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If you are searching Narratium – Simplicity for authors for free download, nulled and updated on 10 December 19 you can download from our website for free. Narratium – Simplicity for authors is one of most popular wordpress templates from News, Magazine and Blog category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

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Narratium – Simplicity for authors Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $39 to RafaelMartin and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Narratium – Simplicity for authors working latest version.

About Narratium – Simplicity for authors

Narratium is a modern responsive WordPress theme designed and built for writers and bloggers. Created with simplicity in mind.

All Narratium configuration options are integrated and use native WordPress functions for ease the managing, avoiding struggle in dealing with third complex configuration panels that become obsolete over time. This makes it a perfect theme for both advanced and beginners WordPress users.

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User comments


This is a beautiful theme. It’s unfortunate the designer doesn’t seem to respond to comments often and it doesn’t appear to work with WP 5+.


Hi, and thanks for the wonderful theme! I am trying to add some icons to text, but while it mentions that they can be added “as described in the documentation”, I cannot actually find anything like that in the docs. Is there a shortcode, and if so, what is it?


Hi, very nice theme, and I love it. Please would you explain me how to hide title and tagline, but not website slogan? If I uncheck “Display Site Title and Tagline” slogan disappears too. I’d like to have logo and slogan, not title and tagline, but I’d like to maintain it because they are title site on indexing. Thank you!


Hello, Does anybody use this theme? Did you upload demo easily? Have you got any problem with this theme? I loved it but I need to be sure before buying


Dear RafaelMartin,

First of all, a congratulations from a fellow Themeforest seller on your wonderful templates—simply amazing job!

We are interested in buying Narratium for one of our projects, but would want to know if it’s going to have an update for Gutenberg compatibility.

Many thanks.


Any plan for updates to support WP5 and Gutenberg? I’d buy the theme and I can see big potential, but support is really important for me.


I’ve just purchased the theme and can confirm it works with the latest version of WP.

RafaelMartin Author

Thanks you, Dobbs!


HI. I’m @dobbs on Twitter. We spoke about a week ago about Gutenberg. I’ve since purchased the theme. Mostly, it works as expected. However, I am having these issues and would appreciate support.

- Changing justification has no effect on the published piece (left/right/center) - How can I change the before/after space surrounding a separator? Or change what the separator looks like? - How can I make the gutters between rows of a gallery the same size as the gutters between columns? - How can I increase the width of a gallery? - What font is used for the N logo next to the menu button on Narratium’s page?


Changing the color of fonts as has no effect on the published piece. I believe the CSS you’re inserting for colors/justification/etc has an error in it.

RafaelMartin Author

Hi mensachicken, thanks for your feedback, I will look on it because the justification is just one of the latests things I revised before the last update, so is strange.

The galleries try to adapts the width dynamically to the width of the page so sometimes could be discordances in the separation of the rows and columns. Could you show me a page in your blog where all these things are happening? It would be more easy and fast for me to fix it and to answer your questions. Thanks!

The font used is Falco Black Inline


Hola, Rafael! Muy chulo el tema, aunque tengo un par de preguntas: 1) Se puede poner footer con widgets debajo de cada post? Para poner related posts. 2) Se puede ocultar la fecha y demás? Para solo ver el título de cada post y la imagen, tanto en homepage como en cada post. Gracias por adelantado!

RafaelMartin Author

Hola borjoloid!

Me temo que actualmente esas cosas que pides solos se podrian hacer modificando directamente el codigo fuente del theme.



How do I get images to show up on pages? Just started a new website using your theme and page images (featured or in page) aren’t showing except on the page being edited.

RafaelMartin Author

Hi codanic!

You can’t see any image in the page even in the post content? could you provide me a link where I can see this behaviour? looks like something unrelated with the theme or maybe a conflict with JS. I can try to look in your page source code.


It happens at random, and I can’t figure out what’s going on: the pages will load with a small white horizontal bar at the top, and it pushes all the content further down, making it difficult to click on the menus, like “Previous Page” and “Next Page”. What could be causing this?

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RafaelMartin Author

Hi darkAstronomy!

This is happening because a problem with the admin bar in the latest update of WordPress, I will look on that. But this should be happening just because you are logged in the site, it not affect to your visitors.


Thank you for the quick reply! And Rafael, I absolutely love this theme! Thank you for your design and great work

RafaelMartin Author

Thanks a lot darkAstronomy! I’m very happy you like it


Hi there!

I’ve recently installed this theme on a very simple/early blog. I’ve noticed a few issues that I hope you can help with.

First is that the “theme colours” when customising the theme don’t seem to correlate with the actual colours selected. Not sure if this is an off-by-one error somewhere. No big deal – it’s easy to get around. But a little confusing.

Second is that the “Post credits” box in Document properties when editing a post doesn’t actually seem to be editable, so no credits can be given (via this method).

Hoping you can help! Maybe I’m just missing something

RafaelMartin Author

Hi aitch_hat!

1.- Are you referring to the “Site color scheme” option in Customize/Colors? Note that you can also edit the color scheme for posts individually so maybe the post is overriding the site general color scheme?

2.- Are you using third-party plugins on the editor? Maybe something is creating a conflict and the credits textbox is not loading properly?


1. Yes, that’s what I’m referring to. I think maybe I was looking at the wrong colours when I was comparing them to the name of the scheme. Let’s not worry about it!

2. The only third-party plugin I can think that affects the editor at all is Rank Math SEO – it has its own editor sidebar, though. The other editor changes by Narratium seem to work fine.


The credits box now appears to be working. I’m not sure what made it start working, but I’m glad that it is!


Hi there,

I’ve contacted you twice through the author contact form though I realise it may not be obvious that I have purchased support from the email. So I will report here, too.

I am having a few issues with Narratium:

1) I’ve tried two events calendar plugins: Modern Events Calendar Lite and Events Calendar. Both seem to use the WordPress “archive” format to show the /events page and individual events under /event. The issue I have is that the individual events pages have no means to scroll; the scroll wheel, middle-click-and-drag, and PgUp-PdDn don’t work to see content off-page.

2) Narratium doesn’t work as a child theme. I’ve looked through comments here and for your other theme, Literatum, and it looks like a commonly-reported issue. Creating a child theme before making customisations is a common use-case for WordPress themes. Is it truly the case that you don’t support this?

3) The performance optimisation of the theme seems to be quite poor according to I have looked through the suggestions for optimisation and some won’t be possible without either modifying the theme or a child theme (and, as per point 2, a child theme is a no-go for Narratium). This isn’t promising! Do you have any comments on this?

RafaelMartin Author

Hi aitch_hat,

1.- Sorry, I’m not tested the theme with these third-party plugins. Are these event pages editable through the common pages section in the WordPress administration? Maybe you can try to change the page template to see if the problem is related with the default template for pages. Also you can try to disable the AJAX navigation. Is hard to find out a solution if I can not to inspect the source code so if you can point me to a page where this is happening it would be of great help.

2.- What is exactly the problem when you set the child theme? it is true that I’m not tried the theme as child theme but it don’t know why it shouldn’ be work like any other theme.

3.- Sorry to hear that. I coded the theme to be as fast and clean as possible. Usually most of the issues related with performance belongs to the server/hosting side and to the images the user uses with it (size, extension, compression, etc). If you can tell me what are these suggestions I would be pleased to take them in cosideration.

Anyway, if you are not pleased with the theme you can send me a refund request.



1. The Events Calendar has over 800k installations and is the most popular events calendar plugin by a long way. It seems odd not to have tested it! The event pages, as far as I can tell, aren’t editable. I have tried changing the page template (to, for example, one of those introduced by Narratium), but this just creates additional problems. I have disabled AJAX navigation as it’s not compatible with a number of other plugins.

You can see an example page here:

2. When I set the child theme, the homepage turns into an error message:

Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function KTT_get_frontpage_posts_template() in /home/ecowolds/public_html/wp-content/themes/narratium/index.php:7 Stack trace: #0 /home/ecowolds/public_html/wp-includes/template-loader.php(98): include() #1 /home/ecowolds/public_html/wp-blog-header.php(19): require_once(’/home/ecowolds/...’) #2 /home/ecowolds/public_html/index.php(17): require(’/home/ecowolds/...’) #3 {main} thrown in /home/ecowolds/public_html/wp-content/themes/narratium/index.php on line 7

I’ve seen this reported in other comments for the theme some time ago, but it appears not to have been addressed.

3) My images have been compressed and resized appropriately. I use, amongst other resources, to profile the site, and the largest optimisation problems are:

- render-blocking resources, including angular-material.min.css, dashicons.min.css, ktt_-base.min.css, and ktt_-icons.min.css;

- unused CSS, with the majority of angular-material.min.css and dashicons.min.css unused;

- no leveraging of font-display CSS feature to ensure text is user-visible while webfonts are loading

I do have hesitations that these problems can be dealt with quickly enough that I wouldn’t consider asking for a refund. I would at least like to know what you think about them before I do that.

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