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Download for free Amazing Pricing Tables from our website. Lastest version is updated on 22 June 17 and available. Amazing Pricing Tables WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $23 to NetGon on Envato, you get it for free.

Amazing Pricing Tables [Latest Version]

To download nulled Amazing Pricing Tables, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Amazing Pricing Tables ziped files to WordPress website.

Amazing Pricing Tables nulled

About Amazing Pricing Tables

18.04.19. Attention!

Item is low support and has no plans for future updates at the moment, cause we lost “the right” developer. If you are planning to buy this item – check the demo & ask for admin demo access before.

18.04.19. Attention!

WordPress Amazing Pricing tables plugin allows managing multiple pricing table styles. Choose the table style, edit and insert it into your page by shortcode or widget. Note, that using inside the post is possible only

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Good work… Good luck for your sale…

Team CloudBerriez


fantastic work very cool ! all the best for your sales and a nice day


Look there might be some errors on your plugin.

1. Create a new price table, then the shortcode inside that post is different from that shortcode seen on the price table view (where you see all the pricing tables)

Follow these links for screenshots: List view shortcode: Post view shortcode:

2. Choosing another color and update is not working. It’s not changing saving color at all. Well, the color is changing when you chose the color (preview) but not saving afterwards.

3. When saving, then it shows one table under the other. (I’ve chosen the period table 11) Link to screenshot:

Really some big mistakes that should have been tested by developer already!!

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valerol Author Team

“3. When saving, then it shows one table under the other.”

It’s normal, cause this table has 3 periods with 3 group of tables. On the frontend and adding page other groups appear by clicking on the period link, but on the editing page this action is removed in order to editing action.


I purchased the plugin at the 19th of June (2 days ago) so it have nothing to do with the “before update 15th”

valerol Author Team

There realy was some problems with 11 table. Please update the plugin.


Hey, is it possible to have a normal list and like 1 accordion in the pricetable?

Because in the demo I just see either only list or only accordion.


valerol Author Team

Hello! Unfortunately it’s not supposed by the template. But if you can work with clear html code – you can edit table in textarea and remove accordions in separate rows.


May I ask howmany tabinations we may add in this version? in your samples I can only see 3 tabinations “monthly, half yearly and annually”. can we add 6 tabinations?

valerol Author Team

Unfortunately, there is only 3 tabinations according the template. You can add as many tabinations as you need using simple html editor (without wysiwyg), but you can’t manage them fully using plugin options – the result will be unpredictable.


Shining product! Well done. DigitalCenturySF


Hi I’m interested in this plugin but before buying I need to know if it’s possible to have at the bottom of each column Call Number as a simple text instead of a url button. Is that possible ? Thank you

NetGon Author

Hi. No.


May i know is it okey do yearly pricing ?

valerol Author Team

Hello! You can add year price in any price table. You can also add yearly price tables group in tabinated price (11th price in our template)


Hello, Can the plugin do something like the?

valerol Author Team

All plugin’s opportunities are presented in the demo: Please make the question more strict.


On Table 25 when I try to input a number in the input box for “number of rows” nothing happens I do not get any more rows… So if I go in and try to adjust manually it is a bit of a pain b/c I have to make a new pricing table each time I want to check my edits - Would be great if I could add rows and remove columns

NetGon Author

Can’t repeat this error. Need ftp access to look on.

“Would be great if I could add rows and remove columns” – can’t possible for now.


Hello dear developer! please tell me, I can use your price tables for WordPress on the theme:

NetGon Author

Hi. We didn’t test module with specific themes. You can try.


Can I make 5 columns everywhere? Before buying, I want to be sure that the module will work on my topic


Hello Dear Seller! Will you help me create a price list on this theme? ( This topic has its own price list, but it doesn’t suit me, I also wonder if I can make 5 columns everywhere?

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