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Below this text you will find link to download nulled Iter – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Iter – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Iter – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Iter – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme

Iter is the perfect WordPress theme for travel agency, tour operator and travel blog. It’s built using Bootstrap, with the latest design principles and a fully responsive layout.It has purpose oriented design, special features to manage tours, services, testimonials, team members, blog posts and shop pages. With a powerful admin panel and many shortcodes you can customize every aspect of your site.Thanks to its excellent structure, its layout and its simple, modern, flat and clean aspect,… Read More

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Hi, interested in your theme. do you have an admin panel demo with italian language pack installed ? Please let me know, thanks. P.s. as well is possibile to selling your tours like products ? I see in your demo that products are different than tours.

Glendora Author

Hi, the admin panel is in English by default but can be easily translated, like the theme, using the .pot file included and the WPML plugin. The tours can be booked but not sold directly as the products, which are handled by WooCommerce plugin. Best regards, Giorgia


Hello , I am interested in purchasing your theme, but first I want to know if I can make a multi-language site using your theme “I’m not planing to purchase a WMPL plugin licence ” is there is any free translation plugin compatible with Iter theme , .... translation will be for pages, tours and blog … second , I want to try a demo before purchasing the theme … if I purchase your theme and found it not matching my needs … can I refund or change it with another theme from theme forest ??

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Glendora Author

You’re welcome! Yes, you can translate the admin panel as well but you have to generate the .po/.mo files in your language, using the default .pot file included. Yes, you can use Polylang Plugin to make a multi-language site.


Hello, While I’m reading documentation I read this note “Some fields are mandatory (Address, Departure Date and Return Date)” ... well I’m not going to make tours in a specific date or time … I need only “duration” can I change “Date” to be “Duration” like “4 days – 3 nights ” Can I do that with your theme ?? .... Also is it possible to add a tour packages without prices ? thanks

Glendora Author

Hello, yes, you can make these changes in a child theme. I can tell you which files you need to edit. Best regards


Hello there. I have few pre-purchase questions.

1. We want to use WorldPay as Payment Gateway for the customers to pay for the tours/packages. Do you have this option or how can we do it if we purchase your template/theme to include only WorldPay as method of payment? Is there an alternative on this? Or we can use a separate WorldPay plugin to integrate this Payment Gateway into the theme?

2. Can we change the theme colors with any colors that we wish and any combination?

3. Can we translate the theme in multi languages? Can we use a translation plugin to be installed within the theme? In fact, can we install and use in your theme any wordpress plugin that we want?

We are considering buying your theme if we can use the above. Thanks so much

Glendora Author

Hello stelianm,

1. Yes, you can use the WooCommerce official “WorldPay extension” to pay for the tours/packages or the “Online Worldpay For WooCommerce” plugin.

2. Yes, you can choose any colors combination you want.

3. The theme includes a .pot file for translation in any language. You can use a multilingual plugin like WPML or Polylang.

Thank you for the interest shown. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best regards, Giorgia


Hello there. Thanks for the answers. I’d like to add few more pre-purchase questions.

1. Can we update the HomePage with our own logo, company information, opening times, phone number and other information like this?

2. Can we create any type of Itinerary we want regardless the length and destination? Can we also customize each itinerary with different attractive buttons and shortcodes? How about if we want to include videos, pictures and links in each itinerary or in each day from the itinerary can we do that?

3. Can we create interesting and attractive pages about each destination we want to sell and for each hotel? We want to be able to include hotel facilities, description and much more. In fact we want to include a separate page or link to another page in each day of any tours to lead the client to different other aspects from that package. E.g To be able to create separate pages for hotels present within the itineraries.

4. Can we easily drag and drop any elements into pages so that would be easily customizable?

5. Can we create multiple prices for each itinerary? e.g: Price for budget, standard and luxury. Also, can we put next to each amount of every itinerary the text: Price from…?

6. Is your theme working with the new version of WordPress 4.9.x?

Thanks so much

Glendora Author


1. Yes, you can upload your own logo and display all your company informations. The homepage has 3 different sections, in addition to the default ones, in which you can display all your custom contents.

2. Yes, you can create any type of itinerary. Check out this pages to see how the default tour looks like: As you can see, you can upload photos, video and maps but you can also customize the content with any shortcode.

3. Sure, you can insert description and separate links under each day of the tours. In the tour page, inside the content description, you can list all the facilities and details you want.

4. The drag & drop page builder plugin is supported but it’s not included with the theme. If you want to use it, you have to download it separately. You can download a free page builder plugin from the WordPress repository or purchase one here on Themeforest.

5. To create multiple prices for each itinerary, you can use the pricing plans shortcode ( inside the tour description or you can make a child theme and edit the theme files to adapt it to your needs. Note that inside the princig plans shortcode you can customize the titles and texts.

6. Yes, the theme works with the latest version of WordPress (4.9.x).

Check out also the documentation to see more in detail how the theme works:

Best regards, Giorgia



Do I get all the features listed for this theme with the regular license, does it come integrated with social icons.

Am i able to get reviews done for each tour, Instead of dates on the tour listing am i able to set just the duration of the tour?

Glendora Author

Hi, yes, you will get all the features and the social icons with the regular license. You can enter reviews for each tour, as you can see here: By default the theme shows the tour dates instead of the duration but you can easily make all the changes you need using a child-theme.


How do i get the child theme? Is there an customizable search and filter that could be displayed with the tour listing?



How do i get the Child theme for this theme? Is there a customizable search and Filter form I can include on the tour listing page?

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