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If you are searching Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign for free download, nulled and updated on 2 February 17 you can download from our website for free. Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign is one of most popular wordpress templates from Nonprofit category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

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Below this text you will find link to download nulled Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign WordPress template.

Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Legislator: Political WordPress Campaign

Legislator WordPress Theme by Rescue Themes

It’s a new age on the web for politicians and government agencies. The Legislator WordPress theme will help usher your campaign to the masses in an elegant, bold and descriptive way. Legislator promotes action and interaction with your candidate or organization.

Responsive Design for Mobile Performance

This theme was built with professional level accessibility and performance in mind by using the

User comments


Also how can the change the navigation font?

RescueThemes Author

Hi nebtones. Send me a message from my profile page contact form and I’ll assist:


On the front page, is it possible to display the full news posts rather than an extract?

Thanks, Graham

RescueThemes Author

Yes! Get in touch through my profile page contact form and I’ll be happy to help:


I have send you a direct ticket, but didnt get any response, so here is my question again:

How can i upload my own favicon?


1 other reply


yes, nothing unfrotunately. Should I open a new ticket?

RescueThemes Author

I’ll resend to your email.


got it thanks a lot!


I was nervous as this was my first time using Wordpress and using this theme made it very simple. This theme made my life so much easier. I would recommend to a friend.

RescueThemes Author

Thanks Dylan! I just sent you a message.



How do I replace the mailchimp form at the top of the home page and instead use a Campaign Monitor form? What file and what code would need to be changed to the campaign monitor code?

RescueThemes Author

Hi henixu,

You’ll just want to place the widget you’d like to use (Campaign Monitor, in this case) into the home hero area.

If you need more details about that, feel free to get in touch with me directly through my profile page contact form:


I just purchased this theme, and need to know how to add the “Take Action” on the homepage and how to add my video. I’ve looked through your documentation and these instruction are not included. I’ve seen multiple question with the same problem. Could you post a solution on the board? I now have to wait for a reply and I wanted to get this site up and running. The documentation is not clear about homepage edits.

RescueThemes Author

Hey Michelle, I’m happy to help! Just send me a message through my profile page contact form:


Thanks. I replied via private message


How do you remove the top bar w/ logo? I do not want it displayed.


What if you do not want to include the four large widgets in the footer? There is no way to delete this information. I tried to remove it from the stylesheet but it left a lot of space. There are not a lot of options with this theme which sucks because it’s really appealing, and I am trying but I’m not getting a response.

RescueThemes Author

I responded to your direct messages within minutes. Your agression is quite unnecessary even though I’m more than willing to help. As mentioned before, support is offered through my profile page contact form:

If you want other support options that include customization, see the support tab:


Instead of reply by private messages why not answer the comment here so that buyers can setup their blog without delays. Many are asking simple things to change on the homepage. Like how to change the video. Why make it so hard? Why not reply here? Why not just provide the instructions on the documentation. I regret buying this theme. How do I change the video on the homepage????

RescueThemes Author

Hi opentech. Until Envato allows us to disable comments from viewing publicly that offer support to paying customers, I’ll only be able to provide one-on-one direct support.

As for the video on the home page, it’s a widgetized area so place a text widget into the “Home Hero Area” and paste your video embed code into it.


Hello, How can I get the exact Donate Form that the Live Preview has? It looks much cleaner. Must customer is having a hard time letting that look go, rather than the Seamless Donations form.

RescueThemes Author

Thanks for your question! This knowlegebase article should set you in the right direction but if not, feel free to send us a message from our support contact form:


Is it possible to change the number of columns in the footer widget area? I want just one text widget that takes up the entire area. Do I need to use a child theme to do this?

RescueThemes Author

Hi Kyle,

This is definitely possible. It can be done with or without a child theme. The simplest way is to use a bit of CSS to make the column 100% width. Feel free to get in touch directly through our support contact form:


Hi, I have installed the template and demo content. However, the home page style is not exactly like what you created in live preview. My website is Please check and advise. Thank you


Hi. Where can I edit the Video and Mailchimp form at home page?

RescueThemes Author

Please send a message through our support form for direct assistance (Basic Support) and I’ll be happy to help further


Hi there, Is it possible to use this theme with Visual Composer? Thanks,

RescueThemes Author

Hello! Yes, you can certainly use the Visual Composer with this theme.


My clients site has a fatal error on the site:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /wp-content/themes/legislator/functions.php on line 70

I’ve tried contacting your support with no response. Any help would be appreciated.

RescueThemes Author

Your support request was sent yesterday and I’m well within the two business day response listed on our support tab. I’ve replied to your message directly just now so please check your inbox.


I just purchased this theme. However the addon for the mailchimp tool is not available anymore. Can you send me a copy of yours for simplicity. My email is [email protected]

RescueThemes Author

Hello FPSPurple,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m aware of that issue and have been trying to contact the developer of that plugin for a status update on its availability. In the mean time, I’ve been recommending to use the following:

If you have any other questions, go ahead and send a direct message:


Alright, I sent it in. It just has to do with styling. Hope to hear back from you. Here’s my issue:


You never got back to my reply?


My sidebar just dropped to the bottom of my inner pages. I have tried deactivating all plugins, purged the cache and even installed a fresh version of the theme, and it does not fix this. I need suggestions asap, it is a campaign page and voting starts tomorrow. Here is the site, hope you understand why i don’t put the direct address in here:

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