Licence code for WP Rentals - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

Licence code for WP Rentals – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

If you are searching WP Rentals – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 10 December 19 you can download from our website for free. WP Rentals – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Real category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

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WP Rentals – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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WP Rentals - Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme nulled

About WP Rentals – Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme

WP Rentals is a unique WordPress booking theme which saves you time and money when creating your rentals platform. Either you use the theme as a single owner, or you allow users to register and publish listings (properties or objects) for daily or hourly rent, Rentals has you covered.

With over 150 theme options and 20 price options, this theme offers all you need to create a successful rental business and earn money from it. Syncronize easily your availability

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1. How can I translate property labels (Description, Property Price, Property Details…) for multilanguage site with WPML plugin? (I tried with your documentation for using WPML but it didn’t work).

2. For multilanguage site, can user translate listing from frontend (I’m using WPML plugin)?


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Thanks for fast reply,

I set labels in default language from theme options, then I tried translate from string translations but I didn’t find any string for property labels.



Beside that, I try to translate frontend pages (My profile, My Listings, Add New Listing…) from string translation and I can’t find all strings that need to be translated. Can you help me with that?


WpEstate Author

Hi Tomislav, I will compare WPML settings from our help to yours, and if needed for WPML support I will let you know. Please open a ticket in support with the site details Thank you



I tried to contact you from support ticket, but I didn’t receive a password on my email account…

Anyway, there is a bug about translation of LISTINGS LABELS, I edited them from WpRentals Option > General > Listings Labels but it doesn’t work. I did that using English/Italian language.

I also tried to translate them from WPML > Strin Translations, but it doesn’t work.

I seached it in your Documentation, too… So, how can I resolve, please?

Thank you in advance!

WpEstate Author

Hi, This help was created a few months ago after testing exactly what you describe and the screenshots confirmed it works.

Check you have the option to register strings so that new strings can show in string translation and access a property page for WPML to register the new strings (they do that automatically anymore for speed reasons from what I read)

If you still cannot see the labels, we can try to compare with the help but you can also ask WPML (they also have chat support). As WPML client and as official testers of WPML + WPRentals you get full support from WPML for any question related to WPML as well

First, we will recheck the help against your WPML settings in client support. Please write here to activate the support account

Thank you


“Hi, This help was created a few months ago after testing exactly what you describe and the screenshots confirmed it works.”

I’ve just did this, but it doesn’t work.

WpEstate Author

Hi Alex, If you access the page and still cannot see the label in string translation (WPML registers only after you access a page) please contact me to double check the settings against the wpml help. Thank you



I’m using WPML and Google map shows just the property in default language.

Can you help me with this?


WpEstate Author

Hi Tomislav, Google reads the browser language. It will change automatically by browser language. Thank you


Thanks for reply,

When I search property on second language (property is added and translated), nothing is showing.

WpEstate Author

It’s too little to understand what you’re searching.

1. Google Places cities, areas cannot be translated in WPML if you plan to use Google Places (those come from google and must be unique). So you need to disable translate for the search elements that come from google in this case.

2. If you don’t use google places, check the translation is correct (title – matches slug).

For further information please open a ticket in support system to check what you have.

Thank you



We have made a short rental website using WPResidence. To handle the bookings we use a plugin to manage online contracts and allow payments by Stripe and PayPal.

All the properties in the website are managed exclusivelly by our client. No owners or companies external companies.

However client has new needs:

- Be able to acept payments from different users for the same property;

- Be able to acept an initial payment when client make the booking and the rest 1 month before the booking date;

- Will the values be calculated automatically? I mean after client payment?

- Will the system mark at the backoffice the reservation order as completed, paid, ...?

And can we export properties from WPResidence to WPRentanls?


WpEstate Author

Hi, Thank you for the comment.

Since the client already has a solution – it may be possible to do what you need with the solution available (since it’s a one owner situation)

To answer the question

1. The calendar availability for each property allows to book one period at a time. So you cannot have multiple people pay for the same period.

2. Deposit can be asked for booking to be confirmed. Remaining payment is optioanl and it’s not forced. There is a reminder sent 3 days booking starts automatically but it’s not mandatory to pay remaining payment.

3. Yes, remaining payment shows initial total and the deposit/reservation fee paid, as well as remaining balance.

4. The theme marks the payment complete when payment is done through the theme.

I am not 100% sure on what work is needed for a complete transfer, but I think most property details will automatically stay the same when switching themes. I can help test this on a test domain where you have your current theme and residence

Please send a message from here

Thank you


Hi i just want to make table price description in listing page collapsed as default (when page open) how can i do that?

WpEstate Author

Hi Erkan, I don’t have an answer for this. Please open a ticket in client support to check with development team if they can offer some guidelines for this Thank you


You can sync your calendar availability / bookings via Icalendar feed from another platform that supports iCal and export your listing iCal feed to other websites compatible with this system. You can set to import as many Ical feeds as you wish **

Hi, I have some doubts

-ICal / Icalendar is included?

-I have my accommodations published on booking and airbnb, can I import them to my website? Does the theme bring what is necessary for that? Or should I buy a pluggin?

-Can I upload my accommodations on my website and export them to airbnb or booking?

WpEstate Author

Hello trecatorces,

Thank you for the comment and for buying the theme.

Ical feed sync is included. Ical syncs availability calendar only.

Properties must be added separately in WpRentals and they cannot be exported as properties.

The ical feed will allow you to export bookings made on wprentals to other platforms that support ical to sync calendar availability between platforms.

And the option to import ical will allow you to import calendars from other platforms that will sync the availability calendar with out site.


Thank you


Hi, I tried to register on your support page but did not receive my logon. The email I used is [email protected]

WpEstate Author

Hello, I emails the support account. Please see the email I sent. Thank you

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