Licence code for Knowhere Pro - Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme

Licence code for Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme

If you are searching Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 6 November 19 you can download from our website for free. Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Corporate and Business category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to Monkeysan and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme working latest version.

About Knowhere Pro – Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme

Knowhere Pro is most complex directory WordPress theme that covers the following niches: restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, sightseeings, malls, museums and galleries, hair and beauty salons, other places of activity, job search and search for employees classified ads, etc.. We created TOP-5 popular directory directions such as City portal with restaurants and activities, Sell/Buy Property Directory for Realtors, Job Finder portal for Headhunters, Recruiters, and Hiring

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1. Does this script support Google Adsnese?

2. Can i have the seller contact form as well as mobile phone number in which will show like +254xxxxx unless buyer want to view it?

Kindly get back.

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Monkeysan Author

Hi there.1. I guess you meant that you want to insert google adsense. Yes, you can insert code from google adsense. If you use subdomains, you can use one license. If you need several different domains, you need several licenses. For example, you can create several subdomains, install several WordPress and after install different demos for different subdomains


1. Asked earlier, Is it easy customize front rows like “featured listings” instead of one row i make an additional of like five on classified demo script please?

2. Is it developer friendly, can i customize the above as much as i feel like?

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, yes, it’s easy to customize. 2. We provide child theme where you can edit php files


Hi, thanks for great support

Does the theme suppoprt separate roles for a recruiter and employee ?

For example – different roles can have different menus after logging in as a recruiter and employee and have different billing options ( for a recruiter or employee) in their personal cabinets

Thank you

Monkeysan Author

Hi mate, please read


Is there an updated, detailed instruction on how to update the theme with a child theme activated ?

There is no clear instructions nor in the documentation file provided with the theme neither on the site

Thank you for helping!

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Do I get you right -

1) I need to deactivate child theme that is installed

2) I have to activate any theme (twentyseven for example),

3) remove old parent theme and

4) install new parent theme.

5) After activate child theme again


a) Where can I check that theme version was updated to 1.5.1 successfully?

b) Do I need to update plugins or do anything else ?


Monkeysan Author

That’s right. You have to update plugins also. When you go to theme settings you see version


Thank you!


Hello, I am seeing some topics for a Site that is to share tourist places and I have questions: 1 all ads can be displayed on the homepage map 2 you can find what is close according to your position 3 to make it work, do you have to buy additional plugins? In case which and how much it costs. 4 do you have Spanish translation of thema?

Monkeysan Author

Hi there. You can output all listings on map, but it needs time to load them. You don’t need to buy any required plugin. We don’t have ready Spanish pot file, but you can easily translate it by yourself


Hi Bro, After the recent update the logo is no longer appearing on my website homepage, see the screenshot, i did upload the logo on the dashboard

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Monkeysan Author

Hi mate, I replied you via email


Hi. i also replied to your email now


i deactivated smush plugin on my website but still categories not showing. sent u an email


Hi there, Sergey

Got a question on the Jobs theme

1) How can I hide the map on the listings page

Screen: Link:

2) On the resume page there is a button “Contact the candidate”


When clicked – the button runs a mail client on the PC.

Question: May it be configured to open a “New Message page” ?


Link: /message-dashboard-page/?pm-action=new_message

Thank you!

Monkeysan Author

Hi mate, contact me via contact form on my profile page please



I couldn’t activate the current location on my website.I searched where it was in settings but couldn’t find

I would appreciate it if you tell me where to do it​​​

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, you have to connect maps with theme and plugins


Hello. where can I get the key on WP Job Manager or do I need to buy it

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, you don’t need to buy anything. Please contact us via our support area. I will provide detailed info in the morning via ticket


Hi Monkeysan, this theme are supported Google adsense ads? Demo5 i like it . if supported then i wanna buy thanks i’m waiting your reply

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, sure you can insert Google adsense code via content or sidebars


Hello… Any support of yoast seo PLUGIN?

Any future plans to include elementor builder to your theme?

I saw that you support wpml plugin in to your theme!:) Thanks.

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, wesupport Yoast and WPML plugins for sure. Currently we don’t plan to add Elementor


Love the theme, do you have any customization services and complete the website?

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, unfortunately I don’t provide customization. You can order any work here or I have one developer’s contact and you can discuss personally


Hello Pre-sales questions please. Are theses features available?

1. Display of property list Each property should be displayed or ranked in a list according to how it is set up. “Scenario 1: By default, property must be shown in a list by last modified date (Not the property created date)

Scenario 2: Featured property must always be on the top of the list disregard of its last modified date”

2. Condominium Project Sometimes there are multiple units in the same condominium project are in the market at the same same time. User should be able to identify list of properties by condominium project. Condominium Project is an attribute of the property, similar to “tag” in normal wordpress post.

3. Subway Station as a Neighbourhood Some people love to live around subway station because of the convenience Users should be able to list properties located in the area near subway station

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, thanks for interesting. 1. We have option show order by: Random and Date. 2. Featured always on the top. Order by created date, not modify. If you use order by modify, it’s not fair. 3. You know, we have Geolocation option and radius and customers can search property using address and radius


Where is the setting to enable map in single job listing ( for example in the page : ) .Thank you.

Monkeysan Author

Hi there, contact me here please It looks like you use layout without sidebar


is there any option to paste watermark on the classified ads images

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Monkeysan Author

Do you mean 2 menus?



Monkeysan Author

Unfortunately we don’t have such option


Try doing a search for BMW in the classified demo. It does show 10 results but no BMW

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Monkeysan Author

I see what you meant. Developer will update theme and plugins on our demo shortly


Good. Thank you!

Monkeysan Author

you are welcome

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