Licence code for Uplands - Golf Course WordPress Theme

Licence code for Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme

If you are searching Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 10 October 19 you can download from our website for free. Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Entertainment category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to Themovation and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme working latest version.

About Uplands – Golf Course WordPress Theme

Golf Course, Clubhouse & Golf Pro Booking Theme Features

  • Built in Booking and Scheduling ($50 value)
  • Manage your schedule anywhere on any device
  • Full WooCommerce support
  • Custom Course Guide functionality
  • Includes Conversion forms
  • Built-in Google fonts with 1000+ fonts support
  • Includes 800+ icons
  • Boxed or Wide layout option
  • Lots of amazing widgets and content types
  • Beautiful responsive

User comments


Hi! There is an issue with the “Burger Navigation” – there is no way to open the main navigation site, because there is only the possibility to open the sub items, but not the site behind the main item. Futhermore in the mobile landsape mode, there is no possibility to scroll and see all the items of the burger menu. Please it is possible to fix this both issues? Best regards

Themovation Author

Hello! Thanks for getting in touch, we are happy to help. Can you send me a link to your site? If you do not wish to post publicly, please create a private ticket here:


Trying to install the theme and I get this: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

Themovation Author

Hi, that sounds like it could be a hosting permissions issue, or it could be that some server settings are configured too low to allow for the theme to be uploaded. Please see this article containing the required server settings:

If that does not resolve your issue, please open a ticket and include a WP admin login:


Hello, is there a possibility to get the header in a different color? I now only get the option for a dark style and a light style. Thanks in advance for your reply. Got the theme from envato market. Great theme to use with elementor!

Themovation Author

Yes, we have some custom css you can add to change the header colour, it’s easy. We are also adding custom header colour in a future update. Please create a ticket for us and we’ll send you the code.


I mean got the theme from envato elements

Themovation Author

Hello! Ah, I see. K. Please send us an email via our author profile:


Hello, where can i find child theme?

Themovation Author

Hello! Thank you. The child theme is installed automatically via our automated installer.

When you activated the theme you should have been walked through the steps, just like in this video:


How do I create a second course guide? I have 2 courses on the property. Everything is great if I could just duplicate the course guide.

Themovation Author

Thanks for posting. I see that you created a ticket as well, I’ll respond in the ticket


how can i make the logo much bigger ? got theme on elements

Themovation Author

Hello! Thanks. Can you please create a ticket for us?


Hi! I have tried to translate the theme to german – i have the .po and the .mo file. In which folder to i have to put these files and what are the correct names of the files…i tried many different possibilities but the “Read More” button is still “Read More”... THX

Themovation Author

Hey there, thanks for letting us know. What plugin are you using to translate?


Can the individual hole landing pages be shut off? ie: I don’t want the main Course Guide page to link through to the individual holes.

Themovation Author

Hi, yes when you are on the Edit Hole screen to update an individual hole, there are 3 options for format: Standard, Link, and Image:

Standard is the one that leads to the specific hole page.

If you select Image, instead of linking to each hole’s page, it opens the image in a lightbox.

If you select Link, then you can define any internal or external link you want. So you could also input the link as:


and that will disable the link.

Let me know if you have any questions about that. And if you have any additional questions, please open a ticket where we can best assist you:


I am getting this error when trying to install elementor Downloading installation package from…

Download failed. Not Found

I have purchased through Envato Elements so not able to submit a support ticket as my license isn’t accepted. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Themovation Author

Hi, we just submitted an update to correct that issue, so if you download the new version or update the theme in the admin area, it should install normally.

Or you can download the plugin here and upload it in the admin:


Hello! Are there release notes concerning the last theme update – what are the changes?...

Themovation Author

We will be updating our changelog, What version are you coming from?


i have installed Version: 1.3 – the new is 1.3.1

Themovation Author

It looks like we updated Option Tree, there were some issues with php7. We’ll be adding a better changelog very soon. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Hi. I upgraded to elementor pro and lost all of the golf related icons. Those are the only ones that I need to use. How do I get them back? HELP!

Themovation Author

Hi, there should be no issue with the availability of the icons with or without Pro. If you would like we can certainly have a look and see what the issue may be. Please open a private ticket and include a link and a WP admin login:


Pre Sale Question

base picture above

If the date 12, 13, 14 is booked other visitor can’t book and visitor only can boook of available date. It’s possible.

May be if the date is booked, the color of date change to grey.

thank you

Themovation Author


Yes how it works in the plugin is if all of the slots on one day are booked, then it shows a red circle and the date cannot be clicked – it shows it’s unavailable.


How do I create a new sidebar to add to a page?

Themovation Author

Hi, the way it’s designed in the theme is all pages have the option to use the theme’s default sidebar via the page option. Or you can use the Elementor sidebar widget instead.

In both cases, the Primary sidebar widgets will be displayed. We include the Widget Logic plugin which can be utilized to select on a per-widget basis which ones show:

But if you prefer you can use a plugin to create and assign separate sidebars, such as this one:

Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions.


I’m having issues with installing the site properly as the demo site. Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if there’s an easy fix?

Here’s what I get

Themovation Author

Hi, if you would like us to have a look, please open a ticket and we’re more than happy to assist:

If you have purchased on Elements, please note that because of the nature of the Elements unlimited subscription, we cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of themes acquired through Elements.

In order to receive support, you need to purchase a license:


Please make an update to the theme since you are using optiontree that has an Object Injection Bypass -Vulnerability please at-least update it to optiontree 2.7.3 to insure your users safety. Attempting to check for update does nothing and it doesn’t upgrade to 2.7.3

1 other reply

Themovation Author

Updated now to 2.7.3


I know but its best for keeping all the other users safe, thank you very much

Themovation Author

Correct We will be providing a direct update in our next version of Uplands. Thanks for letting us know.


Great theme, but how do I change the number of columns in the shop area from 3 wide to 4 wide. Have tried to make the changes under Customising/WooCommerce/Product Catalogue but there seems to be an overide somewhere to a maximum of 3 items. Thanks in advance

Themovation Author

Hi, that’s great to hear I just posted a response in your ticket. Please feel free to follow up in the ticket if you have any questions.


​Hi. I purchased this theme here. i’d like to change the main nav bar color, nav bar text color, top nav bar bg color and the color of the social media icons colors.

Themovation Author

Hi, sure thing – we’ll just need for you to either log into the account on which the theme was purchased, or get your purchase code and with either one of those you can open a ticket on our support system where we’re happy to answer all of your questions:


Quick questions, can I user coupons codes with the calendar? I want some clients to book the time slots without paying. Thank you.

Themovation Author

Hi, yes first of all you can set it up so that payment is not taken at the time of booking – the online payments component is optional. Secondly, if you are using payments then yes you can enable coupons which can be anything you like, including a full discount so it’s free.

If you have any other questions, we’re happy to help – please open a ticket:

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