MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme Download for free

If you are searching MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 5 November 17 you can download from our website for free. MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Corporate and Business category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme WordPress template.

MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $39 to dropletthemes and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme working latest version.

About MotoPress – Auto Repair & Mechanic Shop WordPress Theme

MotoPress is and Modern and Elegant WordPressTheme Specially Designed for Auto Repair, Mechanic, Services and other type of handy related businesses. MotoPress comes with powerful Admin Panel and Lots of new and Customizable Elements. You can even Access Every element from Admin panel. MotoPress Contain Own and Customizable Visual Composer Shortcodes that give you the fully control on your site look Better.

MotoPress Key Features.

  • Powerful Admin Panel
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User comments


Subnavigation Menu Hover and Active Color its not working and the fonts colour cant be change in the subnavigation and i dont know how to paste the license key in the theme?

dropletthemes Author

Sorry to hear tha and for late reply, do you try to change the color from Admin Panel? if you do then change the color and dont forget to click on the save changes button in Admin Panel. There is no currently Method to paste the purchase code inside theme this theme work without Activate the license key. Thanks.


Hello, i purchased your theme, MotoPress. It’s working all fine, just one problem: the mobile dropdown menù is not displaying. When i click on the three line nothing appears, can you help me?

the website is currently under maintainance, here’s the link:

Thanks and best regards Andrea

2 other replies

dropletthemes Author

Sorry for late reply, on the official Motopress theme demo the mobile header is working fine. but on your website its not please send me the login details of your website on my email [email protected] let me have a look Thanks.


after several tries, it seems indeed the problem are the following 2 plugins:

wp backery AND motopress core plugin.

I can’t edit them, if you know a way to look inside this problem would be great.

Best regards Andrea

dropletthemes Author

Hy, i checked the other client websites but everything seems woring fine the site and Mobile Header too.I will check back again and i will ket you know thanks.


How do I upload the demo version with all the layout and template already set up?

I uploaded the empty template and then uploaded the demo template and it looks all mixed up.

is there any way to start from scratch and upload the demo template so all I have to do is edit the pictures and the content?

You can email me [email protected]

dropletthemes Author

Please reset the WordPress by using this plugin and then import the demo data Thanks.


Hello. I purchased the Motopress Theme and had to put a fresh install on my domain. Now I do not see any of the pages or demo with the theme. In addition, I bought a license for WP Bakery and I am not able to activate that either since the re install. Please help!

dropletthemes Author

Sorry to hear that, Once you install the theme on your domain name the second thing is to install the demo data on your website. Please make sure you read the instruction carefully everything is Mentioned in the documents. Thanks.


Where can I see the mobile themes?

dropletthemes Author

You can test the theme responsiveness while resizing the browser window Thanks.


Hi, I see the theme has not been updated since Nov. 2017. Is the the theme still compatible with latest WordPress and popular plugins?

dropletthemes Author

This theme is compatible with the latest version fo WordPress. but the next update is on the way and will be available within 2 days with the latest release and updates of third party plugins and other theme features. Thanks.


Hallo, I’ve just renewed my support license. I have a problem with wp bakery page builder: I cannot update it because of the license is missing, but I bought it included in the motopress theme. How can I fix it? Wp bakery looks like disabled when I try to edit a page previously edited with wp bakery. And also: I downloaded the new theme files, should I overwrite it over the existing files or will I find the update as an available update into wp-admin? Thanks

dropletthemes Author

Sorry to hear that, Theme Developers are allowed to include plugins not license with theme because only one license can register on one website. Make sure you read the license info here and next update is comming to this theme please read the WordPress Classic editor Plugin this will restore the WordPress classic editor and Wp Baker Page Builder here is the link if you have any question feel free to email me [email protected] or comment me here in the comment section


The mobile menu seems to have stopped working. Same on your demo sites too…


Looks like if you deactivate WPBakery Page Builder the mobile menu works. Obviously a conflict somewhere…

dropletthemes Author

Sorry for late reply, Yes there is conflict with Visual Composer Page Builder another update has been uploaded on themeforest for this fix once the update will be approved you will be notified via Email Please be Patient Thanks.


Hallo, I would like to know when you’ll update the theme. I have some problems since february 4 2019 (dropdown menu stop working) and since 1 week, the content editor, the menu editor and some others backoffice functionalities stop working. Please reply to my emails and fix the theme as soon as possible. Thanks

dropletthemes Author

The theme update has been uploaded on Themefoest once it will approved you will be notified via Email Automatically. Please send me you Website WordPress login Credentials details let me fix it Temporary Send me on my email. Once the update is approved you will update the theme Thanks.


Hallo, I sent you all credentials by mail on march 15, 2019. Didi you get it? Can you reply me please?

dropletthemes Author

I am really sorry for that yes i get the login details on my email just on your website now when if fix it i will let you know thanks.


Is there any way we can add Yelp to the Social Icons section of the theme with the corresponding fa-yelp social icon?

dropletthemes Author

Sorry, there is no way you can add the Yelp social icon to the theme but if you are developer then feel free to add the Yelp icon or edit the theme. Otherwise you have to wait for the next update I will add the Yelp icon to the theme thanks.


I purchased your Motopress theme. It worked great. I updated wordpress and now the drag and drop builder is gone. I only get HTML. Is there a way to activate drag and drop again?

dropletthemes Author

Sorry to hear that, Make sure you install the WordPress classic editor Plugin once you install that Plugin the visual composer drag and drop editor will show automatically. Thanks.



do you update the visual composer? Minde doesnt work anymore with new WP installation

dropletthemes Author

Sorry to hear that, our developers are working on theme update. it will be upload shortly. Please be patient Thanks.



I just bought this theme and was expecting the website to have everything already set up after installing it. Do I have to edit everything from scratch or is there a way where I can set it up with all of the cool features already on through Wordpress?

dropletthemes Author

Sorry to hear that, make sure you have install the demo data properly if you are not be able to import demo data from Admin panel then try to import demo data manually through plugins please make sure you first read the theme docs carefully. Thanks.


I just purchased this theme and did the demo import. The import does not look anything like the examples on the site. I don’t see a map on the footer/bottom section. The Revolution slider is not showing up (I imported the examples you gave in the slider). Please help me get the site to look like the demo for: “new-promo1”. I bought this theme thinking it would be easy to setup the site like demo, this is NOT easy. Please help on these 2 issues.

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