Licence code for KowloonBay - Multipage Portfolio - Blog WP Theme

Licence code for KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme

If you are searching KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 21 August 15 you can download from our website for free. KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

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Below this text you will find link to download nulled KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme WordPress template.

KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $44 to DesignHarbor and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme working latest version.

About KowloonBay – Multipage Portfolio – Blog WP Theme

KowloonBay is a dynamic multipage portfolio / blog WordPress theme built on Bootstrap 3. It features a modern design with delightful CSS3 animations, and provides a rich set of options for you to customize and fine-tune the theme. Click here to view available theme options.

PHP 5.3+ is required for this theme to work properly. For the live preview on mobile devices, please click here.

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User comments


Hello, First thanks for this great theme! I have just a question, one the portfolio url is : How can I change it to : ?

I couldn’t figure it out by myself. Thank you.

DesignHarbor Author

Hi. Thank you for using the KowloonBay theme. You can do this by changing the slug of the portfolio page. You can edit the slug by clicking the “Edit” button under the title in WordPress’ admin.


As simple as that! Thank you! CheerS//


Hey Mate,

Great theme again! Need some help for two things : (check the image below)

1) How can I keep the name (logo) in black like every other pages. It’s white only in the main page, but I want it just like the other pages 2) How can I change the text’s color (2) to pink, I’ve tried with revolution slider but your style (Kowloonbaybigwhite) breaks everytime I try to change that same color, it looks like I can’t edit it.


DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. Since theme support is provided exclusively to theme buyers only, we will now provide support only through our support center. Please open a ticket there and we will be happy to provide you with the solution. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.



When i upgrade to 1.2, I can’t load blog page Please see


DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. I just checked your site. It seems that the problem is caused by the third-party plugin Social Sharing Toolkit. Please disable that plugin and see if this solves the problem or not.

Since theme support is provided exclusively to buyers only, we will now provide support only through our support center. If you have further questions, please open a ticket there and we will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you very much!


Thanks, solved


Hi how I can upload and change favicon?

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. The KowloonBay theme does not define any favicon in the header. If you need to add a favicon, you can use a WordPress favicon plugin such as this one ( or this one ( However, please note that since it is a third-party plugin, we will not be able to provide any support in its usage. Thank you very much.


Hi! Awesome theme!!!

Let me do some pre sale questions, if you please. This theme could work like this website in terms of:

1 permanent titles on thumbnails (not only when you hover)

2 vimeos videos popup Lightbox and play automatically on Portofolio

3 could i get a child portfolio from a main portfolio´s thumbnail, in which child portfolio i could offer for example 5 more vimeo videos to click on and open as lightbox too? i mean, some works i have are composed by a few videos.

The 3rd point i guess is not relevant but if we can say we have a way to make it i would be even happier.

Thanks so much in advance for any help! Cheers, Hernan

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. Thank you for your interest in the theme.

1. There isn’t an option in the theme that allows you to turn on the titles when the thumbnails are not hovered. If you want to show the titles even when the thumbnails are not hovered and you are familiar with CSS, you can add custom CSS to achieve this effect.

2. As you can see in the portfolio item of Video Lightbox, the vimeo video will play automatically in the lightbox.

3. Unfortunately, the functionality you mentioned is not supported in the theme.

Thank you very much.


Is is possible to run these theme without revslider? There are many issues with being hacked via revslider plugin.

Many thanks,

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Thank you for your response. I’m glad to hear this.

It’s been suggested that the issue is a Permanent server process.

8643 (109 s) [17/Aug/2015:19:18:12 +0100] “grep” (/bin/grep) grep -Ril root / grep 8643 0r FIFO 0,8 0t0 4236188150 pipe grep 8643 1w FIFO 0,8 0t0 4236188202 pipe grep 8643 2w FIFO 0,8 0t0 4236188152 pipe grep 8643 3r FIFO 0,8 0t0 4236188202 pipe grep 8643 4u sock 0,6 0t0 4236188157 can’t identify protocol

It could also be Revslider. We built the site twice using revslider and it was hacked both times.

The 3rd site I have not used revslider and it’s been 2 days now and no sign of an vulnerabilities.

I’m using the video version. I thought using Layer slider might be an alternative as we do want to layer text over the vide. But it doesn’t seem compatible.

Any other ideas of what we could try?

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there,

The revslider within the theme is currently being updated. However, since there are changes in the newer version of the slider, we now need some time to make theme compatible with the slider. The newer version of the revslider should fix one vulnerability which might have led to the hack of your site.

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there,

A newer version of the theme bundled with Slider Revolution 5.0 is now released. Please remove your older version of the theme along with the older version of Slider Revolution before installing the updated theme. This should fix the vulnerability that led to the hack you mentioned previously.


hi, I dont know why. I downloaded the Kowloon Bay theme zip files, cant install it. The system keep asking me to “try again”. I’m on the lastes WP version

DesignHarbor Author

Hi. Did you install the theme according to the manual? Which file did you upload to WordPress?


Hello, and thanks for an awesome theme. One of my clients is considering going for Kowloon Bay, but as he is interested in having a full page background video being displayed on the main page with very little anything else, he’d like to know whether the theme forces the big title text in the middle? If it does, I guess I can just type a space or nbsp; as the centre section content?


Hi, how can we set Portfolio Item Page to front page?


Design nice, but really not good and not flexible for updating content and portfolio. Many hardcode and didn’t recommend user to use WP visual editor…


Hi there, can you tell me why some of my questions have been striked? There are no settings to indicate this being done, on my end.

DesignHarbor Author

There is an html tag which is not properly closed in the second FAQ item. You can switch to the code view when editing that item and fix the problem by properly closing the tag. Thank you.


Hi, does this theme support Vimeo videos? Thanks



I want to add the lightbox feature to interior page portfolio pages… is that possible? From what I can see the lightbox only works on the homepage, but does not work on interior pages.

Help! Thank you kindly,

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. Sorry for the belated response. If you use the image stack with lightbox option when creating a portfolio item, lightboxes will be applied to pictures in interior pages. Thank you.


Hi there,

First of all i am very impressed with your theme. The only issue i’m having here is the following:

I have a header image/logo in place that runs throughout the website, however there are two pages that i would like to display a different header logo/image. The pages are ‘portfolio/backyardheadspace’ and ‘contact-byhs’. I’ve tried various methods that i have used in the past however i have had no luck in achieving this.

If possible could you please tell how to achieve this. It’s vital that i make this happen for the client.



DesignHarbor Author

Question responded in support forum.


Do you still provide support for this theme, and are committed to give more future updates? because I have not seen any update since last one year.

DesignHarbor Author

This theme is still supported if there is any problem when setting up or using the theme. Thank you.


i cant load gmaps map (Google Maps wurde auf dieser Seite nicht richtig geladen.) What i can do? Thank you

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. Thank you for reporting the problem. We’ll release an update in the near future to solve this problem.


Hi, i´ve bought this template, but now it is not on my downloads section, i have a trouble with the WYSIWYG section. I can not see the front end and the back end. I have tried by descativating all my plugins and no effect, then i tried by changing theme, fourteen theme and it works, so it´s a template trouble, i hope you could help me.

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. The system shows that you are not one of the buyers of this template.


Hello, is this theme compatible with the latest WordPress release (4.9)?

DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. Sorry that this theme hasn’t been updated for quite a while. If you have any problem while using this theme on WordPress 4.9, you can request a refund here.


Hi. I would really like there to be a Clients page here for me to buy it. What page would you suggest using for this? Also, can I change colours in the demo (to show the client the theme in blue) or not? Or only able to change colours in actual theme itself?

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DesignHarbor Author

Hi there. You are recommended to use other similar themes here in themeforest for your project. This theme hasn’t been up-to-date due to technical difficulties.


Please can you recommend which other similar themes – would be very much appreciated.

DesignHarbor Author

We don’t provide this type of service. Sorry.

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