Morphing Buttons - Buttons X Add-on Free Download Nulled Wordpress Plugin

Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on Free Download Nulled WordPress Plugin

Download for free Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on from our website. Lastest version is updated on 10 November 15 and available. Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $10 to GautamThapar on Envato, you get it for free.

Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on [Latest Version]

To download nulled Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on ziped files to WordPress website.

Morphing Buttons - Buttons X Add-on nulled

About Morphing Buttons – Buttons X Add-on

Note: This is an add-on that works only with Buttons X – Powerful Button Builder For WordPress.

Morphing Buttons is a premium add-on for Buttons X. Morph means to change smoothly from one image to another. The idea is to use a button, and morph it into a full screen overlay or modal window when clicked.


  • Animations
    We support animations for modal window and for content in and content out.
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    Nice job, looks great!

    GautamThapar Author

    Thank you!



    Is this plugin can also be used for navigation?


    GautamThapar Author


    There is an example on the demo page where we have used Uber Menu. You can use it that way if you want.

    Best Regards, Gautam Thapar


    Hey, great addon! Using Ubermenu, that’s pretty creative. Bookmarked to purchase.

    GautamThapar Author

    Thank you!


    Hi – bought this add on, but cannot upload it. I have the Lite version of Bottons X and it’s shown in the list of features that it supports add ons. How come that I cannot upload the package?

    Can’t wait to start working with Morphing Buttons

    Regards Christina

    GautamThapar Author

    Hi Christina,

    Are you sure you are installing the add-on as a plugin? If yes, may I know which file are you trying to install?

    Have you downloaded the complete package or the just the installable file? If you have downloaded the complete package then you need to extract the installable file first.

    Best Regards, Gautam Thapar


    Hi Gautam, Thanks for a quick respons.

    The problem was that I tried to install “” and “” instead of “” But I works now

    Btw – I tried to submit a ticket at, but it would not recognize my “purchase code”. – an error saying somthing about using a code for different Envato product.

    Best Regards, Christina

    GautamThapar Author

    Thanks for informing! I have fixed the issue and now you should be able to see ‘Morphing Buttons’ category on support page.

    Best Regards, Gautam Thapar


    Good work. Good Luck

    GautamThapar Author



    Hello again. The plugin works great. I was wondering what is the post type for the morphing content? I’d like to add my theme’s visual builder to it and can do that through some code in the functions.php file but I can’t seem to find the post types anywhere. Thank you

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    Hello again. The last url is the correct one. Someone set the page to “private” please look again when you have a chance. Thank you


    Hello, I wanted to touch base again since it’s been two weeks since my last contact. This page does work and was set to private. Please look when you have a chance and let me know what you believe the issue to be. Thank you

    GautamThapar Author

    Hello, I see the button now. You need to add z-index to the column and row under which the button is placed. For column use z-index value of 99 and for row use 9999. Add the CSS and then try again.



    Before buy it. The video option. There is way to stop the video audio when closes the window? Your example the video audio keep running even after close the window


    Hi, I got the plugin 2 questions 1) how turn of sound if the user close the window 2) I do have shortcode for video that I would like to open when the user click on the button. shortcode is [fwduvp preset_id=”0” playlist_id=”0”]

    Should I add something into the custom JS / expert or what should I do?


    GautamThapar Author

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your purchase!

    1. Turning off audio or video will need some custom JS code.
    2. You can add shortcode in morphing content area.

    Cheers, Gautam


    will this work with the FREE version of Buttons X ?

    GautamThapar Author

    Only with Pro.


    I dont use this plugin, and its not I wanted.

    PLZ refund


    I would like to know if there is a button one click to clipboard specifically to image (like one click to button to copy the emoji)? Thanks!


    this plugin without being aware I had to purchase an additional plugin (Buttons X) for it to work. Please refund (and make clear in the purchase instructions somewhere that this is an ADD ON to Buttons X and won’t work without it!).

    GautamThapar Author

    Only if you read the title carefully. Make a refund request and I will approve it.


    Fair enough. Didn’t realize that “Add On” meant you had to have the other plugin I guess, and there wasn’t anything I read that indicated the other plugin.

    GautamThapar Author

    Approved your request.

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