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Download for free Task Registration for WordPress from our website. Lastest version is updated on 9 April 17 and available. Task Registration for WordPress WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $15 to atypisch on Envato, you get it for free.

Task Registration for WordPress [Latest Version]

To download nulled Task Registration for WordPress, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Task Registration for WordPress ziped files to WordPress website.

Task Registration for Wordpress nulled

About Task Registration for WordPress

Plugin description

The Task Registration plugin enables you to manage your Tasks, Working hours and Projects, assign projects and functions to WordPress Users, create estimates and and a complete overview of the running projects based on WordPress User Roles.

This is a custom Task Registration plugin designed to make a daily task registration process as simple as possible for end users (employees/colleagues for instance) and at the same time as complete as possible for Account… Read More

User comments


Amazing work! GLWS!

atypisch Author



any demo?

atypisch Author

Hi! Good point

I set up a demo for you on

To try the plugin yourself you can login on with the following user names and user roles:

Basic User Level: username: basic, password: basic Advanced User Level: username: advanced, password: advanced Project Management User Level: username: manager, password: manager

I made an empty install so try to login with the Project Management login first so you can create some job Functions and Projects.

Greetings! Marten


Hi Maarten, the demo doesn’t work anymore

atypisch Author

hi! The plugin should work again now.


Hi, demo access doesn’t work

atypisch Author

Hi! the plugin should work again now


T he demo it’s not working well the access, thank you

atypisch Author

hi! It should work again now. let me know it you experience any difficulties.


The demo didn’t work for me either. So, Here is the project. I need a plugin that will create a job calendaring system. I want a calendar that can only be accessed by the employer and by the employee and as they go along they can modify it for what really happened. Here are more details for what I want to create. An employer enters in the hours they want to be worked. They can select ranges of hours on specific days. Then they submit this work request. An employee decides they want the job and the employer agrees. The employee works the hours agreed upon, but along the way, some changes are made for issues like overtime, or other unexpected changes to the schedule. The employee makes those modifications and submits it to the employer. The employer agrees/disagrees/negotiates and then they pay the employee. It is essential that the calendar be private- All employees can look at the job before it has been decided who will take the job. Once the job is accepted – then only the employer and employee (and administrators) can look at what hours have actually been worked after the employee takes the job. I couldn’t tell if your plugin could do all that or not. Thanks, Sean

atypisch Author

hi Sean, I think the plugin fits your description but I think it helps if you have some test-data. Did you test the plugin already with different user roles?


Hi, we hebben elkaar net gesproken, de Demo doet het niet meer. Gr, Azer

atypisch Author

Hoi Azer,

bedankt voor je mailtje en telefoontje. Het lijkt erop dat er iemand misbruik heeft gemaakt van de vrije toegang tot de testsite en alle Users heeft verwijderd. Ik heb alles weer opgezet, en het zou nu allemaal weer moeten werken. Ga gerust je gang en log in met de drie verschillende rollen om het verschil te bekijken. Ik heb al een aantal functies aangemaakt maar nog geen projecten. Groet!


Is this plugin still working? It hasn’t been updated in a while by the looks of it

atypisch Author

hi! Sorry for the long wait; haven’t checked in here for a while. Yeah it’s still working

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