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Snapcase – Responsive WordPress Photoblog Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Snapcase – Responsive WordPress Photoblog Theme

Note if you’re testing the responsiveness by resizing your browser you must refresh after you resize.

Snapcase WordPress Photoblogging Theme

Snapcase is a WordPress theme built for images and captions. Choose a photo, write a caption, and Snapcase will display in an awesome typographic display. Whether your a professional photographer or an enthusiast, Snapcase can display your photos and captions beautifully. And another perk – Snapcase is both responsive and Retina Display ready…. Read More

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Hi, couple of questions – your theme says language ready, I’m attempting to build a site that can translate to German, Danish & Thai (from English). Would I need to purchase additional software to do this, or can you point me to something that explains how to do this (been combing forums and no luck). Also, is it possible to make the first image a slider for multiple images?

Nice design, really like the theme


scubetheme Author

Thanks for the interest!

The translation is meant to translate the site to one language. If you wanted three, you’d need to buy three licenses to the theme and set them up on different domains or subdomains.

You can read more about it at any of the sites in a Google search like this.

And no, there are no sliders built into the theme.


Hi, I have just purchased – can’t wait to create my blog Q. is it possible to make the background just white? Many thanks

scubetheme Author

Thanks for the purchase!

Sure, it’ll be pretty easy. Please open a thread in my support forum and I’ll help you out over there.


I can’t seem to figure out how to add a gallery, and when I try to change my permalinks, the pages stop working. Can you help with that?

scubetheme Author

Sure. Please open a thread at and I’ll help you over there.


Unfortunately I am unable to sign up for a designcrumbs account because I don’t know what purchase codes the site is looking for…

scubetheme Author

You can find your purchase code here:

Make sure you also use the same username and email address as you use here on Themeforest as the API checks those three pieces of information together.


Very nice theme Debating to purchase for my Facebook Timeline Covers website.

scubetheme Author

Thanks! Let me know if you use it, I’d love to see it in action!


Hello! Thank you for cool theme! Does it support video emded codes and how it looks on home page? I mean, will I see and can I play the video from a post right from the home page?

scubetheme Author

It doesn’t yet, but I’ve been getting a lot of requests for that and for slides for each post. They’ll both be coming soon.


Hi I just purchased the theme and I tried to upload it wordpress, and the said the style.css was missing. Could you please send me that file to [email protected] ? Thanks!

scubetheme Author

You’re uploading the wrong file. You’re likely trying to upload the main download file, but that’s not correct. Unzip the main file you downloaded from ThemeForest and within the folder it creates you will find file which you can upload.


Sorry, me again… I tried to log in to your forum but it’s taking me to wordpress login. Haha, I’m not usually this needy. I am wondering if there is a simple way, or if you know the exact code for taking off the “read more” button and displaying the full posts on the main page. Could save me time looking through all the code… Thanks!

scubetheme Author

Right, that WordPress login is the login for the support forum. Could you create a post there and I’ll walk you through things there? Thanks.


I am looking for a one column photo blog and I really like this except a few things:

1. Is it possible to turn off the overlay and post title on the home page? I would like that just images.

2. On the gallery page you have to open each image individually. Is there an option to add the arrows so you can scroll through all the images in the lightbox?


scubetheme Author

Thanks for your interest!

1 – The text overlay is an option on each post. It’s not pulling the title or anything, it’s pulling a specific “text overlay” field. If you don’t want to use it, simply don’t enter any text into that field.

2 – Ah, there’s not an option, but I’ll put that in my notes for the next update and make sure it happens. That one simply slipped by me.


Hello, I am interested in purchasing this theme, however, would like to know something first. How does your theme handle the resizing of portrait images on the homepage? If you could post an example of this I would be very appreciative.

scubetheme Author

Sure, it’d look something like this:

I have two different sizes of portrait images in there. If the image isn’t wide enough to take up the screen, it’s centered.


Another quick question on the layout of the portrait images… how am I able to switch between the two options you posted in your link?

Also, do you have any intention to place the previous and next arrows beside the photo rather than way down at the bottom of the post? Personally I think it is a much easier navigation.

scubetheme Author

Sorry for not explaining that more clearly.

Those two portrait images weren’t options, they were two different sized images. If the image is wider than the site (940px) it’ll resize to 940px. If it’s smaller than 940px, it’ll simply center itself.

I placed the previous/next links where they are because not everyone has an image on every post. If you want to move them, it’s pretty easy to do using the included child theme. Please open a thread in my support forum and we can walk you through doing that if you want to. Otherwise, you can contact and they’ll be able to quote you on getting that customized.


Ah that looks great, thanks.

Also, did you have you made the update yet which included compatibility for videos?

I saw your response too about having easy navigation between previous and next posts when you are clicked in on a single post (i.e. < >)... has this been added yet?


scubetheme Author

I don’t have videos included yet, no.

Yes, the next and previous links have been added. In fact, version 1.1.1 is in queue right now with a minor CSS fix for that. It’ll be available as soon as ThemeForest pushes it through, which is usually within 12 hours or so.


Sold. I am now purchasing your theme.

scubetheme Author

Awesome. Thanks!


Quick question: Is there a way to make the whole image clickable to Lightbox instead of just clicking the eye? That’s a bit of searching for a user to do..

scubetheme Author

No, clicking the image itself takes you to the single post page for that image.


Right. But within the single post, you still have to click the eye icon to view in a lightbox. Is there a way to just have the image be the link?

scubetheme Author

Ah, no sorry. You’d have to customize it to do that.


Love the design! few questions ..

1. In the future, (or now) how easy is it to add a Share on Pinterest link? 2. If I turned off the txtoverlay how hard would it be to implement infinite scroll?



scubetheme Author

I’m not planning to add a Pinterest link, but you’re more than welcome to get the theme customized.

Infinite scroll, however, is on my to do list. I hope to have that done by end of the year at the latest.


Great! Thanks


Hi Jake

Really interested in purchasing your theme for a client, however I have a few questions I hope you can help with!

1. Does the home page automatically show all posts, or is there a “featured” category that it pulls posts from?

2. Would it be possible to have the home page display all images in a post at full width, rather than just the first one? (Happy to open a support thread post-purchase to discuss at more length if so!).

3. Would it be possible to adjust the categories pages to look the same as the home page (i.e. full width, no sidebar), but with just a single image from each post? (As above re: support thread).

Hope they makes sense! Cheers


scubetheme Author

Hi Matthew -

1) The index pulls all posts by default.

2) Not out of the box. Auto generation of a slider from all images attached to a post is something that’s on my to-do list, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Right now the full width image is only the featured image from the post.

3) Yes, it would actually default back to the index.php file if you simply removed the archive.php file.

Just FYI, my support forum is for support, not customizations. We’ll gladly point you in the right direction, but teaching you line by line how to do extensive customizations is a bit out of the realm of support. I hope that makes sense.


That was quick!

1) Great!

2) Ok cool, rather than a slider, we (i.e. the client) wants a loooong list of all the photos.

3) I imagine I could tweak archive.php to follow the current index.php, and then customise a second/new index.php to achieve the above feature.

Totally understand and appreciate your point re: customisation/suppor forums. I can probably get some deeper help from elsewhere if it’s required

Thanks for the help so far! Will definitely be steering the client down this road to enable a purchase, looks like it’ll do the job really well with those couple of tweaks.


scubetheme Author

Awesome. Thanks for the interest!

Let me know if you need anything else.


Love the theme, presently using it on our site, would love to see video support as it appears others would as well. Thanks for the lovely design and awesome support! 10 out of 10!

scubetheme Author

Awesome! Thanks for the kind words! Video and slide shows are on my list!


Hi, I’m seriously thinking of buying this theme. A few questions first. I’m a little new with Wordpress so sorry if these are stupid questions.

1. Is the homepage a slider?

2. Is it video supported yet?

3. Can I have password protected galleries?

4. How customizable are the colors?

5. I’m all about using this site for photography galleries. Can I have a slider in each gallery?

6. And in regards to the homepage is it just a slider on top and then a blog underneath it? Is it possible to have the blog portion on it’s own page?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for your help!

scubetheme Author

No problem!

1) No, there’s no slider and there’s not a specific home page, it’s simply the blog.

2) It isn’t video supported yet. It’s still on my list.

3) Sure, that’s a default feature of WordPress. You can password protect posts and pages.

4) There are dark and light versions and a number of background patterns for both. Beyond that, you’d need to customize it via a child theme. A starter child theme is included with the download.

5) There are no sliders built into the theme. If you can find a plugin that provides slides, there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t work as my themes are built to all current WordPress standards.

6) Again, there are no sliders in the theme. The home page as shown in the demo is simply the latest posts, and the posts are styled as you see them. They feature a big image that can optionally have text over the top of it.

Hope that clears things up! Let me know if you have any more questions!


Yes, thank you! Just one last thing – is it possible to put a slider at the top of the “home page” that’s always there while the posts stay beneath it? Make sense?

scubetheme Author

There’s nothing built into the theme for that, but it’s definitely possible either through a customization, or perhaps a plugin.


Great, thank you.

scubetheme Author

Sure thing!


Hi! I like your theme, it’s beautiful! But I want to know if I can post vidéo now? Thank you!

scubetheme Author

No, I don’t have any sort of video features built into the theme yet, sorry.

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