Licence code for Park - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Licence code for Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

If you are searching Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 28 June 19 you can download from our website for free. Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $49 to CocoBasic and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme working latest version.

About Park – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Park is creative portfolio WordPress theme focused on displaying portfolio images in elegant manner. Unique blog page with clear and tasty typography will make your site look awesome!


  • Child Theme Included
  • Responsive Layout to Fit Any Screen Size
  • XML demo content file
  • Portfolio Post Type
  • Google Web Font
  • Simple Image Slider
  • Simple Gallery
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Easy

User comments


Hi , theme looks great and Im strongly considering it. Just want to know how easy it is to add an instagram footer/grid?

CocoBasic Author


Footer is widget ready, so there should be no problem with this. Here is a example with instagram in footer –

By default, footer will display 3 columns of widget, but with couple lines of CSS you can to be just one line (like on example above). Of course, I will help you with this if you have any trouble. Just contact me on our support forum


Hello I just bought the theme and I have a issue with the featured images for homepage. They don’t resize well. Can you help.

CocoBasic Author

Hi, Thank you for buying our theme.

Image on homepage are ok – there will be displayed images in same aspect ratio as your original image (there is only limitation in image width which is max 720px). So, if you want the same layout as on our demo, you will need to crop the images to be sizes like on our demo.

You have freedom to set any size for image, for example you can set all images to be “vertical” (portrait orientations) like your first image – you don’t need to have the same layout as on our demo.

I see on your demo, images are huge and I am recommending you to use images in smaller resolution (because of loading speed of site). You can use some app to resize/crop your images or you can do that directly in WordPress – here is one tutorial how to edit images –

If you need more help, please use our support forum –

Thank you!


Thank you for the free file, going to look at it in a few days.

CocoBasic Author

My pleasure! Enjoy the theme! Best


I got this theme as a Envato monthly freebie. I like the look and sitemap of the theme. Before I consider using it I would like to know: 1. If I will get support as part of my Envato account license? 2. Once you install the demo content, how to I reset it back, to a clean theme without any demo content? Is there a easy RESET?


CocoBasic Author

1. For free items there is no support and no updates.

2. There is no reset button – you will need to delete manually posts/pages/images like in any other theme. But you can try the theme first on some temp location or on localhost, not on live site. After you have test the theme and you are ok to use it, you can move to live site and you don’t need there to import demo content. After moving to live site, delete the temp site


I’ve just had a look at the demo and wondered if it’s possible to show the menu on mouseover? At the moment one has to click on the three horizontal bars and then select.

CocoBasic Author


Yes it is. In park-wp/js/main.js find this line of code:


and replace with this:

$('.menu-wraper').on('click', multiClickFunctionStop); $('#toggle').on('mouseenter', multiClickFunctionStop);

If you need any additional help or have more questions, please use our support forum (for that you will need to buy a copy – license).

Thank you


Hi! Is there a way to showcase the portfolio items as blog posts? (ie. with the featured image to the left and the little white box to the right)

I’m working on a one page + portfolio layout, and in the main page I want to highlight 2 or 3 portfolio items in the same style as the posts are displayed. Is this possible? I’ve just downloaded your theme as a freebie but I’d definitely purchase the license if this can be accomplished.

Thanks in advance!

CocoBasic Author


Without custom code it is not possible. Sorry, I can not make you this modifications – I am so busy with “regular support” and can not take any “extra jobs”. We are small team and I am the only one developer.

Have a nice day!


No worries, thank you so much for the answer!


Very much appreciated Cheers!!!

CocoBasic Author

Enjoy the theme


Hi! cocobasic-shortcode FATAL ERROR??

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /wp-content/plugins/cocobasic-shortcode/cocobasic-shortcode.php on line 341.

$img400 = [];

CocoBasic Author

Hi! This is happening when the server use PHP version older than 5.4. You should ask your server/host provider to update to some new version. Here is what is recommended by WordPress –


You are absolutely right! When I changed the php version the error was gone! Have a nice day, thank you for your help!


Hello! I just downloaded this theme, but whenever I try to upload it to Wordpress, it fails saying, “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” What should I do?


Oh, wait, I found the theme file inside the initial file. Got it. Sorry.

CocoBasic Author

Glad to hear that! Yep, it is inside the downloaded zip file.


Hi, Thanks for the Free Download. The Theme looks Simple Nice. But the Shortcoder in the Backend-editor isn’t shown in my WP5.03. Is there a Problem with Wordpress 5.0.x and the Coco-Basic Plugin? The shortcodes of the Demo works. But without the Shortcoder there is no way to set the some attributes. Ok The is a way if i know how the attributes have to look like. But a Sample: for the downloadbutton i don’t know. If the Plug in (Coco-Basic) don’t work with WP5 do you have al List of all Shortcodes with Sample attributs? Thanks


In the Main Menu ,the under-Menu Portfolio Post with the 4 underposts like in the Demo don’t shown too ( i m talk about the PARK Theme by the way)

CocoBasic Author


Shortcode generator is disabled for WP 5.x, sorry. You can use ClassicEditor plugin (to have the “old” editor) and contact me on mail to show you how to enable the ShortcodeGenerator again.

There is some list (of shortcodes) in help file – but is not all sorted on one place.

To set/edit submenu go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and set submenu –


okay thanks a lot, i have already the clasic editor(don’t like Gutenberg ;))



I’m considering buying this theme, and I am wondering whether there is a way to get the portfolio page to load the items in more than one columns so that all the portfolio items can be viewed on one page.

Thanks in advance.

CocoBasic Author


If you are asking for this page – by default it has 2 columns. With some CSS modification you can have more columns there. Take a look on this video (there is a modification for full width portfolio with 3 columns) –

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.



I would like to know where can i change “excerpt” tag. Where can I do that ? There is a line that I cant translate or change. Thanks

CocoBasic Author

Hi, Take a look on this images how to enable it and to edit it.

Hope that is what you are asking for. For additional help, please use our support forum –


Hi there, I’m wondering if this theme can be compatible with page builder like Elementor? Thank you

CocoBasic Author


Theme is not created using any page builder. But, if you want to use Elementor to create a new pages (using Elementor widgets/templates) – yes you can. It should work all fine.


Love this theme! Is it possible to allow the blog pages to be wider?

See here:

Can the text (paragraphs) be as wide as the image for example?

CocoBasic Author


Yes of course. Just add CSS like this in Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS :

.single-post .entry-content .content-570 { width: 850px; }

Or set any other width value. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us on support forum.


Awesome! Thanks for the quick response!


Hi! I DLed this theme as a freebie some time ago, and am just trying it out on a friend’s art gallery site. Very elegant! Very clean! He’s considering purchasing it, but has a couple of questions. 1) Under the theme details, WP Park is described as not Gutenberg optimized. Will that change? 2) Also, do you plan on keeping this theme under active development?

I ask because we just built him a WooCommerce shop and discovered that the “Product Image” box disappeared in the editor page for all WooCommerice products. On the public side, those products that already had a featured image still do, but cannot be edited, and new products are unable to have product images selected.

I switched to an official WP theme, Twenty-Nineteen, and see that this problem does not occur. I’ve been urging him to buy this theme, so the timing on this is bad luck! If you plan on discontinuing this theme, please let me know.

Thank you for any response you have time to give!

— j.

CocoBasic Author

Hi there,

1. Gutenberg optimized – this will mean that all shortcodes are converted in Gutenberg bloks and style from frontend (font-size and family) to be the same used on backend (in editor). In other words, this is just “makeup” on backend part (editor) – to make similar layout in editor as it is on frontend – to make it more “logical”/”same”. So, here are changes only in editor, that will nothing change on frontend. This is not in our plan and we will not make this changes – it will stay as it is, with shortcodes as much is possible (maybe forever).

2. All our theme will be under active development – this mean, the theme must work with last version of WordPress and there should be no errors. But the functionality will be stay the same – it is not in our plan to add more features, more shortcodes, more demos, more pages… It will stay as it is but all must work.

About “Product Image” box disappeared – I think I know where can be a conflict – I can take a look for this but only if you decide to buy a theme. Contact me over our forum –

Thank you.


Hello! I got this theme from you guys and I can not install it on Wordpress because it gives the following error: The package could not be installed. The theme does not have a style.css style sheet

What’s the solution?

CocoBasic Author

This will help you – you are uploading a wrong file –


hi. get your theme some time ago as a freebie and now i install it to take a look in the backend.

in this case i have some questions about modify the layout/design.

- where can i change the footer BG Color - Where can i change the fonts? - is it possible to use local fonts? - if you change the global color this have o effect to the deco border of the blockqoute (does it custom css code too?) - is it possible to change the bg-color of the overlay navigation? - does your theme work with wp rocket? - does it work with woocommerce? - is font awsome integrated in the theme (icon support)?

EDIT: Embeded Maps doesn’t work anymore with google and you need a api for use the service. have you an idea to solve this?

thx for some tips and a sunny day tom

CocoBasic Author


It looks like I have miss some colorpickers.

- Try this CSS: .footer { background-color: #e21e39; }

- We don’t have a option to change a font directly in the theme, you can do it with some plugin or manually like here (it is for Opta, but on same way with other class names you can do it in Park) –

- It is possible to use local fonts (requires some modifications)

- Try this CSS for the Blockquote border:

.blockquote.wp-block-quote { border-color: #e21e39; }

- Try this CSS for the overaly navigation:

.menu-wraper { background-color: #e21e39; }

- Have not testes (wp rocket) – give a try (it should work fine)

- It is not optimized for WooCommerce – you will need to do some modification for that

- FontAwsome is included but version 4.7

- Simple embedded Google maps (iframe) still works ( for me looks all ok here – ). You can use some plguin for Google Maps if you need more “complex” maps (to use Api)

If you have more questions, please use our support forum – . Thank you.


Thank you for your nice work. I used this theme for my website. But I found some issues while visiting with different browsers. Chrome based browser works very well. Safari does not work so well due to web pages loading slowly. It happens not only on PC(Apple Macbook air, Dell Vostro laptop) but also on mobile phone(iPhone 7 plus, iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy s10). Looking forward to your responses and solutions.

CocoBasic Author


Using different browsers has nothing to do with site loading speed (in theory, it can slow/block some parts of site if you are using some addons).

The site loading speed has to do:

- With your internet speed connection (probably this is not in your case)

- Site optimization (on fist place Image optimization – on our demo on Home page biggest image is 160kb) – this you should check on your site

- Hosting (host speed and host position) also can be a reason of slow loading site

Why is all ok in Chrome? Probably you are most of the time using the Crome browser and Images and some files (data) are already cached and your site is loading fast. If you empty the cash, probably it will load slow also.

What you can do:

- Check all your images and optimize them (I think this is the main reason)

- You can try some optimizing plugin


Actually I am most of the time using Safari on iPhone and MacBook. I think your advice is very correct for optimizing the loading performance. But I still clearly see the different situation. Let’s see my test details of web pages loading.

I tested it with Chrome on iPhone 7 plus, iPhone XS Max, MacBook Air, Dell Vostro and Samsung Galaxy s10. I did not see any problems. Then I tested the same web pages with Safari on iPhone 7 plus, iPhone XS Max and MacBook Air. I found significant slowly loading of Portfolio and About pages. There is no unusual loading of Home and Contact pages. I also see another related situation: cache does not help loading of Portfolio and About pages on Safari, even I just loaded pages one minute age.

Probably the images of Portfolio and About pages affect the loading on Safari. Actually Home and Contact pages have similar images. Meanwhile Chrome shows us very good performance with all the same web pages. I hope I can improve it. Thank you so much for your help.

CocoBasic Author

Interesting. Ok, some browsers are faster a little bit than others, but that should not be so dramatic.

You can try to test also our live demo to see if there is such a big different in page loading speed.

I have only MacBook Air in which I can test your site (open a ticket on our support forum and leave me link there) in Safari. I have tested our live demo in Safari, and for me looks ok – the site speed is “the same” like in other browsers.

Also, if you have some Addons (extensions) in Safari, try to disable them and try again your site.


Hi Admin, How are you. Really need your help here, GOT THIS FOR FREE BY ENVATO ​Error: Missing css stylesheet

I know the fix but these free themes does not come with the option of DOWNLOAD THEME INSTALLABLE FILES ONLY It only comes with a button when clicked downloads the package. If you can please support me with this. Its an error from Envato but they are not ready to help. I will post these scams to the right forum. Hoping you can help. Much thanks

CocoBasic Author


Try to unzip that file and inside look for the folder THEME and inside that should be – that is a zip file which you need to upload on your site.


I did exactly that and still says stylesheet missing. Since I have already purchased multiple themes from Themeforest, They usually every month will offer 1-2 themes and other add ons to their existing customers. I have the PDF file from Envato market which says licence is free.

CocoBasic Author

When you unzip the file, you should have this files inside –

Check if you have this files inside the file. If you have all this files there, I really don’t know why the theme wan’t to be installed. You can try to upload it also using FTP.

Please note – it is not allowed to share/give for free themes outside the Envato – I am the exclusive author.

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