Licence code for Mockup - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Licence code for Mockup – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

If you are searching Mockup – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 11 January 16 you can download from our website for free. Mockup – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

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Below this text you will find link to download nulled Mockup – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Mockup – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme WordPress template.

Mockup – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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Mockup - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme nulled

About Mockup – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Thanks for checking out Mockup, a multi-layout WordPress theme

The goal with Mockup was to build a clean, fast, and super easy-to-use theme with great touches throughout; be it the multiple layouts (with per-post overrides), the quick and elegant animations, the reader-friendly comments area, the un-missable (yet optional) featured story area, custom profile page backgrounds and descriptions, the customizable elements etc., Mockup is well thought-out, crafted with… Read More

User comments


Hello again! Search results page seems to be broken in your demos when you try to find something that is not existing. Footer is somewhere at the middle of the screen and overlapping “nothing found” message.

BonfireThemes Author

Thanks, just submitted an update for that. Don’t know when it’ll be approved though. Send me an email through the form on my profile if you want it quickish. Cheers.

BonfireThemes Author

It’s been approved already actually, so just download the latest version from ThemeForest. Have a good one.


Thank you for your fast help!


hello! great design! one quick question – how can i get the blog index to be full width fluid like the search results page? thanks!!!

BonfireThemes Author

Hi, thank you

In style.css, under .wrapper-outer-index , remove max-width:1000px;

That’ll do it.




Hey. The line breaks are not working in the theme. Can you check? eg:

BonfireThemes Author


You have no

tags around your paragraphs. This isn’t a theme setting (as you can see on the demo site there are paragraphs), stuff like this comes from WordPress. I guess some plugin could be causing that as well.

This I can say though, this definitely isn’t coming from Mockup.



Okay, I will check. Also, is there a way that the featured image be replaced by a Youtube embed or something?

BonfireThemes Author

Hi again.

There’s no feature included that would replace features image with a video, that’s something you’d need a freelancer for.

Also, just as a quick clarification here so you’d have all the info, looks like my previous comment didn’t output exactly what I wanted. What I meant to say was that “you have no <p></p> tags around…”.




Thank you for this great, simple theme.

I have one question : is it possible to move or resize the picture shown as the featured article or will it always show only the top of the picture ?

Basically, I have the picture of a character standing as the featured article, but the Theme displays only the top of his head and the blank space above it. I would like to set it so that his head and his torso are visible.

Thanks !

BonfireThemes Author

Hi, glad you like it.

It’s difficult to understand what you mean exactly though. Send me a link via the contact form on my profile and I’ll have a look.




at first this is a stunning theme. I’m totally in love with it. I think to buy your theme but I’ve a questions in my mind.

Is only just one post featured or is it possible to have more than one? And what if I have more featured posts, how does it would change the layout of the theme?

Thanks in advance!

BonfireThemes Author

Hi. It’s designed to have a single featured post.


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