OTTO - WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio Cracked

OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio Cracked

If you are searching OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio for free download, nulled and updated on 24 April 16 you can download from our website for free. OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio WordPress template.

OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $55 to designova and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio working latest version.

About OTTO – WordPress with AJAX Multi-Concept Portfolio

OTTO – A premium multi-concept portfolio / Drag & Drop WordPress theme with seamless page loading powered by AJAX. With 09 multiple portfolio layouts and 07 different demo landing pages for every creative people, freelancers, photographers, models, agency and modern business websites. This theme will be perfect for anyone to create a stunning portfolio website. The WP theme highlights more than 16 demo options including:

  • 09 Portfolio Presentation Options
  • 07… Read More

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Hi i would like to know if is possible customize the black frame rollover effect or remove it, thanks in advance.

designova Author

I belive you are talking about the portfolio items roll over effect. Its easy to customize, upon purchase we can guide you on that


Hi guys! I’m planning to buy your Otto theme, I’m wondering if you can clarify a couple of things for me: - Can I customize the colour of the background? - Can I change the font? - Is it possible to increase and eventually shift down the title of the project in the thumbnails section? - Can I change the pointer (the eye icon) to something else?

Thanks a lot for your help!


designova Author

1. Colors are customizable from theme option, including few of the BG colors. You can also use Custom CSS field to override colors that are out of color pallet scope.

2. We have included font pallet, you can change all the 4 fonts used inside this theme (google fonts)

3. Bigger titles are possible

4. There is no option for changing the icon, but you can change it with some quick customizations. We can help you on that too


hello, i purchased the theme for wordpress. however i’m finding a lot of problems getting started. a lot of things like the video squash page seem not to work? is there a pdf file i can look at for guidance?

designova Author

There is documentation (HTML) included inside the download pack. You can also try importing the demo content to a dummy installation to learn more about the element usages. If you need more help please contact through our support system


It works on version 4.3.1?

designova Author

Yes. Even our demo runs on 4.3.1


I’ve made several attempts to contact you via your support and although I receive the generic “Thank you for contacting us” email, I never get a response to my questions. I have questions about some bugs with the theme but can’t login to support which is why I have been trying to reach you guys for almost 2 months now. Can you please help?

designova Author

Hi, We found that you have already registered on our forum with this ‘yuhei[at]highlark.con’ email id. I believe that your spam filters are considering forum emails as SPAM. I have emailed a temporary password for you to ‘[email protected]’ (guessing that its .com not .con ).


Hi & Happy new year ! I bought thet Otto theme about a couple of month ago, and Visual composer is telling me that an upadate is avalaible, but I can’t find the license key. It seems that the visual composer is included in the theme no ? Or is it included but i have to purchase it to upgrade it ? THNX

designova Author

Thanks for the wishes and wishing you a great year ahead.

We have bundled the Visual Composer inside the theme download pack. We have an extended licence for the same, which means we can redistribute the plugin files for this theme NOT the licence key.

To get the updated version you can either buy a single licence for visual composer or shall wait for theme update from our side.


hello, i bought this template, and am planning to use the “fashion” one image landing page, however the background images are cut/cropped..any way we can keep them as is? what size would be best?

designova Author

Its a support question, kindly post this query on our support forum along with your site URL. Our developers will assist you soon. Forum link


Hi, Thank you for this great Themes. i try to install now.. all process go right direction but, now some trouble comig i dont have anymore access to my Wordpress Admin the reason:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class VCExtendAddonClass in /home/filter/www/ on line 23

Do you have some advise for me..?

I try to connect me also in your support page but i didn’t received my password member

Thank you in advance. A.

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No support, no return email after more than 6 message with screenshot. Also in my topics posted on the Forum , I insist but if you qualify for professional make sure to have a reactive services. People pay for your services this is a minimum you need do from your part.

Thank you A.

designova Author

We will be soluting your issue asap. Please be patient. For more info check our support policy.

designova Author

We have nothing to reply through email. We have explained all the things to you and you blamed the theme for a faulty server configuration. We did all the possible help and support with in our support policy (and beyond). If you are not satisfied you can go for refund


Hi there. Like this theme, but before buying it… Does the theme come with the ability to activate a form of filter to narrow down options? I will use it for a personal site and would like to have different categories like “logos”, “websites”, “print”, and things like that. Like the “Adler” theme which has at the top a “filter” button that makes all the images rearrange to show only images under that category. In the description of Otto there’s a like that reads “Unlimited portfolio combination with filter support”. Does that mean that the filter comes with the theme just ready to be activated, or does that mean that one has to look for plugins and know some coding to figure out how to add the filter ourselves.

designova Author

Hi, no need to code anything. You can create your own filters. Filrers are categories, you will add them as categories while adding items to the portfolio. All you have to do is drag and drop portfolio element from visual composer page builder. Its very easy


Great, thanks.

designova Author



What about support for wordpress 4.6? Wil this theme be compatible with it?

designova Author

Yes. Its compatible with latest WordPress version


I signed up for support through your website, but never got an e-mail

designova Author

Please do check for the confirmation email in spam box. If you cant find it please do email us with purchase code to wordpress[at]


I e-mailed you yesterday and haven’t gotten a response.

designova Author

We have responded to your email. Please check


Hello, Is the theme compatible with PHP7 language? thanks


designova Author

This theme follows latest WordPress standards. Please check


Hi, I know that my support expired but I would like to use Otto and this shows up: Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $options in wp-content/themes/otto/admin/importer/importer/radium-importer.php on line 277. Can you tell me is it possible to fix and use Otto or not anymore. Thanks!

designova Author

You can disable the importer and continue using the theme.


It is disable.

designova Author

Remove those files.


Hi! I just bought the template and when i activated it, i get the radium-importer error on line 227… i tried to remove the file, but get more errors…

designova Author

We can help you out. Please post the query on our forum with login details, our support team will help you soon

designova Author


HI, i have a problem with theme. I go to item support but no nobody answer me.

designova Author

We will process the tickets ASAP

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