Projectopia WP Project Management - Reporting Add-On Download for Free!

Projectopia WP Project Management – Reporting Add-On Download for Free!

Download for free Projectopia WP Project Management – Reporting Add-On from our website. Lastest version is updated on 11 June 18 and available. Projectopia WP Project Management – Reporting Add-On WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $19 to Projectopia on Envato, you get it for free.

Projectopia WP Project Management – Reporting Add-On [Latest Version]

To download nulled Projectopia WP Project Management – Reporting Add-On, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Projectopia WP Project Management – Reporting Add-On ziped files to WordPress website.

About Projectopia WP Project Management – Reporting Add-On

Projectopia Project Management – Reporting Add-On

This add-on for the Projectopia Core plugin enables you to generate reports from Projectopia Core data and display on screen as well as export in various formats (PDF, CSV, Excel, Print, Copy)

The plugin requires Projectopia Core v4.0.0 or higher.

Getting Started

To install the plugin, first make sure you have Projectopia 4.0.0 or higher. Upload the zip file through WordPress and Activate the plugin.

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User comments


Amazing Work! Congratulations! Nice Work & Good Luck With Sale


Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this item but I had some questions, who can I address them to?


I’m trying to activate this Addon but it returns this message: You need to have the core CQPIM Plugin active to activate this Add-On (BUT I’VE ACTIVATED IT)

Projectopia Author

Check the install directory of the core plugin, it should be installed in a folder called cqpim, not anything else.


Hi there, I am truly enjoying this plugin. I do however have issue with the calendar. It only seems to show invoices, not projects, milestones, and tasks. Thanks for your time.

Projectopia Author


Have you added yourself to the project that contains the milestones etc? It only shows on calendars of those who have been added to the project, and elements only show if they have start / end dates, otherwise there is no data to use for the calendar.


Hi, I purchased this plugin from codecanyon, however, when I tried to install it, it says “it can not find the valid plugin”, can you refund my payment since it is not working?

Projectopia Author


The plugin hasn’t been installed correctly. Please raise a ticket for support


hello, is this extension compatible with WP 4.9.6 ? Thank you.

Projectopia Author

Hi. Yes is is


Hello we are having couple of issues with the system: 1- When I hit on send invoice, the page freezes and a never ending spinning wheel, and the invoice never gets posted on the client portal.

2- Milestones, regardless of the completed tasks, it does not show progress on the client side, it only shows 0.0%

3- There is no way to upload project files from admin panel, we build reports and send it back to client, we were hoping to be able to add a file upload upon the project completion which enables the clients to download the completed report,, is there an easy way to add this?

Projectopia Author


If you raise a ticket we can run through these points with you

Thank you


Is it possible to print out a complete report per project, sim contains all milestones, tasks, with comments and text?

Creating a report per project is what we are looking for, so that the customer can choose to print this out

Projectopia Author

No this is not currently possible in this add-on


Hi, I have a problem with Projectopia.

When I send an invoice to the client, it does not reach his mail, but the system has sent him emails to renew the password and others.

I do not have this problem with Quotes, this type of notices arrive to the customer’s mail without problem.

What I can do?

Projectopia Author


We don’t deal with support queries here, if you raise a ticket the support team will respond to your request during support hours.


Great extension, I wish I would have seen this before now.

I have a question. I purchased this plugin and the main Projectopia core and can’t seem to locate the timer option to track time while working on clients site to use during reports. Am I mistaking and this function is not available?

Nevertheless thanks for the awesome plugin and extensions.

Regards, Fish911


I should probably mention that I read over all the documentation before asking. The pages that cover that topic are basically empty. Many pages are like the one below. Not complaining at all just thought you might wanna know.

See url:

Projectopia Author


No problem, there are a few places to add time to tasks. If you go into a task on the backend then you can add time manually or using a timer, these options are in the right hand column within a task.

Also you can add time to tasks from your task list, under the “My Work” menu in admin. There is a green “timer” icon for each task on the page.


Many thanks friend. I’m not sure how I missed that one.

Thanks again for the great plugins.


Just checking back to see if there’s any thought of correlating a timer data to individual task notes. We really like the application but are still unable to use it due to this one limitation as we need to know how much time was spent for specific work on a task, not just the task as a whole.

I believe you had said in the past that this would have to be custom work at some cost. If that’s the only way to get this added, is there a way to get some estimate for that work?

kharis_expresstech Author Team

Hello there,

Let me clarify your query. So you want to add sub-tasks inside a task. Each sub-tasks have their own timer? Is that correct?

Regards, Kharis


Not exactly.

Our requirement for time tracking is that all time logs need to be associated with a report of the work that was performed during that time.

You could either move the timer, or add one, to the notes entry for a task or sub-task and have that time show along with those notes. If there were an option to start the timer any time someone starts adding notes and then log the time with the submitted notes in addition to a manual start/stop for the timer, that would be perfect. That way they could start their note, do some work, add text to the note, stop the timer to do something else, and eventually submit the notes with the time on the timer.

The surprising thing is that in looking at another popular project management plugin for WordPress we see it has the same problem in that the timers don’t correlate to any notes on what was performed for that time period. This seems to be a basic requirement of time tracking so if Projectopia was updated to do this it would be a big plus for your product.

kharis_expresstech Author Team

OK. Let me confirm to our development team. I’ll back to you soon.

Regards, Kharis



I get this message when trying to connect gmail under email piping, what can I do? i got an alert, clicked ‘this was me’ and then got this message:

denzel_chia Author Team


I have already made a reply here.

Thank you

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