP 4. I contacted GoDaddy and they had to create a new hosting account to use PHP 5+. I installed WordPress on the new hosting account and migrated the site to it using the UpdraftPlus plugin. Once I had the domain pointing at the new hosting account everything was working correctly. So it was either the PHP version that was an issue, or the WordPress installation, but either way, it’s fixed!

pixedelic Author


Hola Manuel,

Te escribo porque hace unos meses descargué tu tema y hasta ahora no había tenido ningún problema, pero desde hace unas semanas no puedo cambiar la imagen de background de mis páginas, es como si al cargar la imagen, no se cargara bien y aparece el icono de “archivo no encontrado”. He probado desactivando algunos plugins que utilizo por si fuera algún tema de incompatibilidades pero me ocurre exactamente lo mismo. ¿Podrías, por favor, decirme a que se debe este problema? Además, me gustaría poder saber como aplicar las diferentes “skins” del tema ya que he podido observar que al intentar visualizarlas en el demo, ocurre un error.

Estas son las versiones de todo lo que tengo instalado por si te sirve de ayuda:

-WordPress 4.3 ( no he actualizado la versión porque cuando instalé tu tema, aun no era compatible con versiones superiores de wordpress. He visto que has actualizado el tema y ahora si es compatible, pero no he querido actualizar para no arriesgarme a que suceda algún error. De todas formas, no debe ser por esto porque antes si me funcionaba. Imagino más que debe tratarse de alguna incompatibilidad de algún plugin que he instalado)

-Enfinity by PixedelicVersión: 5.6.1

Listado de plugins instalados y sus versiones:

-Cookie Law Info v1.5.3 -Duplicate Post v2.6 -Easy Coming Soon v1.8.5 -Envialia Carrier for Woocommerce v2.8 -Font Awesome 4 Menus v4.6.3.3 -WooCommerce v2.3.4 -WooCommerce (ES) v1.1 -WP Smush v2.3.1 -Yoast SEO v3.4

Espero que puedas responderme cuanto antes.

Muchas gracias. Un saludo.

pixedelic Author

Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t speak Spanish. However I think I have understood the content of your email. May I ask you to provide WP login and, if possible, FTP details as well, to look into this? Here is my email address to provide everything: manu[at]



I have Enfinity 5.6.2 the latest I believe, WordPress 4.8 and WooCommerce 3.0.8. My problem is that I get a lot of messages about templates being out of date in WooCommerce, and the suggestion is that they are not compatible. Is there to be another release of Enfinity ?


Hi Pixedelic,

i’m web developer (both wordpress and frontend) having experience of 7 years – i have done lots of projects for themeforest – if you need an web developer please mail me at this [email protected]

“I’m sorry if this comment distrubs you”

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