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Evenness | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $49 to VisualThemes and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Evenness | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme working latest version.

About Evenness | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Evenness is a clean, flexible and fully responsive multi-purpose WordPress Theme! It is easy to use premium theme with endless possibilities and intuitive options panel. Its hand crafted environment allows you to build your own outstanding websites easy and fast. You can easily modify Evenness theme with just several clicks, changing its colors, layout, typography, portfolio and many other useful options. With Evenness you are able to create your own unique looking website design easy

User comments


Dear VisualThemes Team, we tried to get in touch with you without luck… We need to release our Website as soon as possible therefor we try it here again. Please find below some questions.

There are a few issues with the evenness Theme we purchased, which are currently giving us difficulties, and we would like to get some input from you on the following topics. (Currently only tested on Mac OSX, IPhone, IPad)

1.) Chrome Browser Erratic Behaviour when Smooth Scrolling is enabled (Chrome Version 40.0.2214.94 (64-bit)) In Chrome it is sometimes not possible to scroll the Page with the Mouse Wheel. Either Scrolling with Arrows or by dragging the scrollbar does work.

This behavior is present, but not always reproducable …

On pages where scrolling does not work, there is no change, when clicking into the content or keeping the mouse out of hover sensible areas. The scrolling is not happening.

This only happens when smooth scrolling is enabled … We have disabled smooth scrolling for now, because of compatibility reasons

2.) Portfolio overview / overlays We are facing difficulties with the Image overlays on mobile devices. Because there is no hover state for smartphones and tablets, when overlays are enabled, they only shortly blink when clicked.

Is there a way to make the titles permanent for mobile devices? Is there a preference to disable some of the buttons displayed when the buttons overlay is enabled?

3.) Is it possible to enable revisions for portfolio pages?

4.) Frontpage (currently disabled because we have to many issues on it) a) Light Slider left and right aligned slide Info are only looking good in chrome In Firefox and Safari the left/right aligned span_wrapper are rendering a second line with indented background.

b) Is it possible to define how many portfolio items are represented here (per default 8 )

c) Is it possible, by now to show more than one slider on the frontpage with different content?

5.) Contact Page On mobile devices (phones), it is impossible to scroll. All scrolling is captured by the map view, and you cannot scroll down to the form fields.

Is there a way to disable the map view for phones only? Currently we have disabled the contact menu entry for phones …

6.) Portfolio a) is it possible to show more than one slider on the portfolio content pages? b) Is it possible to change the order from videos, Images and sliders? (it is possible to change the order in the backend but this causes no effect to the frontend)

c) Is there a way to get rid of the borders on the left and right side beside videos (Vimeo)

d) CSS for Portfolio Page – style.css:35

“padding-bottom:2em” is disabled – style.css:595 “content.portfolio.single.content_holder p margin-top: -5 px”

This is causing bad renderings when multiple Headlines and Paragraphs are present. And causes a problem with the space between the lines for mobile devices. What is it for? Please have a look here:

7.) Overlay icons What effect do the “Love This” overlay tinny smoothie round things have? There is a heart in it – so it must be great Is there a connection to anything (google+,facebook etc.) or is it just true love without outcome?

Nice To Haves: - It would be great to have a choice for the project url (item info on portfolio page) to have it rendered as full text, or as shortened text. Long URLs are looking bad, and the linebreak occurance is not controllable.


VisualThemes Author

Since your list of issues is quite long you should understand that it takes time to test and fix them.

1) Nicescroll – the plugin that evenness uses was not developed by our team. We will try to fix it, but if you don’t like its behaviour just disable it.

2) Working perfectly on android devices, not perfectly though on iOS. We will consider adding permanent titles option in future release.

3) Revisions will be enabled in next theme update.

4) a) Light Slider works perfectly in Safari and Chrome. Fix for Firefox indent will be included in next update, although it will differ from Chrome and Safari version. b) Only manually for now. Line 517 in evenness/framework/shortcodes.php. Change 8 to any number you want. c) No, not possible for now.

5) Map works perfectly on android devices. Nevertheless map size for small devices will be decreased to enable normal scrolling behaviour on iOS.

6) a) For now it is not possible. b) The functionality is not included with evenness theme, however you can easily do it manually altering the order in single-portfolio.php file. c) Pillar-box effect will be fixed for Vimeo videos in next theme update. d) Will be fixed in the next update.

7) It is on-site love-it system. (Does not connect to social networks) Stores amount of clicks in the database, remembers each person who clicked preventing multiple clicks etc.

Will not duplicate this answer to your email since you posted your questions here.

Update with mentioned above fixes will be released in 1-2 days.


Thank You very much for your reply. We fully understand that our issue list took time to work through. Because we didn’t received any acknowledgement to our first message, we thought it might have been lost in the matrix.

We are looking forward to the next update, and hope that our issue report might be a helpful input for the future.

We really like the theme, keep up the good work.


Dear VisualThemes Team,

thx for the fixes in the last update.

There are a few more issues we couldn’t solve ourselves in the Evenness Theme:

1.) Portfolio Single Col Page: Neither the ‘Learn More‘ button, nor the ‘View Project‘ button regards the changes we have made for buttons text in the theme options.

2.) Portfolio Single Col Page: The ‚View Project‘ button is always shown unconditional, even if the portfolio Item does not have a Project URL, we expected the button to automatically be not rendered, when there is no URL defined for the portfolio item (Item Info)

3.) Portfolio Single Col Page: The ordering of the Items on the Single Col Page does not correspond to the ordering in the portfolio setup, no matter if we are navigating via tags or categories to the Single Col Page. a) see for intended ordering b) see for the differing ordering (we don’t understand on what attribute the ordering occurs)

4.) Portfolio 1 Col Page: When navigating to a category directly by link (or deeplinking a category), the category navigation menue does not work correctly anymore. Although only Items belonging to the selected category are on the page, selecting another category only filters this category. – All shows all Items in that category. – Selecting another category, only shows items that are also referenced in that newly selected category – There is no way, except via the main menue, to get back to all items of the portfolio. – We understand that this may be the designed behavior, but we regard it as rather irritating.


VisualThemes Author

1) Buttons work perfectly on normal portfolio pages, we will try to fix them for category portfolio pages.

2) We will try to implement hiding behaviour for ‘view project’ button.

3) Order on portfolio pages does not depend on amount of columns and is the same as you leave it in our drag-and-drop-enabled wordpress editor. For category portfolio pages the order is from newest to oldest items though.

4) We will consider changing filtering links to simple links for category portfolio pages.

Expected release date for the update with mentioned above changes is 21 February.




I added the mobile menu and now I get an error where I hover over the menu and all items are highlighted and they don’t go away. Please help.

I am also unsure on how to make pages not have a side bar. Thank you.

VisualThemes Author

Can you please send log in details and link to your wordpress installation to: [email protected]

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